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Mosaic unavailable with Quadro on MSI WS72 !!!
I bought this laptop MSI WS72 6QJ-028FR (i7, 16GB, SSD, Quadro, 4K) hoping to use both miniDisplayPort as a single video output ...
badjaklaut 2 1105 Last post 02-February-17, 16:56:35
by badjaklaut
Three USB ports on the left side do not work, no power
WS63VR 7RL They used to work now nothing Any ideas? Barry in St Louis
bbaker 0 652 Last post 03-May-18, 15:58:47
by bbaker
Upgrading without voiding warranty
Scenario: I have a WE62 7RJ-2828US and it (only) has a 256 GB SSD - not nearly large enough for what I need it for. What I want ...
billgiraldi 0 614 Last post 14-May-18, 02:40:32
by billgiraldi
How can I get better performance in Solidworks and MATLAB?
Hey, I'm loving my new workstation, but still, have few questions:1.- It's normal that the keyboard gets too hot? I'm using the ...
biocore.dan 0 223 Last post 09-October-19, 21:25:37
by biocore.dan
Video card upgrade for my MSI WT72 6QL-400US laptop.
Hello Members,I have a MSI WT72 6QL-400US. That I uses for Fire Sprinkler Design work. Works great! But can be better with more ...
blazefp 2 1235 Last post 26-October-18, 11:54:25
by BlueAlexFPS
MSI GT70/ 60 Workstation Laptop
Aspiring to become a game designer, film maker or any profession of the digital arts? Get the right system to get the job done, ...
Blue 0 2875 Last post 21-October-13, 11:19:46
by Blue
New nVIDIA mobile Quadro Graphics Play Games As Good As GTX Graphics!
We are not telling you that you could buy a Mobile Workstation just for play games, but we are going to tell you the Mobile Work...
BlueAlexFPS 4 2803 Last post 05-January-16, 02:34:04
by irenetung
Keyboard Led Manager
Hello, I have the new WS60, works great! Never want back to anything else.But I wonderd.... I would love to have me keyboard led...
bobsmit1107 1 1566 Last post 09-June-15, 01:31:25
by hchg
I have issues with the keyboard on my WT72-20K1247 Workstation. It is working now in a Windows 10 Pro environment instead of Win...
bruce2 2 534 Last post 15-January-19, 19:22:11
by Hutbolzen
MSI WorkStation Series WS63 7RK-290US Running Unusual
So i recently just bought a MSI WorkStation Series WS63 7RK-290US Mobile Workstation Intel Core i7 7th Gen 7700HQ (2.80 GHz) 32 ...
calaard 0 670 Last post 15-April-18, 03:27:13
by calaard
MSI WT72 2OK Mobile Workstation Unboxing
There’s an old says, “To do a good job, you must first sharpen your tools.”As a designer, I’m totally agreed with this point. Wh...
carlosjseng 0 1062 Last post 16-February-16, 11:33:38
by carlosjseng
So the right fan (facing the computer) of my WS60 started to make the most annoying sound ever yesterday and I'm afraid the whol...
cdmodin 1 1035 Last post 30-June-16, 07:25:16
by runningman
So I can't tell what my serialnumber is because the label underneath my computer is so worn out. Now I'm trying to get help desk...
cdmodin 1 884 Last post 29-June-16, 07:03:18
by runningman
ever since Win 10 up grade Nahimic has not worked correctly, I checked the forums and did the Nahimic 123 upgrade and the sound ...
cgarcia12 3 1356 Last post 24-August-15, 02:00:53
by hchg
MSI Workstations and Dock
Anybody have a good dock solution?  I'm testing a WS75 to possibly be our go to workstation at a Mechanical Contracting company ...
chris.hronek 2 140 Last post 12-February-20, 16:25:32
by chris.hronek
WT72 for Linux ??
I'm shopping for a new laptop -- one I can use and recommend to others.  I like the specs on the WT72 series.  Has anybody tried...
cjgunzel 2 1168 Last post 21-March-16, 02:18:45
by cjgunzel
WT60-20J Windows 10 SSE problem
Hi, So I just bought the WT60-20J notebook two days ago.First thing I did was to boot it in stock setup into Windows 7 and check...
coasterfreak46 2 1872 Last post 07-April-16, 03:12:39
by D.L.
Workstation Wallpaper
Hello there!I just bought the WT72 2OK and would like to use the Workstation Wallpaper that I often see out there. Where can I f...
cruz 4 1355 Last post 30-September-15, 11:26:43
by cruz
MSI WS63 7RK-290US - Docking station
Please suggest me a docking station for MSI WS63 7RK-290US. h
curecheru_mn 5 4352 Last post 17-November-17, 09:01:01
by digitalme404
Mobile Notebook for an IT Pro / Developer
Hi  I need to replace my laptop this year with a Windows 10 ready machine and started to look at the options4th or  5th gen Inte...
daniel 0 1313 Last post 08-March-15, 16:29:47
by daniel
WS63VR Keyboard Issue
Hello All,I just received my new WS63VR and noticed that, fresh out of the box, the keyboard is not completely flat (there are s...
Daniel R 0 904 Last post 15-March-18, 00:14:11
by Daniel R
GT60-20j Windows 10 - synaptics driver
I have a GT60-20j (stock, with exception of two samsung 840 SSD's)Made the upgrade to win 10 64 mostly all works well.  The only...
dankatz01 8 7582 Last post 17-August-17, 02:41:44
by jindikus
Hi sorry to say but i think the MSI support is garbage the laptop is very good but support is terible I have tried to contact su...
dave98412 0 256 Last post 17-May-19, 16:38:49
by dave98412
Need to upgrade my M4000M graphics card
Hi:I'm considering upgrading the M4000M based graphics card of my WT72 6QL workstation laptop (Bought 2016). 1.   Does MSI make ...
david.musoke 2 646 Last post 16-July-19, 17:59:03
by boxcad
WS6020J and the WT7220L for 3DHighPolygon workflows [My other post it's bugged]
Sorry my other post it's bugged and I can't remove it. Can some moderator delete it?Well, I am a 3D and 2D artist oriented to th...
davidchumilla 1 893 Last post 22-September-15, 06:27:23
by D.L.
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