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MSI Workstation join Hannover Messe 2014(photo gallery)
Hannover Messe 2014Industrial & IT Innovation ExhibitionMSI Mobile Workstation & Partner ProGraphicsHannover Messe 2014- Industr...
Dragoonyang 3 2793 Last post 24-July-14, 04:28:08
by Jamie Lee
WS60 6QJ battery life
Are there some poeple with the WS60 6QJ with the following specs:-Xeon E3 1505M-V3-16GB DDR4 RAM-4K screen-Quadro M2000MIf so, c...
wouter.bruijninckx 3 1536 Last post 15-March-16, 08:39:43
by wouter.bruijninckx
Quadro vs Geforce, what's the difference?
It's kind of help while seeing this video for explaining about the difference between Quadro and Geforce graphics card, if you g...
oktnight 3 1430 Last post 14-September-18, 05:00:26
by BlueAlexFPS
MSI GT60 Mobile Workstation- Industrial Design Engineer Interview, Quadro Experience
MSI GT60 Mobile Workstation- Industrial Design Engineer Interview, Quadro Experience Sharing
rootseric 3 2354 Last post 23-August-13, 03:34:13
by Frank88
WT72 Work Station
I'm interested in purchasing a WT72 workstation and wanted to know which drive the OS is installed on, the SSD or HDD.
rframeiii 3 1333 Last post 07-June-16, 10:45:12
by runningman
Need MSI M4000M and M5000M Vbios
Hello I need for M4000M and M5000M the MSI Vbios. Could some help me with it?
Hutbolzen 3 1290 Last post 11-September-17, 04:13:49
by sarcasm
WS72 downgrade to Windows 7
Because of compatibility issue of Windows 10 with a CAD software that I use regularly, I decided to downgrade OS to Windows 7.I ...
hossein.g 3 1417 Last post Best Answer 02-September-16, 19:02:12
by hossein.g
Us the sheep and MSI the lion. They're eating us alive
After receiving two inoperable workstations back to back (the original and then the supposedly "repaired" one), I started to loo...
enfuego_2010 3 1069 Last post 05-February-17, 20:14:17
by Nidhoggr
GT70 2OLWS graphics issues.
I'm having some issues with my workstation and I'm about to toss it to the side and find something else. Hopefully you guys can ...
odin544 3 1271 Last post 07-January-15, 18:19:30
by odin544
Power Supply Replacement
My ADP 150W unit has a loose connection, and in Europe the best I could find is a 90W unit. Is there anyting i need to be concer...
georgek 3 1106 Last post 04-August-16, 19:14:34
by HenryW
CD-DRIVE copying process is extremely slow on windows 7 professional 64 bit (on MSI workstation)
I am trying to copy files from a DVD disc (some 3 GB of data) using the CD-ROM  on this laptop. The transfer speed is EXTREMELY ...
enghussain_90 3 1291 Last post 14-October-14, 10:16:13
by Meantek
WT72 Workstation IPS screen?
Hello.  I'm trying to find out what screen technology this laptop uses. The system specs says it's a "17.3" Full HD eDP Wide Vie...
MJROBSMITH 3 2505 Last post 01-April-15, 06:01:10
Why Quadro?
If you’re already reading this in a sub-forum titled “Workstation notebooks” you probably already know what the uses are for a Q...
Meantek 3 1590 Last post 11-February-15, 08:50:42
by rebecca15420
WS60 short review - praises and flaws of HDD and power supply
I bought WS60-2OJ-3K-IPS few months ago to replace may MSI FX620DX. I use WS60 heavily and professionally - like Photoshop, Capt...
svaitkus 3 1514 Last post 09-February-15, 06:54:01
by svaitkus
WT72 6QN 6th disk
Hi there,I decided to improve my WT72 by adding two M.2 disks and to replace mechanic disk with SSD one; all three in RAID 0 con...
sacha 3 1221 Last post 23-December-17, 15:12:40
by sacha
MSI WS602OJ so disapointing
Hi,I have a ws602OJ 4k one and i can't understand why there is absolutely no drivers for windows 10.This laptop is not even one ...
jroch 3 1576 Last post 23-May-16, 11:50:21
by runningman
ever since Win 10 up grade Nahimic has not worked correctly, I checked the forums and did the Nahimic 123 upgrade and the sound ...
cgarcia12 3 1350 Last post 24-August-15, 02:00:53
by hchg
WS60 series comes with Cooler Boost 3 technology.
Heat is the most original element on earth. It’s pure physics that more energy will generate more heat. Cooling is therefore a k...
Dragoonyang 3 3009 Last post 28-September-15, 15:25:36
by scottglasgo
Promotion time: Travel Pack and other accessories are waiting for you!
Responding to long-term support from the fans, MSI is launching a new promotion for the mobile workstations.During the period fr...
livingtheworld 3 2738 Last post 24-November-16, 14:09:33
by natskipogito
I am going to Siggraph Asia 2013, aren't you?
20-22 November in Hong Kong Let's join computer graphics show and see those awesome artwork!
NBFOU 3 2611 Last post 10-November-13, 17:41:22
by feiyang
Workstation WT72 6QL Camera
Hello,I'm under w10, up to date, all the laptop drivers also.And since I do this update I no longer have access to the camera. I...
adafera 4 1647 Last post 10-April-17, 09:55:02
by adafera
Meet MIDA x MSI MSI mobile workstations now actively working in M&E (Multimedia & Entertainment) industry.
wsdesign 4 2999 Last post 08-November-13, 16:40:56
by BlueAlexFPS
WT60-2OK startup issue
Hello everyone,I've got a MSI mobile workstation, model WT60-2OK: fantastic machine, loads of power and excellent reliability......
mihares 4 1885 Last post 11-April-16, 09:38:05
by mihares
need help choosing a computer
I am not looking for a gaming computerI am looking for a computer to use for CAD design I was thinking of a trident 3 desktop - ...
apopky 4 1636 Last post 21-November-17, 19:04:33
by jcioffi88
Upgrade 128gb ssd to 1tb
My GT70 ONE came with a single128gb ssd on a two place raid card. I wish to upgrade this to a single 1tb ssd. I am not very know...
tgboating 4 1842 Last post 01-September-15, 06:01:19
by hchg
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