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Docking Station
Hello MSI,Just an FYI. I want to buy the MSI Docking Station but when I go to click Buy Now, no websites appear. This is the onl...
joeone 0 46 Last post 12-August-19, 17:24:04
by joeone
Steel Series Button Not Working.
I have a ge72 6qf apache pro laptop from MSI and have recently discovered that the steel series button in the upper right hand c...
nateno80 2 974 Last post 11-August-19, 21:54:47
by qfurlong
MSi GT70 2pc Dominator Won't Turn On
My laptop doesn't have any lights lighting up and gives no response when I press (or press and hold for 30 seconds) the power bu...
stefan.streckfus 1 78 Last post 11-August-19, 10:44:44
by hubertbpoczta
How to change Windows language from chinese to english
Hi, I did a factory reset on my GV62  and my windows language changed to Chinese, I have tried everything possible to change it ...
mohsikiru 0 57 Last post 10-August-19, 17:33:53
by mohsikiru
HELP, how do i wake up my pc with lid closed?
Hi guys,I have been looking on the forums on how to accomplish this but I dont have the same options as everyone elseHere's what...
kidnamenick 0 54 Last post 10-August-19, 02:37:52
by kidnamenick
vBIOS for MSI GTX 1070
Is this supposed to work with this GPU ? It keep saying wrong GPU :(
yranzi 8 129 Last post 08-August-19, 14:57:43
by next3r
Looking to upgrade with exact same type of memory
Can anyone confirm that the following memory, is the exact same that came in the notebook? It already has 8GB and want to add 8 ...
erik.steinsto 0 64 Last post 08-August-19, 08:25:01
by erik.steinsto
need to buy new laptop for cs:go 250fps+
Looking to buy a new msi laptop exclusively for gaming tournaments, mainly for cs:go. i need more fps like 250+I'm currently usi...
aniket24025 5 313 Last post 08-August-19, 07:29:39
by itechinspector22
MSI GS75 Owners - Battery Time?
Hi to all! I have an MSI GS75-Stealth 204 with the RTX 2060. When I received it, the run time for the battery was about 4 hours ...
dj_dan_dylan 1 65 Last post 07-August-19, 22:25:44
by zipper
windows kernel security check failure BSOD
this isn't a topic asking for help,i've found the problem it is more to help others with this issue.i noticed yesterday that whe...
grumpyhal 7 2754 Last post 06-August-19, 17:18:13
by geeksadvice21
I installed Ubuntu on the GT80 SLI, it runs well. Appears to be the least problematic distro.I had issues with Debian, Redhat, C...
datum9 0 56 Last post 05-August-19, 20:26:56
by datum9
GT80 SLI: Converting from RAID-0 to RAID 1 SSD
I am interested in converting all 4  drive slots to 1TB SSD in RAID 1 configuration, meaning 2 SSDs will be mirrored by another ...
dictum9 6 859 Last post 05-August-19, 20:23:15
by datum9
GT80 SLI - how to find out which model it is?
I thought it was GT80 SLI-009 or SLI-012 but how do I confirm what it actually is?
datum9 2 92 Last post 05-August-19, 20:14:25
by datum9
5700 xt(custom models) vs 2060 super
[font="Noto Sans", Arial, sans-serif]I am looking to buy one of this. I cabt say i play too many games, i am not the one from so...
kuchtohlogkahenge 0 68 Last post 05-August-19, 14:41:48
by kuchtohlogkahenge
How do I know if my Nvidia card is being used for games as opposed to the Intel?
I've got a Steelseries gaming notebook, GL72M 7RDX. It has the Intel HD Graphics 630 display, as well as the Nvidia GTX 1050 ins...
scottisom 1 67 Last post 05-August-19, 04:27:23
by scottisom
MSI GE70 2PC headphones and speakers both play sound
Hello, when I plugin my ear plugs, it gives me both sound through speakers and the ear plugs. I have tried updating my drivers a...
tjardok 0 37 Last post 04-August-19, 19:19:34
by tjardok
Size (thickness) of thermal pads for GE72MVR 7RG?
Good morning everyone!Finally decided to take my laptop apart (first time doing anything like this) because I needed to clean fa...
jcrawford21 0 39 Last post 04-August-19, 19:06:21
by jcrawford21
For indian laptop gamers
I recently purchased msi ge75 from any idea regarding process of ownership transfer in India. Please let us know if a...
legahrithik 0 51 Last post 02-August-19, 12:53:40
by legahrithik
GE72VR 7RF Randomly Disconnects from Wifi
So, whenever I'm playing a game say I'm in a Discord call playing R6 with my friend, every few matches there will be a point whe...
awkwardguyyoudontknow 1 102 Last post 02-August-19, 06:18:09
by awkwardguyyoudontknow
GE72 6QF Apache Pro Not Charging
I have an Apache Pro that is about a year and a half old. It is currently not charging. I have replaced the battery, tried 3 dif...
rarnold 0 48 Last post 01-August-19, 21:38:59
by rarnold
GL73 8SE Can't get 120Hz working. Stuck on 60Hz.
Hey guys,I've looked in the Windows display settings, Intel settings and the Nvidia control panel. I can't seem to change the re...
spikeck2 0 64 Last post 01-August-19, 14:47:05
by spikeck2
EdbMails for Exchange Server Recovery
[justify] [/justify][justify]It is known to most Exchange server administrators that exchange server databases develop corruptio...
kanewatl560 1 82 Last post 01-August-19, 13:00:42
by diana2019carvalho
steelseries keybord problem
hi everyone i have a gt73vr-6rf titan pro it just started when i turn my laptop on my lit up keybord is blank if i install the s...
r.chaput 0 53 Last post 01-August-19, 00:20:41
by r.chaput
Thunderbolt 3 eGPU and Dragon Center
When I connect to the Thunderbolt 3 eGPU, Dragon Center will turn to manage my eGPU, instead of managing the built-in dGPU, the ...
ms493546290 0 45 Last post 31-July-19, 23:03:09
by ms493546290
MSI GP62MVR 7RFX Windows 10 April Update 1803 Freeze, Hanging and Lag
My laptop got updated to Windows 10 April update, and after the update i started to face constant freezing. When i am browsing t...
sweggitity 2 552 Last post 31-July-19, 18:51:43
by sweggitity
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