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the missing tab in nvidia diplay properties
can anyone remind me how to open the missing tab in nvidia display properties (the tab that's used for overclocking).  i've done...
Spyghost 6 2039 Last post 02-January-03, 21:35:45
by Spyghost
cd-rw read from a cd-rom with win98se
hi,how can cd-rw be read from a cd-rom under win 98 se???i tried installing a third party udf formatter/reader, but it cannot re...
Spyghost 0 1319 Last post 02-January-03, 19:09:27
by Spyghost
Where is my nView?
Hey,I got a MSI GeF2 Ti Pro.For some reason, i do not have the nView tab in the display properties.  I can configure it in the c...
Anemo 2 1448 Last post 02-January-03, 15:18:43
by Richard
GeForce 4 configuration????
Hi!2 days ago  i got a GeForce 4 Ti 4600 ...Can you tell me the best configuration for my card and bios to make games play with ...
sadromanticghost 3 1255 Last post 02-January-03, 05:14:17
by Richard
Help!! VGA Ti-4200-VTDX8 (MS-8894) and MB 694D Pro2(MS 6321)?
I have upgraded my VGA with Ti4200-VTD8X (MS-8894) VGA. I'm having trouble getting the  VGA to 4x AGP. I have tried changing set...
Tommen 0 1461 Last post 02-January-03, 01:39:04
by Tommen
Using External DVD with G4Ti4600
Greetings to everybody on the forum.  As with most folks making their first post, I'm making my debut with a pretty stupid quest...
Hosehead 2 1137 Last post 01-January-03, 18:12:55
by Maesus
Minor problem with geforce ti4200 128 mb
Ok... The problem I get with this card is that, you know when you go todisplay properties > advanced > Geforce > overlay control...
ASDF 42 0 1304 Last post 01-January-03, 17:33:22
by ASDF 42
On the site i can download the file that contains the new drivers...How do I proceed to install the unzipped files
valmet 1 983 Last post 01-January-03, 14:42:42
by SLP FireHawk
G4Ti4400-VTD video capturing
I am using a G4Ti4400-VTD grafic card. The card works fine with Windows XP professional SP1.The card also allows TV out and Vide...
manfred_salchner 2 1282 Last post 01-January-03, 12:02:37
by rus
MX440-VTD8X dirvers don't work
I purchased a MX440-VTD8X video card and installed it in a new PC. WINDOWS XP PRO with SP1ASUS motherboard A7V8X AMC cpu 2400+ 5...
krauss 2 1018 Last post 01-January-03, 08:25:10
by Richard
MSI GeForce 4 Ti 4600 help!
Hi!2 days before i got an MSI GeForce 4 Ti 4600...But i can not see a difference when i play games..The graphics still moving ve...
sadromanticghost 4 1367 Last post 01-January-03, 06:43:19
by Wonkanoby
G4 MX460 -VT - capture
I bought a G4 MX460 in September 2002 and I have many problems: does not give any TV out with the LATEST MSI or Nvidia dri...
johnfirst 1 1256 Last post 01-January-03, 06:21:50
by ddealer
GF 4200 crashing in 3D games
Hi everyone, I'm having problems with my Geforce 4.  Whenever I run a heavy 3D game like Asheron's Call 2 it will run fine for a...
akaliel 14 3555 Last post 01-January-03, 00:18:36
by akaliel
Question on MX440 AGP. Help...plz
I just bought this MSI MX440 8x i dont know how to view the video in. Please help. And another question is where can i find the ...
lnguyen 1 1319 Last post 31-December-02, 19:05:51
by Wonkanoby
MSI Ti4600 Not running right
I am having a hard time.  I just got back from a LAN party and was excited to have my new MSI Ti4600 with the MSI Model KT3 Ultr...
olebettsy 3 1175 Last post 31-December-02, 16:18:27
by olebettsy
G4TI4200 Video Capture Driver
I've tried to upload the video caputure driver several times now, but to no avail.  I've tried every trick that the troubleshoot...
SR118 3 1153 Last post 31-December-02, 15:47:33
by Richard
WDM Video Capture Driver (CODE 10) Error!!!
I have purchased the GeForce 4 Ti4200 128MB w/ DVI and i'm running Win XP Pro w/ SP#1 problem is i cannot get the...
junglette1 5 1571 Last post 31-December-02, 12:53:29
by kamaleonb
GF 4200 VTD64 - Video Out to VCR recording problem
Hey guys, I was wondering if you could help me.I am trying to record a video of myself playing some games, but I am having a pro...
GMAnton 5 1297 Last post 31-December-02, 10:28:02
by Sandfury
MS-5191 sound problems with win2000
Since upgrading my OS to win 2000 I have not been able to find the correct drivers for the onboard sound of my MS-5191. All of m...
Alan Mann 0 968 Last post 31-December-02, 09:56:31
by Alan Mann
G4Ti4200 Capture drivers
Ok, now that I'm on the right board, I'll try this question again.     I keep running into a problem with the video capture driv...
SR118 1 1070 Last post 31-December-02, 09:50:15
by deadslow
New user with a question..plz help
I have a MSI ms-6390 and i can not figure out on how to use my Vipper V770 agp card to work..i am curertly using the on board vi...
Kraize_comp 1 1293 Last post 31-December-02, 09:19:48
by Glenn
VGA Bios?
Ok, here's the situation. I have the latest BIOS installed for my motherboard, but I keep reading about a VGA BIOS. All my specs...
billethius 1 1101 Last post 31-December-02, 05:25:50
by SR118
My TI4600 has died
A couple of nights ago I was playing NFSHP2 and I started getting a corrupted pixelated screen in the game and then a lockup and...
Pntgrd 10 2422 Last post 31-December-02, 02:25:15
by Wonkanoby
MSI 52x CDROM behave like that!
When I insert MSI Motherboard Driver CD to my MSI 52x CD Drive to install new system, it's OK.  But take a little time, CD Drive...
liu_gf 7 1833 Last post 30-December-02, 20:50:36
by liu_gf
live video software availability???
is there any software available for download wherein a particular pc dials up to my pc then the user of that pc can view me thro...
Spyghost 0 1237 Last post 30-December-02, 18:53:51
by Spyghost
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