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MSI Graphics Cards, Nvidia and AMD/ATI-based.
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darn thing keeps on crashing
hey. i just got the msi ti4200 and after installing i noticed a small problem. when i right click on the desktop to play around ...
wiktor 5 1547 Last post 31-October-02, 10:51:30
by wiktor
4400 voltage supported
Does the msi-4400 support both 1.5 and 3.3V agp port?
Pif 0 1072 Last post 31-October-02, 07:10:39
by Pif
Cant get my MSI TV@nywhere to work
I just installed windows 98 and when I installed the drivers and software off of the cd it wouldnt work. The remote software tha...
instanoodles 1 1128 Last post 31-October-02, 00:01:14
by kashmeer
descrambler for the tv@nywhere
Does anyone know if there is a good software descrambler for the tv@nywhere. I've tried some without success Thanks for your hel...
dessusim 0 1185 Last post 30-October-02, 14:58:25
by dessusim
How to change channel remotely while broadcasting w/ PVS and TV@nywher
I have seen people ask this question here, and I finally managed to find out how... You need to install the PVS software on the ...
JeffK95Z 0 1056 Last post 30-October-02, 06:41:51
by JeffK95Z
Fast Writes Supported But Disabled
I've got a KT4 Ultra (without FISR) and a Radeon 9000 (without Pro). I've got FastWrites enabled in my BIOS, but every program I...
vanyar 1 1059 Last post 30-October-02, 03:23:24
by Maesus
Where to look for my serial for WinProducer
Hi!I have a fairly stupid question, but here it is:I've bought a MSI Nvidia Ti4400, and I want to install WinProducer that comes...
Zoilus 4 1496 Last post 30-October-02, 01:25:29
by REOVisual
G4MX440 AGP Problem
Hi!I just got an MSI G4MX440 which needs "AGP 4x" but my AGP bus vs 2.00 only supports up to "AGP 2x".  Will any one tell me ple...
usaf1222 17 3430 Last post 30-October-02, 00:29:45
by skeleton
Problems installing WDM Video Capture
I bought a complete new computer and I bought the MSI GF4TI4200 with 128 MB DDR RAM, when I installed the drivers for the card t...
YuGo 7 2387 Last post 29-October-02, 06:13:46
by brislington
HELP: 0.5 FPS in any OpegGl app
Every OpenGl application I run goes at about 1 frame every 2 seconds. This started happening after Jedi Knight II demo 'stopped ...
Mr. T 1 878 Last post 28-October-02, 21:48:53
by Wonkanoby
gf4 4600 TV in?
Hello,I just picked up the geforce 4600 with the VIVO option.  So far everything is great.  I plugged my cable box into the vide...
Paulie 4 1260 Last post 28-October-02, 21:34:34
by Paulie
descrambler for the tv@nywhere
Does anyone know if there is a good software descrambler for the tv@nywhere. I've tried some without success Thanks for your hel...
dessusim 0 1121 Last post 28-October-02, 20:36:47
by dessusim
white band on video capture
I'm using the GeForceTi4600 -VTD card to capture analog home movies. I keep getting a large white band through the middle of the...
charleson 1 1231 Last post 28-October-02, 17:07:58
by Wonkanoby
Can anybody help us please?Just yesterday, we bought the MSI Tv@nywhere card.Quick Profile...Tacoma, WAATT Broadband Digital Cab...
cloud09r 1 1257 Last post 28-October-02, 16:17:23
by LTech221
WOW Ti4600 performance Problem ? ? ?
I have the MSI Geforce Ti4600vtd when i run 3d mark i pullout scores like 7900 and running the benchmark at 1600x1200 (the highs...
LiQUiD TRiP 6 1326 Last post 28-October-02, 07:24:28
by LiQUiD TRiP
Help! MSI 48x16x48 CDRW only burns at 24X
Hi All,My CDRW only burns reliably at 24x speed.  Anything higher and I get write errors or end up with a blank unusable CD.  I'...
Delrik 3 1200 Last post 27-October-02, 22:02:29
by Nestor Fish
MSI Geforce 4 Ti4400 woes and complaint
Well I have to say that I will never buy another MSI product as long as I live and will not let any of my customers (I'm in the ...
TAW 3 1258 Last post 27-October-02, 13:09:23
by OThePestO
how to hook up VCR to my computer?
Hello,  I'd like to hook up my vcr to my computer to convert my vhs tapes to dvd.  I have 8866-VTP video card and have WinProduc...
swathdiver 3 1328 Last post 27-October-02, 09:20:55
by swathdiver
adding custom heatsink to the back??????????
okk ive seen the airlift deals for the back of ur video card. but i was wondering if u could in stall a heatsink and fan like th...
stone 4 1257 Last post 27-October-02, 08:09:43
by Athlonix
Wierd Problem with MS-8340S CDRW
MSI CDRW MS-8340S using NERO 5580 burns CDR fine (burn image, using bin & cue). Using Imation 700MB at 40X and 16X speeds. The M...
hank 2 1173 Last post 27-October-02, 05:07:28
by hank
Just an Idea
Try removing your SB cards I had a similar problem with my g4 mx, to resolve I ditched my sblive and used onbard sound since the...
Redfive 1 1078 Last post 27-October-02, 01:08:34
by Redfive
search MSI 8817 bios
msi 8817 bios is distoryed, where I can download?? please mail to me? thank you very much
trulyliu 0 1283 Last post 26-October-02, 21:46:31
by trulyliu
A dumb question about the MSI TV@nywhere card.
Heya allI did search and such, but I could not find an answer to this question..but it's sort of lame, and due to my lack of saa...
Xaxoqual 3 1408 Last post 26-October-02, 16:42:19
by Blindsight
MSI Geforce 4 Ti4200 128mb TV Out Problem
Howdy all,I've found this forum quite useful, after lurking when I got my card earlier in the week I learned that I needed a new...
Xeeozees 1 1005 Last post 25-October-02, 23:25:04
by Bluesky
can u answer this already plz?
i thought it was because of overclocking but no. it does it at default speeds to i mean the screen shrinks, is the card junk? le...
stone 2 1199 Last post 25-October-02, 18:35:50
by stone
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