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Sticky Topics
With the latest release of UHD (3840x2160p) TVs, we get some questions about the support on HDMI2.0.And especially about the sup...
Ruudt 1 7628 Last post 08-January-15, 10:22:07
by Ruudt
>>>  Power requirements for graphics cards <<< [color=mar
Svet 0 24100 Last post 23-March-11, 18:36:07
by Svet
The much discussed issue with fans of GTX 970 GAMING 4G randomly starting to run in idle (
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flobelix 250 127488 Last post 02-September-17, 23:36:56
by flobelix
If you are looking for a UEFI / GOP Vbios for your video card here are a few things we need and there are a few things you need ...
xmad 0 67120 Last post 29-March-13, 15:47:26
by xmad
so far both the current GTX 900 series cards made by MSI being the 970 and 980 both have HDMI 2.0 interfaces and any information...
badboy2k 0 9223 Last post 25-September-14, 17:37:54
by badboy2k
The MSI Afterburner is a great tool for monitoring your vga's health status as well as overclocking it including tweaking voltag...
flobelix 28 403743 Last post 03-November-17, 21:16:34
by flobelix
VBIOS Flashing and Safety Procedures:Always make a VBIOS backup, before start messing with your VBIOS!!You can do this with GPU-...
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Svet 1395 699638 Last post 17-November-19, 23:20:33
by Svet
Good morning - thought it might be cool to have a recent Unigine Valley benchmark thread.I know a lot of people are getting thei...
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neoclerodane 87 40882 Last post 29-September-18, 22:42:35
by sudspeed
>>Vide Card FAQ Link<<
Nichrome 0 8638 Last post 24-June-15, 20:29:14
by Nichrome
Normal Topics
TV5200-VTDF128 + skystar 2 TV pci + orogdvb
I am equiped with TV5200-VTDF128 + skystar 2 TV pci + progdvb on my cpu P4, while viewing satellite chanel with skystar 2 tv pci...
dooboryn 1 1684 Last post 11-November-06, 20:05:55
by Stu
"The platform does not support this application" LiveUpdate
Hi,I just bought a GTX 1080 FE and installed the software from the dvd that comes with the card. The software was installed thro...
binaryaddress 6 1536 Last post 23-March-17, 14:24:52
by Nichrome
6950 Twin Frozr III PE problem
Such a problem. The video card 6950 Twin Frozr III PE 2 GB when you change the settings in CCC artifacts appear and the system h...
XopC 2 2082 Last post 29-October-11, 23:14:07
by XopC
About UEFI GOP BIOS for 7850 HAWK 2G
Hi, I need UEFI GOP BIOS for my MSI HD7850 HAWK 2G. MY SN IS S/N: 602-V273-05SC1207012512 Thanks in advance
qz3323451 8 2856 Last post 25-June-13, 20:47:50
by flobelix
BIOS for GTX 1060 6GT OC
Good day! Actually, please provide the original BIOS the latest version for the GTX 1060 6GT OC S/N: 602-V809-702SD1608039420
utpsotzik 3 919 Last post 18-May-18, 16:44:25
by flobelix
BIOS for GTX 1060 6GT OCV1
Good day! Actually, please provide the original BIOS the latest version for the GTX 1060 6GT OCV1
qcomrade 7 1708 Last post 15-May-18, 19:03:37
by flobelix
Bios Request for MSI Armor RX 570 8GB OC
I bought a MSI Armor RX570 8GB OC from my friend. Him said it is for mining, I want to restore to original bios to use for gamin...
khacviet.81 1 168 Last post 07-March-19, 22:48:56
by flobelix
I have update bios on my MSI Armor rx 570 8g oc and after restart i have a black screen,help meS/N 602-V341-1110B18010020849PREV...
antuo 13 690 Last post 16-January-19, 18:30:51
by flobelix
crash when tv-out connected
When I connect the tv-out to my tv and boot the pc, it crashes on entering windows ( bluescreen  ). When I wait and connect afte...
dutske255 1 1565 Last post 27-February-09, 09:30:06
by StresSdidri
free game codes?
I just got a new 7950 Twin Frozr and Tiger direct told me to use the Msi site for my game codes?
blindshot69 3 1415 Last post 17-February-13, 15:43:52
by flobelix
FX5900U-VTD256 and connecting two screens?
i have the  FX5900U-VTD256 model - i have an lcd screen connected to the DVI port and i want to connect another LCD screen.Can i...
eagleil 2 1294 Last post 09-April-05, 01:24:29
by Geroy
G4MX 440-T 3d turbo experience warnings!!!
 i have bought a msi mx 440-t card. i have a asus cusl2-c motherboard with a pentium 3 processor. whenever i install the msi 3d ...
kamol 1 1358 Last post 02-March-03, 11:24:48
GeForce GTX 1050 Ti 4GT OC BIOS
What the latest bios on my "GeForce GTX 1050 Ti 4GT OC" ?? I have version "NV809MH0.7K0" bios version :[/siz...
ag3lera 5 376 Last post 03-December-18, 19:49:52
by flobelix
GeForce GTX 1060 6GT OC vs V1
Hi all,i'm in possession of the card as by subject and just read that a V1 model has been released. how is it different? would y...
michele.coppola 3 1267 Last post 05-October-16, 15:52:24
by flobelix
GeForce® GTX 1080 SEA HAWK Mount with ASUS ROG Ramapage V eidition 10
Hello,i need some help and experience sharing.I am trying to make a new build , and among the different elements, i am targettin...
rabih.el-chaar 7 1391 Last post 18-October-16, 15:58:38
by flobelix
GF 560 TI Hawk - Video card heating and locking the screen in some games.
Hello good night, got some problems with my video card, maybe anyone can help me to upgrade bios or something who can help to fi...
d5r 7 1848 Last post 31-March-14, 11:02:23
by Svet
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