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>>>  Power requirements for graphics cards <<< [color=mar
Svet 0 24101 Last post 23-March-11, 18:36:07
by Svet
If you are looking for a UEFI / GOP Vbios for your video card here are a few things we need and there are a few things you need ...
xmad 0 67120 Last post 29-March-13, 15:47:26
by xmad
so far both the current GTX 900 series cards made by MSI being the 970 and 980 both have HDMI 2.0 interfaces and any information...
badboy2k 0 9223 Last post 25-September-14, 17:37:54
by badboy2k
>>Vide Card FAQ Link<<
Nichrome 0 8639 Last post 24-June-15, 20:29:14
by Nichrome
With the latest release of UHD (3840x2160p) TVs, we get some questions about the support on HDMI2.0.And especially about the sup...
Ruudt 1 7629 Last post 08-January-15, 10:22:07
by Ruudt
The MSI Afterburner is a great tool for monitoring your vga's health status as well as overclocking it including tweaking voltag...
flobelix 28 403743 Last post 03-November-17, 21:16:34
by flobelix
Good morning - thought it might be cool to have a recent Unigine Valley benchmark thread.I know a lot of people are getting thei...
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neoclerodane 87 40883 Last post 29-September-18, 22:42:35
by sudspeed
The much discussed issue with fans of GTX 970 GAMING 4G randomly starting to run in idle (
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flobelix 250 127488 Last post 02-September-17, 23:36:56
by flobelix
VBIOS Flashing and Safety Procedures:Always make a VBIOS backup, before start messing with your VBIOS!!You can do this with GPU-...
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Svet 1395 699638 Last post 17-November-19, 23:20:33
by Svet
Normal Topics
Welcome back people
Have fun with the new forum.It is still a little bugy right now, pleas send me an emailif you motice anything that should be fix...
Assaf 0 4487 Last post 08-July-02, 20:16:21
by Assaf
Gti200 DVI
HiWe will gloss over the non working TV out :( I have aVGA connected to analogue and TFT connected to DVI. SWoping  between the ...
Worm 0 2394 Last post 09-July-02, 03:44:51
by Worm
8850 stock heatsink and ram sinks
I removed this to add a cooler looking, and more trustworthy thermaltake crystal orb but found that the temp sensor was in the w...
Spinctersaurus 0 2015 Last post 12-July-02, 10:23:15
by Spinctersaurus
Concerning framebuffers
Been playing around with Geforce Tweak Utility and have noticed that i get a better score in 3dmark if I set framebuffers upto 1...
crAzy_caMel 0 1843 Last post 13-July-02, 17:51:15
by crAzy_caMel
8851 Bios
Hi My Ti200 64mb uses Is there a better one as this appears to be about 9 months old TIA
Worm 0 2010 Last post 13-July-02, 19:09:31
by Worm
MSI GF4Ti4200-TD64:Fan is too noisy!
Hi all. Anyone else got the same?The vga fan is to loud i think,is there something i can do to lower it? ?(
Jonas 0 1957 Last post 17-July-02, 01:26:22
by Jonas
geforce2Ti and tv-out
i have a geforce2ti with a 3d stereo glasses and tv-out.when i go in my control panel for enable tv-out, the check box is not en...
argaar 0 1609 Last post 17-July-02, 23:11:02
by argaar
MSI 8850 Stop Errors IN XP
I recently updated my bios to the nvidia refrence bios  by suggestion of the old msi forum as a fix to get the tv-out to work in...
snowman299 0 2291 Last post 20-July-02, 01:30:27
by snowman299
G4MX460VTP (8867) about Hardware Monitoring and Video Capture
Hi all :-)1. Can everybody in this forum tell me, how to bind      H/M data from G4MX460VTP (8867) to MBM5 ? I don't     like 3D...
Syquest 0 1761 Last post 23-July-02, 20:17:22
by Syquest
WinCoder Goes Boom! ...
:censored: , all my InterVideo OEM software is garbage, it all has bugs and it seems InterVideo and MSI have washed their hand of it  :...
NKX 0 1636 Last post 25-July-02, 16:48:17
by NKX
Stripes while viewing Video-IN
Hi again..When capturing works I have regular horizontal stripes. They are not moving down or up and they only appear in region...
PCMCIA 0 1625 Last post 26-July-02, 02:40:01
MSI brought out the newer Bios?
So , if i get my new bios for my motherboard (msi KT3 ULTRA MS-6380E ) + 30.30 driver for my G4 MX 460 -VTP card will i have vid...
willettfx 0 2038 Last post 26-July-02, 12:06:55
by willettfx
NVIDIA Detonator Driver Performance Database
The guys at Tweakers Asylum have built a Public nVidia Detonator Driver Performance Database used to store information on the va...
Richard 0 1936 Last post 26-July-02, 15:56:51
by Richard
uninstall and reinstall and (wincoder and winproducer)
uninstall and reinstall and (wincoder and winproducer)Makes it work :P  :P  :P  :P  :P
willettfx 0 2079 Last post 28-July-02, 11:16:49
by willettfx
P4 1.8 MSI 845 Ultra-AR  (MS-6398 )    ;(
Repis 0 1701 Last post 28-July-02, 22:03:33
by Repis
multi monitor problem
hi everybody!i have the desktop expanded on 2 monitors. and now, if i play a game i can motion the mouse on the second monitor. ...
zeba 0 1576 Last post 30-July-02, 05:19:01
by zeba
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