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This is the place to discuss Mobile Workstations
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WS60: “model” among models
Entering the list of the best mobile workstations (according to TechRadar), WS60 is on the top among its competitors in terms of...
livingtheworld 1 5287 Last post 03-October-16, 04:41:04
by ace8888
Hi, I have a WS63 8SJ 040XPT workstation and it surely has performance. Only issue is spacebar is not working very smoothly, it ...
francis_1750 2 622 Last post 13-December-18, 06:59:41
by M0nster99
WS63 8SJ screen flickering issue
I purchased the new WS63 8SJ workstation laptop about 4 months ago and it has been smooth sailing until today. I got home and op...
jimmygnesda 1 292 Last post 12-December-18, 10:57:17
by ace8888
WS63 Dual Display with CalDigit TS3+
I am trying to get my WS63-8SL to play nice with a CalDigit TS3+ docking station.  I have 2 Dell P2214H monitors which have the ...
tugger 0 357 Last post 01-August-18, 17:02:07
by tugger
WS63-7RK 15in 4K display color accuracy after calibration
Hi all,I have WS63-7RK with 4K display and trying to calibrate the display with Xite i1Display Pro At home I have an external De...
robertbslee 2 1158 Last post 07-December-17, 03:08:41
by robertbslee
WS63VR Keyboard Issue
Hello All,I just received my new WS63VR and noticed that, fresh out of the box, the keyboard is not completely flat (there are s...
Daniel R 0 747 Last post 15-March-18, 00:14:11
by Daniel R
WS65 With Quadro 4200
I want buy a WS65 but actually WS65 8SK-476 have a NVIDIA Quadro P3200,  will exist a version wit NVIDIA Quadro P4200? or is imp...
sergiolinkpf 3 618 Last post 26-October-18, 11:50:10
by BlueAlexFPS
WS72 / M600M Open Box
Just like most people, I enjoy photo around. Thought this is my leisure activity, I still love to have a amazed work. And someti...
irenetung 0 1110 Last post 18-February-16, 00:23:05
by irenetung
WS72 6QJ I can't switch to NVIDIA quadro
hello,i have a WS72 6QJ 28FR and I can't switch to the nvidia quadro card even if I launch applicatoin with "run with performanc...
frederic.roussey 1 901 Last post 16-August-17, 04:08:50
by runningman
WS72 downgrade to Windows 7
Because of compatibility issue of Windows 10 with a CAD software that I use regularly, I decided to downgrade OS to Windows 7.I ...
hossein.g 3 1382 Last post Best Answer 02-September-16, 19:02:12
by hossein.g
WS72 is equipped with stunning display
17.3-inch, Full HD, IPS-level, sRGB, True Color technology, matrix display – these are all in one WS72 display and these are gre...
livingtheworld 2 2319 Last post 28-October-16, 19:38:26
by daraceks
WS72 review from Russia
rootseric 0 792 Last post 21-March-16, 01:48:24
by rootseric
WS72: appearance and mobility
MSI provides excellent ISV certified workstations for CAD and 3D modeling. The combination of their exterior and performance is ...
livingtheworld 0 2292 Last post 24-August-16, 04:32:02
by livingtheworld
WS72: more performance
When I choose a new t-shirt, I spend 80% of the time looking at the design and 20% looking at the material. When I choose a work...
livingtheworld 0 5661 Last post 13-September-16, 03:13:34
by livingtheworld
WS72: performance
Have you ever dreamed of being able to work anywhere in the world? More and more people say good bye to their offices and start ...
livingtheworld 0 4590 Last post 07-September-16, 02:53:40
by livingtheworld
WT60 Startup Issue on battery.
Hi. I got my hands on a used MSI WT60 with the 3K screen.  I added some missing hardware and ran it thru it's paces. Battery, CP...
joshua.edward.poston 4 1289 Last post Best Answer 02-December-16, 21:24:07
by joshua.edward.poston
WT60-20J Windows 10 SSE problem
Hi, So I just bought the WT60-20J notebook two days ago.First thing I did was to boot it in stock setup into Windows 7 and check...
coasterfreak46 2 1812 Last post 07-April-16, 03:12:39
by D.L.
WT60-2OK startup issue
Hello everyone,I've got a MSI mobile workstation, model WT60-2OK: fantastic machine, loads of power and excellent reliability......
mihares 4 1813 Last post 11-April-16, 09:38:05
by mihares
WT72 2OK with blu-ray player software
I had to reinatall my operating system on my WT72 2OK with blu-ray player. Where can I download the player software from and wha...
mrhoweorama 1 807 Last post 03-February-16, 01:20:33
by D.L.
WT72 6QN 6th disk
Hi there,I decided to improve my WT72 by adding two M.2 disks and to replace mechanic disk with SSD one; all three in RAID 0 con...
sacha 3 1155 Last post 23-December-17, 15:12:40
by sacha
WT72 excellent display
The most powerful WT72 mobile workstation by MSI is the first one in the world to support VR. Outstanding design, responsive key...
airfkimo 1 753 Last post 24-November-16, 22:44:24
by airfkimo
WT72 excellent display: not only performance
The most powerful WT72 mobile workstation by MSI is the first one in the world to support VR. Outstanding design, responsive key...
airfkimo 0 3183 Last post 24-November-16, 22:48:40
by airfkimo
WT72 failed again!
For the second time in a year, my 6th gen WT72 failed.  In both cases, the internal interface circuitry for the M2 drives failed...
mnessen 0 830 Last post 22-March-17, 15:27:19
by mnessen
WT72 for Linux ??
I'm shopping for a new laptop -- one I can use and recommend to others.  I like the specs on the WT72 series.  Has anybody tried...
cjgunzel 2 1129 Last post 21-March-16, 02:18:45
by cjgunzel
WT72 Intel Xeon laptop won't detect Nvidia Quadro gpu
Hello All,I bought a used WT72 (Intel Xeon) on eBay.  It was missing the GPU so I bought an Nvidia Quadro m4000m.  Performed cle...
ylee04 5 771 Last post 02-August-18, 19:05:46
by Hutbolzen
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