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MSI Graphics Cards, Nvidia and AMD/ATI-based.
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New gf4mx 440 and 3dturbo!expirence question
Just got a new Geforce 4mx and i installed the 3D!Turbo expirence and i was wondering that if there was another program that can...
Hatecrime69 0 1033 Last post 21-October-02, 02:07:02
by Hatecrime69
Problems with G4ti4600, HELP!
Running XP Pro on new P4 2.53 with 512mb of Kingston 1066 rambus on gigabyte GA-8IHXP board. system hangs on all 3D games. Drivi...
reyrey 7 1850 Last post 20-October-02, 23:00:42
by Wonkanoby
Can TV@nywher show caption in Canada?
I plan to buy TV@nywher  but I want to know if TV@nywher can show or hide caption of Candadian TV programe.  Because the caption...
bravew 3 1221 Last post 20-October-02, 12:05:45
by bravew
5 points less
i ran 3dmark at stock speeds got a 9508. i ran 3dmark oced to 290 core and 600 memory and  got a 9503? sup with that!!!!!!? coul...
stone 5 1291 Last post 20-October-02, 08:14:30
by Guest
Fixed Cloned video dislays for movies/avi/divx
My nForce system is primarily used for entertainment, games, movies. It is heavily integrated to my audio/entertainment system. ...
Cho-Ram 0 922 Last post 20-October-02, 03:01:49
by Cho-Ram
msi ti 4400!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
ok just bought this baby. what is the difference of the ti 4400 and the ti 4400 champion edition? im going to buy some ram sinks...
stone 4 1476 Last post 19-October-02, 19:15:05
by Denis B
overclocking with coolbits??????
ok i installed coolbits and before overclocking i set the msi clock back to default. the i set cool bits to 600 memory and 300 c...
stone 5 1523 Last post 19-October-02, 19:13:33
by Denis B
random freezing/g4ti4200 td128
well here is my problem.just purchased msi g4ti4200 with 128 mb ram.i installed it put the new msi drivers(3000me) but:sometimes...
Skotidas 2 1121 Last post 19-October-02, 16:57:16
by WarLord
descramblers for tv@nywhere
Does anyone know if there is a good software descrambler for the tv@nywhere.  I've tried some without success Thanks for your he...
dessusim 0 1083 Last post 19-October-02, 13:53:45
by dessusim
Overheating and Lock ups with MSI TI4200 128DDR
  This card seems to overheat and lock up during game play.  Does anyone have a solution?My system:P4 1.8Ghz 512KIntel D845WNL51...
Delio 7 2085 Last post 19-October-02, 09:51:12
by WarLord
G4Ti4200 128Meg
If anyone cane please help in enabling the Z Buffer for 32 bit, all I can seem to get is 24 bit.
Korupt 2 1110 Last post 19-October-02, 08:12:54
by Korupt
Geforce4 4600 problems
Hi,I'm having trouble with the new Geforce4 4600 MSI graphic card for the first time ever that it beat me.I'm on win98 (main pro...
Meek 2 1376 Last post 19-October-02, 06:40:59
by Meek
MSI G4MX440 VTP & Windows 2000
Oh god someone please help me.....I am running win2k pro and purchased an MSI G4MX440-VTP yesterday. I have been on the net for ...
sxygirl 3 1405 Last post 19-October-02, 06:34:17
by Aperion
MS-6380V2.0 and Leadtek A170 (GF4 MX440): No Boot
i have this GF4 card and i cant get past the POST. i have read the threads with the PSU issue and here is my PSU specs. i would ...
MightyMouse 4 1162 Last post 19-October-02, 06:08:04
by Wonkanoby
3d turbo experience?????
i downloaded this and it doesnt read the gpu temp or fan speed any one know why? also should i use cool bit overclocking or msi ...
stone 3 1347 Last post 19-October-02, 05:46:15
by Denis B
More MSI-8870 woes...
Hi allAfter finding out the cause of lockups while under heavy loads, the following occurs (although not too frequently).After a...
mgabriel 0 1295 Last post 19-October-02, 02:06:31
by mgabriel
ice599 0 1211 Last post 19-October-02, 00:32:35
by ice599
Ti4400 with AGP8x? to this link, there is a Ti4400 ...
Kaap 1 1038 Last post 18-October-02, 22:57:46
by Wonkanoby
MSI Geforce 4 ti 4600- freezes on boot
Hi ,I have a new SOYO Dargon Ultra kt400 MOBO with the MSI G4 Ti4600.  My system freezes if the Bios AGP voltage setting set les...
reeffreak 2 1037 Last post 18-October-02, 19:13:37
by Denis B
best drivers????/
best drivers for my card? 40 .71 or 40 .41???? thanks stone
stone 1 1031 Last post 18-October-02, 19:09:12
by Denis B
video card and operating system?????
could xp pro give a faster 3d mark score than xp home????????? thanks stone
stone 1 1052 Last post 18-October-02, 17:33:55
by Wonkanoby
MSI Ti 4600 VTD Problem
I had a Gforce 2 GTS over a year with no problems, but decided to upgrade to the MSI Ti 4600 VTD. Here's the problem....I follow...
DeathDealerHiT 12 2354 Last post 18-October-02, 14:46:28
by Richard
How I got my TV@nywhere working
I got the card a while ago and had to solve many of the problems I read about on the forum. 1. It took me 5 days of searching to...
InkyXL 5 2452 Last post 18-October-02, 10:58:56
by sidim
MSI GeFoce4 ti4600, semi-random lockups.
This is probably the most confusing issue I've ever dealt with, because I can't seem to figure out what the deal is. First, the ...
Revin_Denarius 6 1780 Last post 18-October-02, 10:16:06
by twanto
help with vertical sync please
In order to get the best possible performance out of my gfx card I would like to turn off vsync, but it doesn't give me the opti...
matt_margiotta 1 1004 Last post 18-October-02, 10:02:36
by crAzy_caMel
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