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This is the place to discuss Mobile Workstations
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WS72 / M600M Open Box
Just like most people, I enjoy photo around. Thought this is my leisure activity, I still love to have a amazed work. And someti...
irenetung 0 1091 Last post 18-February-16, 00:23:05
by irenetung
WS72 6QJ I can't switch to NVIDIA quadro
hello,i have a WS72 6QJ 28FR and I can't switch to the nvidia quadro card even if I launch applicatoin with "run with performanc...
frederic.roussey 1 859 Last post 16-August-17, 04:08:50
by runningman
WS72 downgrade to Windows 7
Because of compatibility issue of Windows 10 with a CAD software that I use regularly, I decided to downgrade OS to Windows 7.I ...
hossein.g 3 1363 Last post Best Answer 02-September-16, 19:02:12
by hossein.g
WS72 is equipped with stunning display
17.3-inch, Full HD, IPS-level, sRGB, True Color technology, matrix display – these are all in one WS72 display and these are gre...
livingtheworld 2 2279 Last post 28-October-16, 19:38:26
by daraceks
WS72 review from Russia
rootseric 0 769 Last post 21-March-16, 01:48:24
by rootseric
WS72: appearance and mobility
MSI provides excellent ISV certified workstations for CAD and 3D modeling. The combination of their exterior and performance is ...
livingtheworld 0 2262 Last post 24-August-16, 04:32:02
by livingtheworld
WS72: more performance
When I choose a new t-shirt, I spend 80% of the time looking at the design and 20% looking at the material. When I choose a work...
livingtheworld 0 5622 Last post 13-September-16, 03:13:34
by livingtheworld
WS72: performance
Have you ever dreamed of being able to work anywhere in the world? More and more people say good bye to their offices and start ...
livingtheworld 0 4552 Last post 07-September-16, 02:53:40
by livingtheworld
WT60 Startup Issue on battery.
Hi. I got my hands on a used MSI WT60 with the 3K screen.  I added some missing hardware and ran it thru it's paces. Battery, CP...
joshua.edward.poston 4 1265 Last post Best Answer 02-December-16, 21:24:07
by joshua.edward.poston
WT60-20J Windows 10 SSE problem
Hi, So I just bought the WT60-20J notebook two days ago.First thing I did was to boot it in stock setup into Windows 7 and check...
coasterfreak46 2 1789 Last post 07-April-16, 03:12:39
by D.L.
WT60-2OK startup issue
Hello everyone,I've got a MSI mobile workstation, model WT60-2OK: fantastic machine, loads of power and excellent reliability......
mihares 4 1770 Last post 11-April-16, 09:38:05
by mihares
WT72 2OK with blu-ray player software
I had to reinatall my operating system on my WT72 2OK with blu-ray player. Where can I download the player software from and wha...
mrhoweorama 1 773 Last post 03-February-16, 01:20:33
by D.L.
WT72 6QN 6th disk
Hi there,I decided to improve my WT72 by adding two M.2 disks and to replace mechanic disk with SSD one; all three in RAID 0 con...
sacha 3 1113 Last post 23-December-17, 15:12:40
by sacha
WT72 excellent display
The most powerful WT72 mobile workstation by MSI is the first one in the world to support VR. Outstanding design, responsive key...
airfkimo 1 738 Last post 24-November-16, 22:44:24
by airfkimo
WT72 excellent display: not only performance
The most powerful WT72 mobile workstation by MSI is the first one in the world to support VR. Outstanding design, responsive key...
airfkimo 0 3144 Last post 24-November-16, 22:48:40
by airfkimo
WT72 failed again!
For the second time in a year, my 6th gen WT72 failed.  In both cases, the internal interface circuitry for the M2 drives failed...
mnessen 0 788 Last post 22-March-17, 15:27:19
by mnessen
WT72 for Linux ??
I'm shopping for a new laptop -- one I can use and recommend to others.  I like the specs on the WT72 series.  Has anybody tried...
cjgunzel 2 1105 Last post 21-March-16, 02:18:45
by cjgunzel
WT72 Intel Xeon laptop won't detect Nvidia Quadro gpu
Hello All,I bought a used WT72 (Intel Xeon) on eBay.  It was missing the GPU so I bought an Nvidia Quadro m4000m.  Performed cle...
ylee04 5 703 Last post 02-August-18, 19:05:46
by Hutbolzen
I have issues with the keyboard on my WT72-20K1247 Workstation. It is working now in a Windows 10 Pro environment instead of Win...
bruce2 2 362 Last post 15-January-19, 19:22:11
by Hutbolzen
WT72 series built with Switchable dual graphics
WT72 series built with Switchable dual graphics and now becomes manual gear to avoid professional apps compatibility issue with ...
Dragoonyang 0 2031 Last post 01-July-15, 07:52:08
by Dragoonyang
WT72 series cooling layout.
MSI mobile workstation WT72 series comes with Cooler Boost 3 technology.Thanks to advanced thermal engineering and features such...
Dragoonyang 0 1336 Last post 29-July-15, 14:07:36
by Dragoonyang
WT72 series features world's first USB-IF certified USB 3.1 host controller
MSI is pleased to announce the use of the ASMedia USB 3.1 controller on MSI mobile workstation WT72 series. The ASMedia USB 3.1 ...
Dragoonyang 0 2961 Last post 23-July-15, 07:26:08
by Dragoonyang
WT72 series Super RAID 3 Performance
Super RAID 3 is MSI’s name for a 4xM.2 SSDs(2280) RAID 0 solution used in the WT72. You may know that traditional mechanical har...
Dragoonyang 0 2715 Last post 05-August-15, 09:00:48
by Dragoonyang
WT72 with Best Display Panel for Professional Designer
WT72 with Best Display Panel for Professional Designer.What You See Is What You Get. That is essentials for designer. To see the...
airfkimo 0 1013 Last post 05-February-16, 06:01:45
by airfkimo
WT72 Work Station
I'm interested in purchasing a WT72 workstation and wanted to know which drive the OS is installed on, the SSD or HDD.
rframeiii 3 1275 Last post 07-June-16, 10:45:12
by runningman
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