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This is the place to discuss Mobile Workstations
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Sticky Topics
Hi Everyone,We had the opportunity to collaborate with a famous concept artist Jama Jurabaev, from ILM London. To our surprise, ...
digitalme404 3 1899 Last post 19-December-18, 04:39:25
It’s Computex 2017 throughout the week! (May 30th ~ Jun 3rd @Taipei, Taiwan)      If you’re in the neighborhood, skip this post ...
digitalme404 2 3668 Last post 11-December-18, 09:22:50
by ace8888
Quick news here: The WS63 now also comes with Quadro P4000 graphics!For those who have been seeking slim & light mobile workstat...
digitalme404 4 1522 Last post 18-December-18, 10:44:17
Spend less time worrying, and more time creating!Not everyone is tech-savvy, nor should you be a tech-expert just to know how to...
digitalme404 2 1625 Last post 11-December-18, 09:40:49
by ace8888
While MSI’s gaming laptops are renowned worldwide, the Taiwanese manufacturer also offers a line of high-end workstation models ... 4 2049 Last post 14-December-18, 02:33:12
by casia_033
With its Workstation laptop series, MSI strives to provide a mobile solution to professionals on the move who do not want to sac... 0 49 Last post 17-January-19, 09:08:33
[Killer LAN adapter] Memory occupied issue.(August 8th 2014) [Intel WLAN adapter] Intel AC 7260/3160 WLAN adapter WiFi connectiv...
msiTechNB 1 2883 Last post 11-December-18, 09:41:46
by ace8888
MSI has long been known for their gaming laptops, but MSI wants to step into workstation-grade laptops market. Equipped with NVI...
whitecat8890 8 745 Last post 15-January-19, 04:13:11
by gk2377
Normal Topics
MSI WS60 6QJ Can't install MSI true Color
Hello. i have msi ws60 6QJ ,but i can't install msi True color[img width=800 height=533]
94.daniel.nguyen 2 1262 Last post 01-June-16, 08:45:00
by 94.daniel.nguyen
Workstation WT72 6QL Camera
Hello,I'm under w10, up to date, all the laptop drivers also.And since I do this update I no longer have access to the camera. I...
adafera 4 1388 Last post 10-April-17, 09:55:02
by adafera
WT72 with Best Display Panel for Professional Designer
WT72 with Best Display Panel for Professional Designer.What You See Is What You Get. That is essentials for designer. To see the...
airfkimo 0 930 Last post 05-February-16, 06:01:45
by airfkimo
你知道概念設計師嗎?Featuring Kekai Kotaki, Jama Jurabaev, Darek Zabrocki & Victor Sue
News media interview on the Workshop.Featuring Kekai Kotaki, Jama Jurabaev, Darek Zabrocki & Victor SueOriginal source, 13:30 on...
airfkimo 0 829 Last post 26-October-16, 02:28:18
by airfkimo
WT72 excellent display
The most powerful WT72 mobile workstation by MSI is the first one in the world to support VR. Outstanding design, responsive key...
airfkimo 1 674 Last post 24-November-16, 22:44:24
by airfkimo
WT72 excellent display: not only performance
The most powerful WT72 mobile workstation by MSI is the first one in the world to support VR. Outstanding design, responsive key...
airfkimo 0 3052 Last post 24-November-16, 22:48:40
by airfkimo
WT72: when obstacles do not exist
Impressive design, stunning 4K display, comfortable keyboard, VR-ready status – these characteristics merge into one name – WT72...
airfkimo 0 4609 Last post 30-November-16, 20:20:30
by airfkimo
Advice on purchasing a new MSI laptop
Hi,At the moment I'm having internship at a media production company. I'm almost done here and as a big thank you, I may choose ...
al030 2 1097 Last post 25-December-15, 11:18:44
by al030
A brief unboxing of MSI WS72 mobile workstation
A brief unboxing of MSI WS72 mobile workstation                      MSI WS72 6QJ To begin with… This is meant to be a short sto...
alantang 5 2240 Last post 02-March-16, 10:10:34
by rootseric
WS-60 6QI-001US Cannot change Keyboard Color
I cannot seem to change the color of the keyboard LEDs using the KLM app.  When I try and change the color, the LEDs turn off.  ...
albert.carr 1 886 Last post 02-March-16, 04:05:10
by D.L.
trying this again here, maybe it will post this time: HOW DO I ADD RAM?
have new msi gt 80 Titan 2QE SLI laptop/mobile is supposed to be a fully up-grade-able machine.after reading th...
andromeda_girl 2 1017 Last post 21-July-15, 01:38:27
by HenryW
need help choosing a computer
I am not looking for a gaming computerI am looking for a computer to use for CAD design I was thinking of a trident 3 desktop - ...
apopky 4 1284 Last post 21-November-17, 19:04:33
by jcioffi88
Hello everyone,I'm having some problems with my laptop lately, and I'd like some help from experts here if possible. I have boug...
ar1n4mu 2 1272 Last post 28-December-14, 04:53:03
by ar1n4mu
I need MSI WS60-6QJ windows backup
I lost my original windows and windows recovery drive on my MSI WS60-6QJ. I need a backup of same model to solve the problem. An...
azlanike 0 610 Last post 18-January-18, 01:49:51
by azlanike
Mosaic unavailable with Quadro on MSI WS72 !!!
I bought this laptop MSI WS72 6QJ-028FR (i7, 16GB, SSD, Quadro, 4K) hoping to use both miniDisplayPort as a single video output ...
badjaklaut 2 902 Last post 02-February-17, 16:56:35
by badjaklaut
Three USB ports on the left side do not work, no power
WS63VR 7RL They used to work now nothing Any ideas? Barry in St Louis
bbaker 0 429 Last post 03-May-18, 15:58:47
by bbaker
Upgrading without voiding warranty
Scenario: I have a WE62 7RJ-2828US and it (only) has a 256 GB SSD - not nearly large enough for what I need it for. What I want ...
billgiraldi 0 403 Last post 14-May-18, 02:40:32
by billgiraldi
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