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This is the place to discuss Mobile Workstations
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Shortcut Manager Introduction
Have you heard about Shortcut Manager? In brief, it’s a tool to make your life easier on the workstation series of notebooks. Yo...
Meantek 0 5309 Last post 27-March-15, 04:05:33
by Meantek
Mobile Notebook for an IT Pro / Developer
Hi  I need to replace my laptop this year with a Windows 10 ready machine and started to look at the options4th or  5th gen Inte...
daniel 0 1229 Last post 08-March-15, 16:29:47
by daniel
advise upon upgrade options for GT70 0NC-093A
Dear All,I have  GT70 0NC-093A I wish to upgrade it to 32GB RAM, but not sure which ram I should be buying and How many HDD the ...
gautam2009 1 1115 Last post 17-February-15, 06:15:33
by KurtC27
Why Quadro?
If you’re already reading this in a sub-forum titled “Workstation notebooks” you probably already know what the uses are for a Q...
Meantek 3 1510 Last post 11-February-15, 08:50:42
by rebecca15420
WS60 short review - praises and flaws of HDD and power supply
I bought WS60-2OJ-3K-IPS few months ago to replace may MSI FX620DX. I use WS60 heavily and professionally - like Photoshop, Capt...
svaitkus 3 1461 Last post 09-February-15, 06:54:01
by svaitkus
MSI System Information Export tool version 1.0.1504.2101
[What's the System Information Export tool?]The System Information Export tool can help you export all detail information of you...
msiTechNB 0 8478 Last post 04-February-15, 03:20:17
by msiTechNB
MSI Workstation Notebook - Storage Device Information (updated on Apr 23rd 2015)
MSI Notebooks Interface of Storage Device:[Tutorial] How to install SSD and recover the pre-i...
msiTechNB 0 1832 Last post 27-January-15, 00:20:57
by msiTechNB
Thunderbolt 2: Performance
Intel’s proprietary multi-purpose interface Thunderbolt has always been a high-performance solution for connecting up your exter...
Meantek 0 2511 Last post 23-January-15, 04:47:01
by Meantek
GT70 2OLWS graphics issues.
I'm having some issues with my workstation and I'm about to toss it to the side and find something else. Hopefully you guys can ...
odin544 3 1193 Last post 07-January-15, 18:19:30
by odin544
MSI WS60 2OJ (4K) running Need For Speed: World 3840x2160@48Hz
Not sure if you guys know that WS60 4K version can run racing game and play smoothly.  One of our friend just done the test an...
gk2377 1 1019 Last post 07-January-15, 06:43:54
by RX-8
Ubuntu on external gone wrong
so, a while ago, i went ot install ubuntu on my external hard drive. it worked, until i went to unplug it from my hard drive. (y...
jrjackson.9152 1 1094 Last post 28-December-14, 10:56:09
by hchg
Hello everyone,I'm having some problems with my laptop lately, and I'd like some help from experts here if possible. I have boug...
ar1n4mu 2 1343 Last post 28-December-14, 04:53:03
by ar1n4mu
Final Winner of MSI 3D Short Film Animation contest coming out!!!
Congratulations to all winners and your great works! MSI will contact you for prize sending. MSI and Reallusion select together ...
Dragoonyang 10 2022 Last post 28-November-14, 09:05:03
by katapultax10
Battling to order a GT70-20K
Dear MSIDear MSI I have been trying for two weeks to get an answer from your agents in South Africa regarding the purchase of th...
SAMSIFAN 2 1177 Last post 22-October-14, 12:41:03
MSI sponsors Asiagraph Reallusion Award 2013
MSI sponsors Asiagraph Reallusion Award 2013: iClone 3D animation competition. Thirteen teams from 4 countries will now meet in ...
wsdesign 5 2854 Last post 14-October-14, 14:31:23
by angel10
Congratulations to the winner of 3D CAD contest
Michael Kozenko is the winner of 3D CAD contest, held by Russian ISV-ASCONThe design contest was held for 12 years, purpose is t...
Dragoonyang 0 1091 Last post 14-October-14, 12:59:43
by Dragoonyang
CD-DRIVE copying process is extremely slow on windows 7 professional 64 bit (on MSI workstation)
I am trying to copy files from a DVD disc (some 3 GB of data) using the CD-ROM  on this laptop. The transfer speed is EXTREMELY ...
enghussain_90 3 1242 Last post 14-October-14, 10:16:13
by Meantek
WS60 Design Concept
In addition to seeking breakthroughs in gaming laptops, MSI decided to leverage our expertise to step into the realm of mobile w...
Dragoonyang 0 1361 Last post 14-October-14, 07:59:20
by Dragoonyang
MSI Workstation 2D/3D Animation Short Film Contest
OBJECT :MSI Workstation 2D/3D Animation Short Film ContestTHEME:From Dream to Design –What is your dream? Life dream, dream jour...
Dragoonyang 11 3951 Last post 08-October-14, 13:31:41
by mh4596
FW: (forward)WS60 2OJ user feedback
The user bought WS60 2OJ,and shared feedback.– I use, primarily, Lightroom and Photoshop for still editing (with a few others su...
loman 2 1602 Last post 26-September-14, 11:28:21
by Hower
How to boot a USB linux? what to press during restart?
Hi, can someone tell me what setting on BIOS and what to press for me to boot on a USB which has a linux OS.. i installed a linu...
krisg 1 1308 Last post 17-September-14, 12:52:51
by RX-8
MSI Workstation join Siggraph 2014(photo gallery)
MSI Workstation join  Siggraph show. [IMG]
loman 0 1471 Last post 18-August-14, 06:05:41
by loman
3D Total featuring MSI WS
Creativity knows no limits with MSI Mobile Workstation - The CG Artist's Homepage! are running features t...
MSINotebookUK 0 1435 Last post 06-August-14, 10:31:34
by MSINotebookUK
embedded graphic or withouth video card
I want buy something like mobile workstation but without power video. Intel 4h MX and 3 SSD RAID 0, 17". Is it possible?
dsalodki 1 1589 Last post 05-August-14, 08:56:38
by chc
FREE software for MSI owners!!!! Check it out. Enjoy!!!
For people that don't already know, or haven't utilized it. Some free software is available for download when your a MSI owner."...
tr4nc1d80m8 1 1883 Last post 29-July-14, 03:19:06
by Valia
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