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This is the place to discuss Mobile Workstations
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Sticky Topics
With its Workstation laptop series, MSI strives to provide a mobile solution to professionals on the move who do not want to sac... 0 49 Last post 17-January-19, 09:08:33
[Killer LAN adapter] Memory occupied issue.(August 8th 2014) [Intel WLAN adapter] Intel AC 7260/3160 WLAN adapter WiFi connectiv...
msiTechNB 1 2883 Last post 11-December-18, 09:41:46
by ace8888
Spend less time worrying, and more time creating!Not everyone is tech-savvy, nor should you be a tech-expert just to know how to...
digitalme404 2 1625 Last post 11-December-18, 09:40:49
by ace8888
It’s Computex 2017 throughout the week! (May 30th ~ Jun 3rd @Taipei, Taiwan)      If you’re in the neighborhood, skip this post ...
digitalme404 2 3668 Last post 11-December-18, 09:22:50
by ace8888
Hi Everyone,We had the opportunity to collaborate with a famous concept artist Jama Jurabaev, from ILM London. To our surprise, ...
digitalme404 3 1899 Last post 19-December-18, 04:39:25
Quick news here: The WS63 now also comes with Quadro P4000 graphics!For those who have been seeking slim & light mobile workstat...
digitalme404 4 1522 Last post 18-December-18, 10:44:17
While MSI’s gaming laptops are renowned worldwide, the Taiwanese manufacturer also offers a line of high-end workstation models ... 4 2049 Last post 14-December-18, 02:33:12
by casia_033
MSI has long been known for their gaming laptops, but MSI wants to step into workstation-grade laptops market. Equipped with NVI...
whitecat8890 8 745 Last post 15-January-19, 04:13:11
by gk2377
Normal Topics
MSI Workstation @FMX
FMX at April 26-29 in Germany. MSI WT72 6QN, WS60, WS72 on booth, We offer great experiences with BenQ monitor for Desiger.
rootseric 0 814 Last post 10-May-16, 02:49:12
by rootseric
WS 72 Series - MSI Quality, reliability, Old Hardware-New Machine
Has anybody else noticed the upswing in negative reviews, comments and the like for MSI branded workstations, laptops, installed...
enfuego_2010 0 751 Last post 05-February-17, 01:06:45
by enfuego_2010
Capacity and Speed in a Matter of Seconds :SuperRAID Storage Solution on WS60
The purpose is to maximize the read and write speed on the WS60 Series, SuperRAID Storage Solution on WS60 is comprised of two 1...
Dragoonyang 0 1547 Last post 10-September-15, 06:12:10
by Dragoonyang
MSI mobile workstation WT72 series comes with sound by Dynaudio.
After years of cooperationwith the world leading speaker company, Dynaudio, MSI has fine tuned the Dynaudio Premium Speakers on ...
Dragoonyang 0 1050 Last post 23-September-15, 03:33:46
by Dragoonyang
(Tutorial) Share your Internet connection on the WS60 Series
Share my Internet access of the Wi-Fi via an Ethernet cable (RJ-45) to another laptop/PC.Applies to Windows 7 Service Pack 1 and...
Dragoonyang 0 1476 Last post 30-September-15, 03:17:37
by Dragoonyang
(Tutorial) WT72 series comes with Smart TouchPad feature.
This is a driver for mouse. [Mouse property] will show if you do the double clicks on TouchPad icon in tray.1. Please find the t...
Dragoonyang 0 1174 Last post 08-October-15, 03:39:34
by Dragoonyang
"Unleash the Power" of Audio Boost 2 on WT72 mobile workstation series
Do you know about our hearing protection feature? It’s a new feature on the WT72 mobile workstation series with Audio Boost 2, h...
Dragoonyang 0 1128 Last post 12-October-15, 02:05:47
by Dragoonyang
WT72 failed again!
For the second time in a year, my 6th gen WT72 failed.  In both cases, the internal interface circuitry for the M2 drives failed...
mnessen 0 714 Last post 22-March-17, 15:27:19
by mnessen
MSI mobile workstation WS60 series with Sizing Options technology introduction
This application helps to adjust the system DPI setting conveniently. Only with the resolution(2880 x 1620 or 3840 x 2160) can p...
Dragoonyang 0 2507 Last post 12-October-15, 05:31:39
by Dragoonyang
VR Demo at The Canadian International AutoShow
Hi Everyone,Just wanna share this cool new VR demo might've seen it on Workstation Facebook Pag...
digitalme404 0 801 Last post 19-April-17, 02:54:21
by digitalme404
AIDA64 tool to test DDR4-2133 ECC Memory performance on WT72-6Q series
MSI Introduces Advanced Performance Workstation Laptop WT72-6Q series .Performance-wise, Skylake Core-i7 is widely considered to...
Dragoonyang 0 2164 Last post 12-November-15, 11:23:20
by Dragoonyang
Cinebench R15 of CPU rendering benchmarks on WT72-6QL.
MSI Introduces Advanced Performance Workstation Laptop WT72-6Q series .Performance-wise, Skylake Core-i7 is widely considered to...
Dragoonyang 0 2374 Last post 19-November-15, 06:21:38
by Dragoonyang
SPECViewperf 11 benchmark on WT72-6QL.
SPECviewperf 11 is a worldwide standard for measuring graphics performance based on professional applications. It measures the 3...
Dragoonyang 0 3445 Last post 02-December-15, 02:42:16
by Dragoonyang
WT72 series Super RAID 3 Performance
Super RAID 3 is MSI’s name for a 4xM.2 SSDs(2280) RAID 0 solution used in the WT72. You may know that traditional mechanical har...
Dragoonyang 0 2638 Last post 05-August-15, 09:00:48
by Dragoonyang
Thunderbolt 2: Performance
Intel’s proprietary multi-purpose interface Thunderbolt has always been a high-performance solution for connecting up your exter...
Meantek 0 2110 Last post 23-January-15, 04:47:01
by Meantek
MSI WT72-6Q Mobile Workstation series built-in NVIDIA new M-series Quadro gpu.
MSI is the first in the professional market to launch 17.3-inch mobile workstations with Intel’s latest 6th Generation Skylake C...
Dragoonyang 0 2193 Last post 02-November-15, 05:49:31
by Dragoonyang
MSI Workstation Notebook - Storage Device Information (updated on Apr 23rd 2015)
MSI Notebooks Interface of Storage Device:[Tutorial] How to install SSD and recover the pre-i...
msiTechNB 0 1703 Last post 27-January-15, 00:20:57
by msiTechNB
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