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Oracle VM VirtualBox
VirtualBox is powerful Cross-platform Virtualization Software for x86-based systems. "Virtualization Software" means that you ca...
rootseric 0 1823 Last post 01-August-13, 04:43:33
by rootseric
Take CAD and 3D Modeling Power with You
Take CAD and 3D Modeling Power with Youfrom DE magazineMore information: [url=
rootseric 0 812 Last post 16-March-16, 07:57:20
by rootseric
MSI 15.6" ‪‎WS60‬ Mobile Workstation with ‪‎Wacom‬ ‪‎Intuos‬ Pro Professional
MSI 15.6" ‎WS60‬ Mobile Workstation with [url=
rootseric 0 768 Last post 16-March-16, 07:54:42
by rootseric
Game Developers Conference
Almost done the setting up! Come check us out at booth #2036
rootseric 0 639 Last post 16-March-16, 07:51:32
by rootseric
MSI Workstation WT72 6QJ bios download
Hello, I have to update the bios of my laptop WT72 6QJ since I'm experiencing some issues, my current bios version is E1782IWS.1...
Ross90 2 1489 Last post Best Answer 12-September-17, 08:20:43
by Ross90
WS60 Win7 update ELAN driver to
My WS60 was originally Win10Pro, now dual-boot with Win7Ult. The ELAN driver for Win10 is, and with Win7, it's 15.13.1...
rustyoldodge 1 987 Last post 07-November-16, 09:56:14
by runningman
WT72 6QN 6th disk
Hi there,I decided to improve my WT72 by adding two M.2 disks and to replace mechanic disk with SSD one; all three in RAID 0 con...
sacha 3 1219 Last post 23-December-17, 15:12:40
by sacha
Battling to order a GT70-20K
Dear MSIDear MSI I have been trying for two weeks to get an answer from your agents in South Africa regarding the purchase of th...
SAMSIFAN 2 1212 Last post 22-October-14, 12:41:03
Universal Dockingstation
Hi! I am so tired of plugging in all the cords when comming home. So i think the solution of all my problem would be to buy a do...
samuelgustafsson890623 1 1039 Last post 11-September-15, 06:12:39
by D.L.
Dock Station for MSI workstations
I own an MSI WS63 8SJ workstation laptop and i am very happy with the product.I have bought this workstation  for Engineering wo...
santoniou 1 1014 Last post 12-December-18, 10:54:09
by irenetung
Getting the Right Tool for the Job - Quadro Graphics vs GeForce Graphics
Getting the Right Tool for the Job - Quadro Graphics vs GeForce GraphicsHigh performance notebooks have been dominated by two ma...
sarcasm 0 905 Last post 14-December-17, 05:53:11
by sarcasm
Excessive battery drain on WS-60 4k
Hi all,I am noticing that my battery will get around 2-2.5 hours of light use to it. This includes dimming the screen and not in...
scottglasgo 1 1032 Last post 20-May-15, 06:48:01
by hchg
MSI WS60 Bluetooth headphones won't play music
Hi,I am wondering if anyone has any advice, or has had problems playing music through their Bluetooth headphones?I am able to pa...
scottglasgo 4 2757 Last post Best Answer 02-October-15, 18:41:42
by scottglasgo
MSI WS 60 Trackpad Degradation
I've had my Workstation for about two years and in the first year i noticed that my trackpads finish started to wear off. It's n...
scottglasgo 2 1360 Last post Best Answer 07-October-18, 02:03:07
by scottglasgo
Nvidia Quadro K2100 driver crashing with Win 10 64bit
Ok, so i'm still having issues with my Quadro graphics card crashing. I'm getting a fatal error exception when running Solidwork...
scottglasgo 2 2420 Last post 30-October-15, 10:49:07
by scottglasgo
Slow transfer across network
I have a WT72 2OM-1047 computer. I have 2 SSD drives and 1 normal HDD. When I copy files to the server across the wireless netwo...
scottrappley 1 867 Last post 04-July-17, 06:48:05
by digitalme404
WS65 With Quadro 4200
I want buy a WS65 but actually WS65 8SK-476 have a NVIDIA Quadro P3200,  will exist a version wit NVIDIA Quadro P4200? or is imp...
sergiolinkpf 3 763 Last post 26-October-18, 11:50:10
by BlueAlexFPS
MSI WS72 6QH issue installing windows10
Hello,I was trying to instal windows 10 in my new workstation WS72 6QH, but when Its time to choose where the OS will be, it say...
sermar0035 7 2159 Last post 05-February-17, 02:05:28
by Nidhoggr
MSI Burn Recovery Not Working
Whenever I try to load Burn Recovery I get this error message "an error occurred executing Windows application. Burn recovery ca...
shea.almanza 0 57 Last post 09-February-20, 13:18:01
by shea.almanza
No 4K display via Thunderbolt 3 on Vortex W25
Hi,The 4K display via Thunderbolt 3 on Vortex W25 does not work.I have spent over 3 months trying to have support take the issue...
shedman61 0 230 Last post 29-July-19, 15:01:12
by shedman61
W25 / G25 UHD display via TB3
Hi All,I have a problem with display output to a Acer XB273k G-Sync Monitor using a Thunderbolt 3 to Displayport cable.Computer ...
shedman61 2 572 Last post 30-May-19, 13:31:48
by shedman61
W25 thunderbolt 3 display to displayport on Acer X273
Hi,Just bought a W25 and tried to connect to Acer X273 4K display with G-Sync. Using a USB-C to Displayport cable I have no disp...
shedman61 0 279 Last post 21-March-19, 12:37:47
by shedman61
MSI Mobile Workstation Animation Film Case Study
small stars 1 2674 Last post 24-September-13, 23:29:03
please share the dissassembly and assembly guides for the ws60 2oj. THANKS !
i wanted to upgrade the ram on my msi ws60 2oj... and needed to dissassembly guide for the same ! thnk u:agrees:
sood2405 1 1004 Last post 14-October-15, 11:08:51
by D.L.
Does WE73 support storage expansions?
Hi,I am choosing a mobile workstation and WE73 is one of the candidates. However, the product specifications don't say if the st...
stilor 2 448 Last post 03-January-19, 09:42:41
by stilor
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