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MSI GT70 dominator pro 890 For workstation
Ive posted this on the 'gaming' section, but figured this thread might actually be better.Wanted to know if my laptop was good f...
dblkk 1 1705 Last post 18-July-14, 04:12:11
by Valia
WS65 as an alternative for a Thinkpad X1 Extreme
I'm in for a new laptop and I thought about a Thinkpad X1 Exreme. But I also want to know what alternatives MSI has.The Thinkpad...
debooser_piet 1 298 Last post 16-October-19, 13:58:02
by alexfizeau
msi for programmers
how many laptops from msi are good for programing?
diarmando2 1 1002 Last post 20-December-16, 03:22:10
by runningman
Live Music
Would these models also be good to run live music applications? I use Ableton Live 9 and several 3rd party VST's within in and i... 1 1310 Last post 07-March-17, 11:04:03
by runningman
VR Demo at The Canadian International AutoShow
Hi Everyone,Just wanna share this cool new VR demo might've seen it on Workstation Facebook Pag...
digitalme404 0 1002 Last post 19-April-17, 02:54:21
by digitalme404
MSI WS65 9TM Workstation Laptop Av
Hi,I'm interested in an MSI Workstation laptop and I am having trouble locating a supplier of the model in the UK. I have found ...
dovedev 1 441 Last post 28-August-19, 09:00:44
by gk2377
How to buy MSI WT72 6QN
For a month I am trying to buy MSI WT72 6QN.I found only one place in Toronto, Canada that wishes to send the unit to Dubai, UAE...
draganfsh 0 866 Last post 25-August-16, 21:10:12
by draganfsh
MSI WT72-6Q Mobile Workstation series built-in NVIDIA new M-series Quadro gpu.
MSI is the first in the professional market to launch 17.3-inch mobile workstations with Intel’s latest 6th Generation Skylake C...
Dragoonyang 0 2296 Last post 02-November-15, 05:49:31
by Dragoonyang
NVIDIA Quadro K2200M graphics card Performance
The newest NVIDIA® Quadro® mobile professional graphics solutions are true technological breakthroughs, based on the NVIDIA® Kep...
Dragoonyang 0 2547 Last post 26-June-15, 08:18:34
by Dragoonyang
WT72 series built with Switchable dual graphics
WT72 series built with Switchable dual graphics and now becomes manual gear to avoid professional apps compatibility issue with ...
Dragoonyang 0 2143 Last post 01-July-15, 07:52:08
by Dragoonyang
Recommendation from AUTODESK 2014 - MSI Mobile Workstation
Best Laptop for CAD & 3D ModelingTo achieve best work efficiency and to provide most innovative user experience, MSI released a ...
Dragoonyang 0 2442 Last post 03-December-13, 15:18:34
by Dragoonyang
AIDA64 tool to test DDR4-2133 ECC Memory performance on WT72-6Q series
MSI Introduces Advanced Performance Workstation Laptop WT72-6Q series .Performance-wise, Skylake Core-i7 is widely considered to...
Dragoonyang 0 2421 Last post 12-November-15, 11:23:20
by Dragoonyang
Improve the quality of wireless connection on WS60 2OJ workstation
Please check the Wireless Standard and the Wireless Band of your router (802.11n 2.4 GHz / 5 GHz, 80211ac 5GHz), see the table b...
Dragoonyang 0 3479 Last post 03-July-15, 11:12:33
by Dragoonyang
Cinebench R15 of OpenGL benchmarks on WT72-6QL.
Originally developed by Silicon Graphics in the early '90s, OpenGL has become the most widely-used open graphics standard in the...
Dragoonyang 1 3540 Last post 24-February-16, 05:35:31
by nicolechen1
Final Winner of MSI 3D Short Film Animation contest coming out!!!
Congratulations to all winners and your great works! MSI will contact you for prize sending. MSI and Reallusion select together ...
Dragoonyang 10 2194 Last post 28-November-14, 09:05:03
by katapultax10
WOW! we'll give away 5 secret gifts to lucky winners
WOW, our facebook fans reached 1,200!Like this FB post and share it on your wall, we'll give away 5 secret gifts to lucky winner...
Dragoonyang 5 2455 Last post 23-December-13, 12:02:21
by faiwind
Cinebench R15 of CPU rendering benchmarks on WT72-6QL.
MSI Introduces Advanced Performance Workstation Laptop WT72-6Q series .Performance-wise, Skylake Core-i7 is widely considered to...
Dragoonyang 0 2552 Last post 19-November-15, 06:21:38
by Dragoonyang
WS60 Design Concept
In addition to seeking breakthroughs in gaming laptops, MSI decided to leverage our expertise to step into the realm of mobile w...
Dragoonyang 0 1419 Last post 14-October-14, 07:59:20
by Dragoonyang
Workstation Logo Contest - Facebook Fans Favorite Pick
Hey MSI Workstation Fans! Thanks for your great work, we are glad to receive so many cool designs! Let's help yourself a chance ...
Dragoonyang 10 3764 Last post 11-February-14, 03:08:23
by Dragoonyang
SPECViewperf 11 benchmark on WT72-6QL.
SPECviewperf 11 is a worldwide standard for measuring graphics performance based on professional applications. It measures the 3...
Dragoonyang 0 3620 Last post 02-December-15, 02:42:16
by Dragoonyang
Congratulations to the winner of 3D CAD contest
Michael Kozenko is the winner of 3D CAD contest, held by Russian ISV-ASCONThe design contest was held for 12 years, purpose is t...
Dragoonyang 0 1189 Last post 14-October-14, 12:59:43
by Dragoonyang
Merry Christmas MSI Fans!!
Merry Christmas MSI Fans!! Thank you for your all the support and attention. We will have the better 2014 and you must be with u...
Dragoonyang 2 1757 Last post 27-December-13, 10:22:00
by feiyang
Heaven Benchmark 4.0 of OpenGL benchmarks on WT72-6QL.
Heaven Benchmark with its current version 4.0 is a GPU-intensive benchmark that hammers graphics cards to the limits.The softwar...
Dragoonyang 1 1306 Last post 05-January-16, 04:08:53
by BlueAlexFPS
WT72 series features world's first USB-IF certified USB 3.1 host controller
MSI is pleased to announce the use of the ASMedia USB 3.1 controller on MSI mobile workstation WT72 series. The ASMedia USB 3.1 ...
Dragoonyang 0 3034 Last post 23-July-15, 07:26:08
by Dragoonyang
AIDA64 Disk Benchmark to test the WT72-6QL come with Super RAID4 Performance
MSI is the first in the professional market to launch mobile workstations with Intel’s latest 6th Generation Skylake Core-i7 and...
Dragoonyang 2 5333 Last post 15-February-16, 02:25:44
by BlueAlexFPS
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