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MSI Graphics Cards, Nvidia and AMD/ATI-based.
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system restarts when loading capture drivers
Anybody come across this before? With - G4MX460VTP
j_meeske 0 1139 Last post 02-October-02, 22:16:42
by j_meeske
help a n00bie out.
Alright, as the subject indicates, Im not very good with all this technical stuff, so this question could be remarkably stupid t...
Gunslinger 1 972 Last post 02-October-02, 21:49:46
by Assaf
Quick question on potential Ti-4400 Problem
Hi all,I think I am having some problems with my mobo and just wanted to ask a quick question...On my old box, I had major crash...
LT Holmes 0 1061 Last post 02-October-02, 13:45:54
by LT Holmes
NVIDIA 40.71 Drivers
Has anyone had any problems with the new 40.71 drivers from NVIDIA.I installed them on the system listed below and when i went t...
d.chatten 4 1443 Last post 02-October-02, 11:08:16
by sma76928
Geforce4-Ti bios screwed up
Dear all, please help, I've flashed my Ti4400 VTD useing Live Update and when the machine rebooted the screen was covered in art...
dod2000 18 4011 Last post 02-October-02, 02:36:54
by Denis B
Problem with MSI GeForce 4 MX 440 : the solution (but not complete)
Dear All,As I already posted in my previous thread : "Are MSI GF4 MX 440 or 460 working properly?", I was facing a problem with ...
eric67 1 1198 Last post 02-October-02, 00:42:15
by eric67
Not enough power...?
My problem is as follows:Win 2k (Tried WinXP aswell)CPU: AMD 900MHzMobo: Abit KT7AMSI Gf4Ti4200PSU: 300WVarious "high-end" games...
kohlerj 4 1360 Last post 01-October-02, 15:48:57
by kohlerj
How do i use Video In?
heh how do i use the Svideo in on my card? i finally got the out to work but do you need some sorta software to make it work?i h...
LoMaX21 2 1186 Last post 01-October-02, 14:57:17
by PURmotion
tv.out setting
i have a geforce 4 mx420 video card and im trying to connect(by s-connect) it to the tv so i can watch a movie, but i see tv on ...
luca20 1 1029 Last post 01-October-02, 10:28:44
by rus
g3 ti200 pro 128 agp problems
got a new card. when i installed it all i can get is 1x motherboard is set at 4x in bios ( ecs k7vza ).in the properties ...
wpro207355 0 1125 Last post 01-October-02, 09:47:59
by wpro207355
8851 GF3Ti200 128 TV out is B&W! Help
TV out at 1024x768 is B&W on TV screen! I use the s-video/RCA adapter.I have: Win2K SP3256meg DDR PC2100Detonator 30.82VGA BIOS ...
Austin007 11 2489 Last post 01-October-02, 08:38:28
by Austin007
please, a question about G4 TI problems
Anybody have a psu 450W and still have problem with the geforce4 TIs ? garbage on the screen, crash...I want to know if the prob...
cadu555 14 3527 Last post 30-September-02, 17:48:39
by Wonkanoby
godpunkhead,i love you! finally! tv-out working. a dream come true. hahaha.27.20 sucked. 28.32 was i'm using 30.87 (h...
ddealer 1 929 Last post 30-September-02, 17:24:21
by ddealer
Video-In on Ti4400 Championship Ed.
Hi all, I've had an MSI Ti4400 Championship Edition, which i've learned is the beefed up version of the 4400, but it does not co...
MaxSteel 0 1198 Last post 30-September-02, 17:02:00
by MaxSteel
No MSI info and MSI clock speed flags in display properties
My problem is really curious. Several days ago I bought new harddrive and made clear instalation of Win98 SE. After that I insta...
age2 12 3818 Last post 30-September-02, 14:57:14
by alarralde
tv out probs
i have a geforce 4 mx420 video card and im trying to connect it to the tv so i can watch a movie. i connected the svideo cable i...
PURmotion 0 1108 Last post 30-September-02, 12:59:11
by PURmotion
My video capture is not working Because of new driver?
My video capture is not working Because of new driver? My download driver 40.71 ,3D Marks when down to 2500 ,Then download drive...
willettfx 2 1417 Last post 30-September-02, 07:18:58
by Drizzt
What is the Amp draw for Ti4400
I am trying to do AMD's System Power Worksheet to figure out if I need to upgrade my PSU when I build my new system.I can't find...
FXMan 3 1193 Last post 30-September-02, 05:01:47
by Athlonix
The Newbie, the dragon, and MSI...
As the title mentions (vaguely) I'm new to PC building, and I have a Soyo KT333 Dragon Ultra. I'm looking for a good video card ...
Mordakar 24 4989 Last post 30-September-02, 03:02:20
by Det.JohnKimble
Jumpy TI-4400 graphics
OK - I know that I am the noob of noobs.  But I know one of you out there knows why I am having this problem.When I first put to...
LT Holmes 3 1259 Last post 30-September-02, 01:02:43
by WarLord
Problems Ti4400
Hi there,a few weeks ago i bought a new system:asus A7V333 MBMSI Ti4400WIN Xp prof.The first week everything runs splendid, but ...
TheeD 9 1715 Last post 30-September-02, 00:01:04
by WarLord
why won't those f#%*#king drivers work for my tv-out???
i'm getting crazy!!! why won't the tv-out with the newer drivers work??? :O  i got a geforce 4 and only the 28.32 drivers work, ...
svdf 9 2057 Last post 29-September-02, 20:50:13
by svdf
G3Ti200 Tv-in
When I try and capture footage from my video camera to my pc, I only get black and white images. The card outputs color to tv fi...
rhonedog 1 1080 Last post 29-September-02, 19:25:02
by crAzy_caMel
GF3 Ti200 8851 and XP - unloading MSI Drivers..
Does anyone have instructions for unloading the MSI manufacturer drivers and to replace them with a nvidia reference set of driv...
Tango90 0 1215 Last post 29-September-02, 13:00:06
by Tango90
3Dturbo problem
Im getting this error: MSI***.ocx not foundim using det 40.71I think it is becasue i dont have the MSI drivers installed. Any id...
sebazve 1 1122 Last post 29-September-02, 06:14:00
by Wonkanoby
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