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This is the place to discuss Mobile Workstations
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Three USB ports on the left side do not work, no power
WS63VR 7RL They used to work now nothing Any ideas? Barry in St Louis
bbaker 0 575 Last post 03-May-18, 15:58:47
by bbaker
Upgrading without voiding warranty
Scenario: I have a WE62 7RJ-2828US and it (only) has a 256 GB SSD - not nearly large enough for what I need it for. What I want ...
billgiraldi 0 546 Last post 14-May-18, 02:40:32
by billgiraldi
Video card upgrade for my MSI WT72 6QL-400US laptop.
Hello Members,I have a MSI WT72 6QL-400US. That I uses for Fire Sprinkler Design work. Works great! But can be better with more ...
blazefp 2 1069 Last post 26-October-18, 11:54:25
by BlueAlexFPS
MSI GT70/ 60 Workstation Laptop
Aspiring to become a game designer, film maker or any profession of the digital arts? Get the right system to get the job done, ...
Blue 0 2821 Last post 21-October-13, 11:19:46
by Blue
New nVIDIA mobile Quadro Graphics Play Games As Good As GTX Graphics!
We are not telling you that you could buy a Mobile Workstation just for play games, but we are going to tell you the Mobile Work...
BlueAlexFPS 4 2605 Last post 05-January-16, 02:34:04
by irenetung
Keyboard Led Manager
Hello, I have the new WS60, works great! Never want back to anything else.But I wonderd.... I would love to have me keyboard led...
bobsmit1107 1 1519 Last post 09-June-15, 01:31:25
by hchg
I have issues with the keyboard on my WT72-20K1247 Workstation. It is working now in a Windows 10 Pro environment instead of Win...
bruce2 2 421 Last post 15-January-19, 19:22:11
by Hutbolzen
MSI WorkStation Series WS63 7RK-290US Running Unusual
So i recently just bought a MSI WorkStation Series WS63 7RK-290US Mobile Workstation Intel Core i7 7th Gen 7700HQ (2.80 GHz) 32 ...
calaard 0 612 Last post 15-April-18, 03:27:13
by calaard
MSI WT72 2OK Mobile Workstation Unboxing
There’s an old says, “To do a good job, you must first sharpen your tools.”As a designer, I’m totally agreed with this point. Wh...
carlosjseng 0 1031 Last post 16-February-16, 11:33:38
by carlosjseng
So the right fan (facing the computer) of my WS60 started to make the most annoying sound ever yesterday and I'm afraid the whol...
cdmodin 1 1009 Last post 30-June-16, 07:25:16
by runningman
So I can't tell what my serialnumber is because the label underneath my computer is so worn out. Now I'm trying to get help desk...
cdmodin 1 845 Last post 29-June-16, 07:03:18
by runningman
ever since Win 10 up grade Nahimic has not worked correctly, I checked the forums and did the Nahimic 123 upgrade and the sound ...
cgarcia12 3 1320 Last post 24-August-15, 02:00:53
by hchg
WT72 for Linux ??
I'm shopping for a new laptop -- one I can use and recommend to others.  I like the specs on the WT72 series.  Has anybody tried...
cjgunzel 2 1129 Last post 21-March-16, 02:18:45
by cjgunzel
WT60-20J Windows 10 SSE problem
Hi, So I just bought the WT60-20J notebook two days ago.First thing I did was to boot it in stock setup into Windows 7 and check...
coasterfreak46 2 1812 Last post 07-April-16, 03:12:39
by D.L.
Workstation Wallpaper
Hello there!I just bought the WT72 2OK and would like to use the Workstation Wallpaper that I often see out there. Where can I f...
cruz 4 1293 Last post 30-September-15, 11:26:43
by cruz
MSI WS63 7RK-290US - Docking station
Please suggest me a docking station for MSI WS63 7RK-290US. h
curecheru_mn 5 4091 Last post 17-November-17, 09:01:01
by digitalme404
Mobile Notebook for an IT Pro / Developer
Hi  I need to replace my laptop this year with a Windows 10 ready machine and started to look at the options4th or  5th gen Inte...
daniel 0 1258 Last post 08-March-15, 16:29:47
by daniel
WS63VR Keyboard Issue
Hello All,I just received my new WS63VR and noticed that, fresh out of the box, the keyboard is not completely flat (there are s...
Daniel R 0 747 Last post 15-March-18, 00:14:11
by Daniel R
GT60-20j Windows 10 - synaptics driver
I have a GT60-20j (stock, with exception of two samsung 840 SSD's)Made the upgrade to win 10 64 mostly all works well.  The only...
dankatz01 8 7316 Last post 17-August-17, 02:41:44
by jindikus
Hi sorry to say but i think the MSI support is garbage the laptop is very good but support is terible I have tried to contact su...
dave98412 0 208 Last post 17-May-19, 16:38:49
by dave98412
Need to upgrade my M4000M graphics card
Hi:I'm considering upgrading the M4000M based graphics card of my WT72 6QL workstation laptop (Bought 2016). 1.   Does MSI make ...
david.musoke 2 461 Last post 16-July-19, 17:59:03
by boxcad
WS6020J and the WT7220L for 3DHighPolygon workflows [My other post it's bugged]
Sorry my other post it's bugged and I can't remove it. Can some moderator delete it?Well, I am a 3D and 2D artist oriented to th...
davidchumilla 1 857 Last post 22-September-15, 06:27:23
by D.L.
MSI GT70 dominator pro 890 For workstation
Ive posted this on the 'gaming' section, but figured this thread might actually be better.Wanted to know if my laptop was good f...
dblkk 1 1644 Last post 18-July-14, 04:12:11
by Valia
msi for programmers
how many laptops from msi are good for programing?
diarmando2 1 930 Last post 20-December-16, 03:22:10
by runningman
Live Music
Would these models also be good to run live music applications? I use Ableton Live 9 and several 3rd party VST's within in and i... 1 1256 Last post 07-March-17, 11:04:03
by runningman
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