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This is the place to discuss Mobile Workstations
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After a reboot my new WS60 blue screened and said the recovery media was required. BCD error 0x00000d.After doing some research ...
tyler73 2 1157 Last post 23-November-16, 12:43:49
by tyler73
Battery desktop mode(constantly plugged)
Hello, I'm using my WT70 as desktop most of the time. Will it kill the battery to leave plugged all the time? Can I work on it w...
hmd_personal 1 1214 Last post 15-November-16, 13:02:31
by runningman
WS60: Adobe Premiere and Autodesk 3ds Max
 I've got a lucky chance to test MSI WS60 with Xeon E3-1505M v5 and M2000M on board. The model is super light (1.9 kg) and thin ...
livingtheworld 0 5589 Last post 09-November-16, 08:54:33
by livingtheworld
WS60 Win7 update ELAN driver to
My WS60 was originally Win10Pro, now dual-boot with Win7Ult. The ELAN driver for Win10 is, and with Win7, it's 15.13.1...
rustyoldodge 1 957 Last post 07-November-16, 09:56:14
by runningman
keyboard color
Can the color of the keys on the WS72 be individually changed?
p37dg9q14 4 1187 Last post 03-November-16, 23:36:58
by fenn99
WS72 is equipped with stunning display
17.3-inch, Full HD, IPS-level, sRGB, True Color technology, matrix display – these are all in one WS72 display and these are gre...
livingtheworld 2 2319 Last post 28-October-16, 19:38:26
by daraceks
Which SSD HD for a WT72 6QK-099US
Hello!I'm looking at the WT72 6QK-099US on Amazon and am loving everything about it except the 128 GB drive. I'd like to replace...
toddyoungonline 7 1755 Last post 28-October-16, 19:32:06
by daraceks
Adding 2 x 128GB M.2 drives
[font="Segoe UI", sans-serif]I have a WT72 workstation which came with 2 x 128GB M.2 SSD drives. There are two spare SSD slots a...
mrhoweorama 1 770 Last post 28-October-16, 19:29:55
by daraceks
GT72 to WT72?
I currently have a GT72 running a gtx 980m and am loving it, however i do a lot of CAD work and the 980m doesnt give me any bene...
marshallrigney 1 811 Last post 28-October-16, 19:26:40
by daraceks
你知道概念設計師嗎?Featuring Kekai Kotaki, Jama Jurabaev, Darek Zabrocki & Victor Sue
News media interview on the Workshop.Featuring Kekai Kotaki, Jama Jurabaev, Darek Zabrocki & Victor SueOriginal source, 13:30 on...
airfkimo 0 930 Last post 26-October-16, 02:28:18
by airfkimo
WS60: high performance in your backpack
Technology advances at an impressive speed and it’s hard to believe that only a few decades ago people could only work at statio...
livingtheworld 0 5244 Last post 19-October-16, 09:57:14
by livingtheworld
Performance shortcut fn+F7
Hi! How to solve next problem: Machine WT72QN OS: Wind 10 Problem: Performance shortcut doesn't work FN+F7 Thanks
dvjsergio 2 1173 Last post 19-October-16, 07:26:54
by runningman
WS60 display: when working is a pleasure
Web browsing or looking through last year’s vacations trip may be ok on an average display. For professional use, however, you d...
livingtheworld 0 2849 Last post 12-October-16, 10:25:43
by livingtheworld
Missing BIOS options
Workstation Laptops are more and more bought and used by companies these days.There are some regulations in many companies for w...
hossein.g 1 903 Last post 03-October-16, 10:03:51
by runningman
Big 4K screen workstation – thin and light MSI WS72 revealed
In the past, it was more common for workstations to position themselves among computers on the PC market.Their built-in graphics...
windwithme 5 1555 Last post 03-October-16, 04:46:13
by ace8888
WS60: “model” among models
Entering the list of the best mobile workstations (according to TechRadar), WS60 is on the top among its competitors in terms of...
livingtheworld 1 5286 Last post 03-October-16, 04:41:04
by ace8888
MSI mobile workstations are for professionals…but not only.
Mobile workstations are powerful devices applicable for 3D engineering and computer-aided design. They require capable CPU (such...
livingtheworld 0 13244 Last post 21-September-16, 11:51:42
by livingtheworld
WS72: more performance
When I choose a new t-shirt, I spend 80% of the time looking at the design and 20% looking at the material. When I choose a work...
livingtheworld 0 5656 Last post 13-September-16, 03:13:34
by livingtheworld
Upgrading all drives in WT60 2OK
Easily upgraded all SATA drives in WT60 2OK to Samsung EVO 850 SSD. Used Macrium Reflect V6.1 to image and restore all drives as...
rbkitch 0 808 Last post 12-September-16, 07:41:25
by rbkitch
WS72: performance
Have you ever dreamed of being able to work anywhere in the world? More and more people say good bye to their offices and start ...
livingtheworld 0 4590 Last post 07-September-16, 02:53:40
by livingtheworld
WS72 downgrade to Windows 7
Because of compatibility issue of Windows 10 with a CAD software that I use regularly, I decided to downgrade OS to Windows 7.I ...
hossein.g 3 1382 Last post Best Answer 02-September-16, 19:02:12
by hossein.g
How to buy MSI WT72 6QN
For a month I am trying to buy MSI WT72 6QN.I found only one place in Toronto, Canada that wishes to send the unit to Dubai, UAE...
draganfsh 0 832 Last post 25-August-16, 21:10:12
by draganfsh
WS72: appearance and mobility
MSI provides excellent ISV certified workstations for CAD and 3D modeling. The combination of their exterior and performance is ...
livingtheworld 0 2291 Last post 24-August-16, 04:32:02
by livingtheworld
ericwplin 6 5436 Last post 15-August-16, 04:36:51
by ace8888
Concept Artist with WS72
Kai is a concept artist from Singapore. Currently he resides in Taiwan after setting up his own design studio comprises of a tea...
ericwplin 1 1182 Last post 15-August-16, 04:31:33
by ace8888
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