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MSI Graphics Cards, Nvidia and AMD/ATI-based.
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3D Turbo...
Anyone have 3D Turbo that could work with any videocard? I had old version that allowed me to run it, but now I'm in Windows 200...
EugeNet 0 983 Last post 10-December-02, 02:34:55
by EugeNet
Vid-Out Directly to VCR Help
After playing with a few things I got the vid-in on my video card to work .. I can play a movie and watch it on my computer. Now...
Sandfury 0 1055 Last post 09-December-02, 15:34:07
by Sandfury
TV-OUT playing DVDs
I'm new to geforce 4 cards and I having problems playing DVDs from disc to TV. Im using PowerDVD 4 and I can See the desktop fin...
ghoulesmaster 2 1074 Last post 09-December-02, 07:36:49
by ghoulesmaster
TVOUT problem (G4MX440-vtp)
I have a TV-out problem. (G4MX440-vtp) AMD 1800+ CPUThere is only orange  screeen on my television or some static or dinamics li...
takacs 0 1094 Last post 09-December-02, 06:44:16
by takacs
GeForce3 Ti200 Flagged Video Capture
i just installed this card. One of the options was to install the video capture. After the software installed I noticed that the...
Ariel 3 1214 Last post 07-December-02, 13:56:52
by Gilgaron
GF3 TV-OUT Resolved or Unsolved?
This one is short and sweet. Has the MSI GeForce 3 TV-Out issue been resolved short of using 3rd party software? NetPimp
NetPimp 2 1113 Last post 07-December-02, 12:08:31
by NetPimp
GF4 MX440-VTD 8X and 648Max-L
I have a couple of issues I cannot seem to find the answers to.  HELP!!!!1.  After I install the SIS UDMA Drivers, my video card...
buckfitty 3 1268 Last post 07-December-02, 05:38:54
by Richard
NVidia drivers cause screen to blank intermittently
 ?( This is very irritating.  When the detonator 4 drivers came out, I installed them and got great scores on 3dmark.  However, ...
MeSmokeU 8 1831 Last post 07-December-02, 05:22:09
by Richard
HELP:TV Output Display Disabled
The "Device Selection" of my MSI Geforce3 Ti200 (with TV out) offers only "Analog Display" as the only option I can choose with ...
WesLee 2 1152 Last post 07-December-02, 04:50:28
by WesLee
Win2k Video Capture w/8850
I am trying to figure out how to video capture with my 8850 card.  Has anyone successfully done this before?  Does anyone know o...
hobbes9x9x 0 1094 Last post 07-December-02, 04:34:24
by hobbes9x9x
Anyone interested in a poll about getting b/w or color?
Hello everyone,I've heard so many people ask about color vs driver versions. I was wondering if anyone is interested in a poll a...
Daemon2002 2 1060 Last post 07-December-02, 01:27:52
by Daemon2002
same TV
It used to work fine with my GF4 MX400 same cable setup, same tv and same VCR except no color this time around.Funny thing is, t...
Daemon2002 1 1056 Last post 07-December-02, 01:18:59
by Daemon2002
Video Capturing in Color - MSI-8872
Hi,I recently bought an MSI-8872 card (Geforce4 Ti 4600 with VIVO) and I am having trouble capturing video in color when I try t...
XB 12 2943 Last post 06-December-02, 15:55:12
by MikeRoWave
AGP weird problem
 ;( I cant get AGP x4, but the MSI geforce 3 ti 200 is suppose to do this, my motherboard can support AGP x4, Its a soltek board...
bass-player 0 1231 Last post 06-December-02, 15:41:05
by bass-player
G3Ti200 Pro-VT128 Drivers
Lost my driver CD. System does not reconize WDM capture devices. I downloaded drivers from MSI and card works great execpt for c...
toni 3 1505 Last post 06-December-02, 10:01:47
by jahako
My games freeze
When i play games like SOF2, NOLF, GTA3, UT2003 the game freeze.  I have a geforce 4 TI 4200 128Mb, AMD Athlon 800Mhz, 384SDRAM ...
Mobius 16 3572 Last post 06-December-02, 09:19:28
by Richard
MX440 stalling woes cont\\\'d
so it appears that the psu is fine, but I'm getting events in the event viewer:event ID 13Source: nvDescription:GR SW Notify Err...
rainman_104 1 993 Last post 06-December-02, 06:31:49
by Richard
can't play any fullscreen games
hey , i just clean formatted and reinstalled everything cuz i had a problem when playing any full screen games on my computer ex...
atari 6 1296 Last post 06-December-02, 06:19:50
by Richard
Heya all ( Question on benchmark tests)
Heya alli allways see you saying how much you got in these tests.  what is it and how do i do it?   i have no diear what ya goin...
Raider 3 1100 Last post 06-December-02, 06:18:27
by Richard
Bizarre dual monitor behaviour
I just bought an MSI GF4 TI4200. I installed it with the WHQL Detonator 40.72 drivers. Ran perfectly except for adding a second ...
BobGimley 2 1339 Last post 06-December-02, 06:08:52
by Richard
MSI GF4 Ti-4200 doesnt work with WindowsXP
I can't get the MSI display tools to work - it crashes,the vbios.dll doesnt load, it also crashes.the tv in doesnt work ,it cras...
BitSlayer 16 4095 Last post 06-December-02, 02:37:55
by Daemon2002
MSI TV Tuner display hint
I wanted to mention some video adjusting I managed to use for my MSI TV tuner viewing (not recording).Since I receive this digit...
kody 0 1113 Last post 05-December-02, 22:40:22
by kody
Having trouble watching DVD in my TV
Hello Guys...Well, I'm having a small problem, til now I have been very happy about my MSI GeForce 4 4400 VTD VGA Card.The games...
Arskaman 3 1210 Last post 05-December-02, 14:53:47
by Videoz
Geforce Ti200 TV out
Dear all,I have a problem when i connect My pc to my TV, here is the Story:I have windows 98 and windows xp installed when i try...
elkangaroo 1 943 Last post 05-December-02, 14:48:33
by Videoz
3dmark2001 freezing
Whenever i run 3dmark2001, it will work fine until I get to the DOT3 Bump Mapping test, and then it will freeze, anyone know wha...
speedstic 2 1023 Last post 05-December-02, 13:26:52
by speedstic
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