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MSI Graphics Cards, Nvidia and AMD/ATI-based.
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MSI G4MX440 VTP & Windows 2000
Oh god someone please help me.....I am running win2k pro and purchased an MSI G4MX440-VTP yesterday. I have been on the net for ...
sxygirl 3 1405 Last post 19-October-02, 06:34:17
by Aperion
MS-6380V2.0 and Leadtek A170 (GF4 MX440): No Boot
i have this GF4 card and i cant get past the POST. i have read the threads with the PSU issue and here is my PSU specs. i would ...
MightyMouse 4 1163 Last post 19-October-02, 06:08:04
by Wonkanoby
3d turbo experience?????
i downloaded this and it doesnt read the gpu temp or fan speed any one know why? also should i use cool bit overclocking or msi ...
stone 3 1349 Last post 19-October-02, 05:46:15
by Denis B
More MSI-8870 woes...
Hi allAfter finding out the cause of lockups while under heavy loads, the following occurs (although not too frequently).After a...
mgabriel 0 1297 Last post 19-October-02, 02:06:31
by mgabriel
ice599 0 1213 Last post 19-October-02, 00:32:35
by ice599
Ti4400 with AGP8x? to this link, there is a Ti4400 ...
Kaap 1 1039 Last post 18-October-02, 22:57:46
by Wonkanoby
MSI Geforce 4 ti 4600- freezes on boot
Hi ,I have a new SOYO Dargon Ultra kt400 MOBO with the MSI G4 Ti4600.  My system freezes if the Bios AGP voltage setting set les...
reeffreak 2 1038 Last post 18-October-02, 19:13:37
by Denis B
best drivers????/
best drivers for my card? 40 .71 or 40 .41???? thanks stone
stone 1 1032 Last post 18-October-02, 19:09:12
by Denis B
video card and operating system?????
could xp pro give a faster 3d mark score than xp home????????? thanks stone
stone 1 1052 Last post 18-October-02, 17:33:55
by Wonkanoby
MSI Ti 4600 VTD Problem
I had a Gforce 2 GTS over a year with no problems, but decided to upgrade to the MSI Ti 4600 VTD. Here's the problem....I follow...
DeathDealerHiT 12 2357 Last post 18-October-02, 14:46:28
by Richard
How I got my TV@nywhere working
I got the card a while ago and had to solve many of the problems I read about on the forum. 1. It took me 5 days of searching to...
InkyXL 5 2455 Last post 18-October-02, 10:58:56
by sidim
MSI GeFoce4 ti4600, semi-random lockups.
This is probably the most confusing issue I've ever dealt with, because I can't seem to figure out what the deal is. First, the ...
Revin_Denarius 6 1782 Last post 18-October-02, 10:16:06
by twanto
help with vertical sync please
In order to get the best possible performance out of my gfx card I would like to turn off vsync, but it doesn't give me the opti...
matt_margiotta 1 1006 Last post 18-October-02, 10:02:36
by crAzy_caMel
msi g4ti 4200
i am currently trying to install a msi g4ti 4200 card using win98 as os after installing the drivers 4 it it locks up and only w...
mebz 2 1144 Last post 18-October-02, 03:02:59
by Richard
MS-8870 - Freezes PC
Hi allI've been reading a number of posts and I believe I'm in the same boat as others... PSU.It locks up during D3D games/bench...
mgabriel 11 2542 Last post 18-October-02, 02:30:04
by mgabriel
msi g4ti 4200 64mb/128mb ddr
 :O msi g4ti 4200              i am currently trying to install a msi g4ti 4200 card using win98se as os after installing the dr...
mebz 0 986 Last post 17-October-02, 19:37:59
by mebz
S-Video input comes out b&w
I have Ultra-645 MB and ATI 7500 AIW Video card and for some odd reason all the input that goes through s-video comes out in bla...
palmeiro 4 1245 Last post 17-October-02, 14:39:01
by palmeiro
No video out with 8866 845 EMAX2 GB intel 40 GB maxtor256 DDR KINGMAXMSI 48*16*48Creative Extigy......Windows XPWindows 98SE......My VGA Video...
Polyray 0 987 Last post 17-October-02, 08:19:46
by Polyray
FW and SBA... how to enable it ?
hii edited the vga bios to enable fastwrites and sideband adressing and flashed it back. now it is shown that fw and sba are sup...
Bavarian 8 2044 Last post 17-October-02, 08:05:21
by Bavarian
G4Ti4600..major problem
HI Guys/GalsI hope someone can help...firstly last week i bought a MSI G4Ti4600 and well i installed it and all was well until 2...
lark68 4 1201 Last post 17-October-02, 03:36:41
by Blueman
MX440 Video Capture
  My MX440's video capture has Brightness, Contrast and Saturation sliders default at middle of their scale, but the Hue slider ...
NT 1 1030 Last post 17-October-02, 00:52:27
by DL
g4mx440 reboots my system
I'm having some troubles with G4mmx440 card which causes reboots when trying to play some games. It also happens when I select t...
T 21 4764 Last post 16-October-02, 23:41:24
by T
Something called: "infinite loop error". help!!!
I wrote a similar post days ago. Then, I didn't know where was my problem. But now I think i've discovered it. The problem is:Wh...
JavitO_o 1 1050 Last post 16-October-02, 22:19:13
by JavitO_o
cdrw drive + cdrom drive on ide help
i have a cdwriter dive and a cd rom drive and id like to know whats the best way of setting them up on my ide channels with my s...
fender62 4 1401 Last post 16-October-02, 21:20:50
by fender62
Bad DVD video quality : a new hope ?
So, I'm back ! I had this video quality problem with MSI G4 MX440t and a sony DDU1621 DVD drive (MSI 6330 lite motherboard, athl...
Raguis 0 1052 Last post 16-October-02, 19:03:03
by Raguis
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