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This is the place to discuss Mobile Workstations
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What are the proper settings to use for Quadro 2100M on WS60 workstation
Hello,I have a WS60 Workstation.  When going through the settings for physix and others I noticed that the Nvidia card has no po...
Marks 1 890 Last post 23-June-15, 07:44:56
by hchg
NVIDIA Quadro K2200M graphics card Performance
The newest NVIDIA® Quadro® mobile professional graphics solutions are true technological breakthroughs, based on the NVIDIA® Kep...
Dragoonyang 0 2466 Last post 26-June-15, 08:18:34
by Dragoonyang
WT72 series built with Switchable dual graphics
WT72 series built with Switchable dual graphics and now becomes manual gear to avoid professional apps compatibility issue with ...
Dragoonyang 0 2034 Last post 01-July-15, 07:52:08
by Dragoonyang
Improve the quality of wireless connection on WS60 2OJ workstation
Please check the Wireless Standard and the Wireless Band of your router (802.11n 2.4 GHz / 5 GHz, 80211ac 5GHz), see the table b...
Dragoonyang 0 3330 Last post 03-July-15, 11:12:33
by Dragoonyang
MSI is proud to introduce the all-new MSI Rewards program where users can contribute with insights and help other users out in o...
emersonyang 0 881 Last post 13-July-15, 02:21:53
by emersonyang
World 1st USB 3.1 on WT72 mobile workstation.
The latest USB 3.1 specification provides a data transmission speed over 10Gbps, doubling the bandwidth compared to USB3.0. It t...
Dragoonyang 1 2042 Last post 20-July-15, 02:57:33
by apple50135tina
trying this again here, maybe it will post this time: HOW DO I ADD RAM?
have new msi gt 80 Titan 2QE SLI laptop/mobile is supposed to be a fully up-grade-able machine.after reading th...
andromeda_girl 2 1131 Last post 21-July-15, 01:38:27
by HenryW
WT72 series features world's first USB-IF certified USB 3.1 host controller
MSI is pleased to announce the use of the ASMedia USB 3.1 controller on MSI mobile workstation WT72 series. The ASMedia USB 3.1 ...
Dragoonyang 0 2969 Last post 23-July-15, 07:26:08
by Dragoonyang
WT72 series cooling layout.
MSI mobile workstation WT72 series comes with Cooler Boost 3 technology.Thanks to advanced thermal engineering and features such...
Dragoonyang 0 1344 Last post 29-July-15, 14:07:36
by Dragoonyang
Model selection
Which is a better option, WT72 20K, RAM16G/1TB 7200RPM OR WT60 RAM8G/SuperRaid 256G SSD+1TB HHD 7200RPM?Will be using WS to work...
fwk 2 992 Last post 30-July-15, 08:50:55
by fwk
WT72 series Super RAID 3 Performance
Super RAID 3 is MSI’s name for a 4xM.2 SSDs(2280) RAID 0 solution used in the WT72. You may know that traditional mechanical har...
Dragoonyang 0 2731 Last post 05-August-15, 09:00:48
by Dragoonyang
ever since Win 10 up grade Nahimic has not worked correctly, I checked the forums and did the Nahimic 123 upgrade and the sound ...
cgarcia12 3 1304 Last post 24-August-15, 02:00:53
by hchg
Upgrade 128gb ssd to 1tb
My GT70 ONE came with a single128gb ssd on a two place raid card. I wish to upgrade this to a single 1tb ssd. I am not very know...
tgboating 4 1767 Last post 01-September-15, 06:01:19
by hchg
Where can I buy a AC/DC Adapter 180W for my MSI GT70 laptop?
Where can I buy a AC/DC Adapter 180W for my MSI GT70 laptop? I live in london. Any idea where can I buy a new one?
ljagemann 2 1000 Last post 01-September-15, 06:07:34
by hchg
GTX 570M Replacement.
Hello guys!First time here to post in MSI forums, I would like to thank you in advance for reading this post. I have a GT683DX t...
khangkhung23 2 1780 Last post 01-September-15, 06:14:29
by hchg
Capacity and Speed in a Matter of Seconds :SuperRAID Storage Solution on WS60
The purpose is to maximize the read and write speed on the WS60 Series, SuperRAID Storage Solution on WS60 is comprised of two 1...
Dragoonyang 0 1606 Last post 10-September-15, 06:12:10
by Dragoonyang
Universal Dockingstation
Hi! I am so tired of plugging in all the cords when comming home. So i think the solution of all my problem would be to buy a do...
samuelgustafsson890623 1 947 Last post 11-September-15, 06:12:39
by D.L.
MSI Introduces New Ultra-Thin Workstation Laptop WS60
MSI today announced new ultra portable workstation -WS60 2OJ. WS60 is a perfect mix and match of power and portability, with sur...
Dragoonyang 26 6255 Last post 17-September-15, 01:29:44
by superkevin0725
WS6020J and the WT7220L for 3DHighPolygon workflows [My other post it's bugged]
Sorry my other post it's bugged and I can't remove it. Can some moderator delete it?Well, I am a 3D and 2D artist oriented to th...
davidchumilla 1 844 Last post 22-September-15, 06:27:23
by D.L.
MSI mobile workstation WT72 series comes with sound by Dynaudio.
After years of cooperationwith the world leading speaker company, Dynaudio, MSI has fine tuned the Dynaudio Premium Speakers on ...
Dragoonyang 0 1130 Last post 23-September-15, 03:33:46
by Dragoonyang
WS60 series comes with Cooler Boost 3 technology.
Heat is the most original element on earth. It’s pure physics that more energy will generate more heat. Cooling is therefore a k...
Dragoonyang 3 2921 Last post 28-September-15, 15:25:36
by scottglasgo
(Tutorial) Share your Internet connection on the WS60 Series
Share my Internet access of the Wi-Fi via an Ethernet cable (RJ-45) to another laptop/PC.Applies to Windows 7 Service Pack 1 and...
Dragoonyang 0 1554 Last post 30-September-15, 03:17:37
by Dragoonyang
Workstation Wallpaper
Hello there!I just bought the WT72 2OK and would like to use the Workstation Wallpaper that I often see out there. Where can I f...
cruz 4 1276 Last post 30-September-15, 11:26:43
by cruz
MSI WS60 Bluetooth headphones won't play music
Hi,I am wondering if anyone has any advice, or has had problems playing music through their Bluetooth headphones?I am able to pa...
scottglasgo 4 2471 Last post Best Answer 02-October-15, 18:41:42
by scottglasgo
(Tutorial) WT72 series comes with Smart TouchPad feature.
This is a driver for mouse. [Mouse property] will show if you do the double clicks on TouchPad icon in tray.1. Please find the t...
Dragoonyang 0 1273 Last post 08-October-15, 03:39:34
by Dragoonyang
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