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WS60 Design Concept
In addition to seeking breakthroughs in gaming laptops, MSI decided to leverage our expertise to step into the realm of mobile w...
Dragoonyang 0 1419 Last post 14-October-14, 07:59:20
by Dragoonyang
WS60 Display accuracy?
Hi, Im on the fence of buying this laptop for work purposes.i understand the is a TN display model and a WQHD versionI would lik...
florios 1 1308 Last post 17-September-14, 02:52:15
by darkhawk
WS60 display: when working is a pleasure
Web browsing or looking through last year’s vacations trip may be ok on an average display. For professional use, however, you d...
livingtheworld 0 2887 Last post 12-October-16, 10:25:43
by livingtheworld
So I bought the WS60 6QJ, it was advertised as having a 256gb ssd (2x128 in raid 0).When I got the PC the C-drive was only 117GB...
wouterbr01 2 1033 Last post 04-February-16, 20:20:22
by wouter.bruijninckx
WS60 series comes with Cooler Boost 3 technology.
Heat is the most original element on earth. It’s pure physics that more energy will generate more heat. Cooling is therefore a k...
Dragoonyang 3 3003 Last post 28-September-15, 15:25:36
by scottglasgo
WS60 short review - praises and flaws of HDD and power supply
I bought WS60-2OJ-3K-IPS few months ago to replace may MSI FX620DX. I use WS60 heavily and professionally - like Photoshop, Capt...
svaitkus 3 1511 Last post 09-February-15, 06:54:01
by svaitkus
After a reboot my new WS60 blue screened and said the recovery media was required. BCD error 0x00000d.After doing some research ...
tyler73 2 1195 Last post 23-November-16, 12:43:49
by tyler73
WS60 Win7 update ELAN driver to
My WS60 was originally Win10Pro, now dual-boot with Win7Ult. The ELAN driver for Win10 is, and with Win7, it's 15.13.1...
rustyoldodge 1 987 Last post 07-November-16, 09:56:14
by runningman
WS6020J and the WT7220L for 3DHighPolygon workflows [My other post it's bugged]
Sorry my other post it's bugged and I can't remove it. Can some moderator delete it?Well, I am a 3D and 2D artist oriented to th...
davidchumilla 1 887 Last post 22-September-15, 06:27:23
by D.L.
WS60: Adobe Premiere and Autodesk 3ds Max
 I've got a lucky chance to test MSI WS60 with Xeon E3-1505M v5 and M2000M on board. The model is super light (1.9 kg) and thin ...
livingtheworld 0 5726 Last post 09-November-16, 08:54:33
by livingtheworld
WS60: high performance in your backpack
Technology advances at an impressive speed and it’s hard to believe that only a few decades ago people could only work at statio...
livingtheworld 0 5314 Last post 19-October-16, 09:57:14
by livingtheworld
WS60: “model” among models
Entering the list of the best mobile workstations (according to TechRadar), WS60 is on the top among its competitors in terms of...
livingtheworld 1 5353 Last post 03-October-16, 04:41:04
by ace8888
Hi, I have a WS63 8SJ 040XPT workstation and it surely has performance. Only issue is spacebar is not working very smoothly, it ...
francis_1750 2 718 Last post 13-December-18, 06:59:41
by M0nster99
WS63 8SJ screen flickering issue
I purchased the new WS63 8SJ workstation laptop about 4 months ago and it has been smooth sailing until today. I got home and op...
jimmygnesda 1 344 Last post 12-December-18, 10:57:17
by ace8888
WS63 Dual Display with CalDigit TS3+
I am trying to get my WS63-8SL to play nice with a CalDigit TS3+ docking station.  I have 2 Dell P2214H monitors which have the ...
tugger 0 420 Last post 01-August-18, 17:02:07
by tugger
WS63-7RK 15in 4K display color accuracy after calibration
Hi all,I have WS63-7RK with 4K display and trying to calibrate the display with Xite i1Display Pro At home I have an external De...
robertbslee 2 1261 Last post 07-December-17, 03:08:41
by robertbslee
WS63VR Keyboard Issue
Hello All,I just received my new WS63VR and noticed that, fresh out of the box, the keyboard is not completely flat (there are s...
Daniel R 0 884 Last post 15-March-18, 00:14:11
by Daniel R
WS65 With Quadro 4200
I want buy a WS65 but actually WS65 8SK-476 have a NVIDIA Quadro P3200,  will exist a version wit NVIDIA Quadro P4200? or is imp...
sergiolinkpf 3 763 Last post 26-October-18, 11:50:10
by BlueAlexFPS
WS65 as an alternative for a Thinkpad X1 Extreme
I'm in for a new laptop and I thought about a Thinkpad X1 Exreme. But I also want to know what alternatives MSI has.The Thinkpad...
debooser_piet 1 298 Last post 16-October-19, 13:58:02
by alexfizeau
WS72 / M600M Open Box
Just like most people, I enjoy photo around. Thought this is my leisure activity, I still love to have a amazed work. And someti...
irenetung 0 1146 Last post 18-February-16, 00:23:05
by irenetung
WS72 6QJ I can't switch to NVIDIA quadro
hello,i have a WS72 6QJ 28FR and I can't switch to the nvidia quadro card even if I launch applicatoin with "run with performanc...
frederic.roussey 1 987 Last post 16-August-17, 04:08:50
by runningman
WS72 downgrade to Windows 7
Because of compatibility issue of Windows 10 with a CAD software that I use regularly, I decided to downgrade OS to Windows 7.I ...
hossein.g 3 1414 Last post Best Answer 02-September-16, 19:02:12
by hossein.g
WS72 is equipped with stunning display
17.3-inch, Full HD, IPS-level, sRGB, True Color technology, matrix display – these are all in one WS72 display and these are gre...
livingtheworld 2 2393 Last post 28-October-16, 19:38:26
by daraceks
WS72 review from Russia
rootseric 0 833 Last post 21-March-16, 01:48:24
by rootseric
WS72: appearance and mobility
MSI provides excellent ISV certified workstations for CAD and 3D modeling. The combination of their exterior and performance is ...
livingtheworld 0 2371 Last post 24-August-16, 04:32:02
by livingtheworld
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