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MSI Graphics Cards, Nvidia and AMD/ATI-based.
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MSI TV@nywhere - Where's the MPEG4?
I just bought an MSI TV@nywhere card (MS-8876), I'm relatively pleased with it, except that MPEG4 encoding is nowhere to be seen...
silentfury 20 5479 Last post 29-August-02, 13:49:15
by Zoodle
Someone Help Me, Using My GeForce 4 MX440....
Hey all i recently bought a GeForce 4 MX440 out of some spare money..... my computer specs now are:CPU: Amd Athlon 2000DDR Ram: ...
screamq3 2 1227 Last post 29-August-02, 12:08:59
by Assaf
4200 and TV out
Hi I wont to by G4 TI 4200(8870-vtd or 8886) card.What interest me is how good is the TV out and video in.I have heard that mx m...
rus 2 1146 Last post 29-August-02, 11:56:38
by rus
Video Input?
I have the MSI GeForce 4 4400 ti video card. i wanted to try out the video input feature on it. Either my DVD player or my PSX t...
Fookaroo 1 982 Last post 29-August-02, 08:33:04
by Richard
MSI GFORCE4 Ti 4600 - Mouse Problem
Hi,Just got the card couple of days ago... Checked for updated drivers and installed.When playing a game - works A-ok .. excelle...
lee.connell 3 1267 Last post 29-August-02, 04:19:26
by Wonkanoby
MSI GeForce3 Ti200 Problems...
Hi All:I'm experiencing some problems with accessing features of my MSI GeForce3 Ti200 card.(1) Going into display settings, cli...
Tango90 5 1686 Last post 28-August-02, 15:17:02
by crAzy_caMel
MSI TV@nywhere card installation
I just bought an MSI TV@nywhere card and can't figure out where the sound is supposed to come out from (for regular viewing.)The...
ebar 2 1303 Last post 28-August-02, 11:34:26
by ebar
Bios update for 6330lite?
         I have just got a gf4 ti4200 and i have a msi 6330lite motherboard. Im running win98se and i got a lot of problems afte...
dr_down 0 1184 Last post 28-August-02, 00:41:51
by dr_down
I have a small problem with MSI GF4 MX 420
Hi,I have a small problem with MSI G4MX420-T(S+C) ( MS-8878 ). Exactly with nVidia WDM Video Capture (universal), which  " can't...
lvh 0 1429 Last post 27-August-02, 14:07:32
by lvh
This is the first time in my life having problem with the winDVD that is included in MSI video card!It won's install correctly, ...
vop 0 1153 Last post 27-August-02, 12:42:50
by vop
Confusion with G4Ti4200-TD (MS-8870 - 040)
Hi,I have a GF4 Ti-4200 (the model of the subject) and I have one question about it. Does It have Video In option? There's anoth...
peikojose 22 7308 Last post 27-August-02, 10:10:03
by peikojose
Probleme with my video card G4Ti4200-TD
Himy OS is Windows 2000 PRO sp3I have probleme with my new video card G4Ti4200-TD -MSI when i changed map in game on line (Half ...
Tapeduroc 1 1129 Last post 27-August-02, 09:25:18
by Richard
Driver problems with MSI G4 TI4600
Just bought and tried to install a MSI G4 TI 4600 vid cardI have tried the drivers off the cd, MSI's web site, NVIDIA's web site...
TLong 4 1644 Last post 27-August-02, 09:09:18
by Richard
help w/ g4mx420 .. texture patches
need help ..i don't know if anybody had asked this question before...but i really need some help w/ my msi g4mx420 some...
dimzie 3 1260 Last post 27-August-02, 09:00:49
by Richard
ms 8850 gf3ti200 pro-vt capture doesnt work one bit any more
i have the ms 8850 gf3ti200 pro-vt and i posted a wile ago cause of probs with the capture now its realy bad now i cant even use...
DMZio 1 1037 Last post 27-August-02, 08:59:11
by Richard
MX440 problem and MSI support
I am experiencing problems with a new MX440 and cannot resolve it.   I attempted to submit a request via the MSI website, but it...
driver8 7 2478 Last post 27-August-02, 06:27:59
by Wonkanoby
MSI GeForce4 Ti4600 - Boot up problem
Hi!I'm having a weird problem with the MSI GeForce4 Ti4600. Occasionally, on start up, the text area of the boot up sequence (sh...
CMH 14 3882 Last post 27-August-02, 05:59:30
by mrFREUD
Geforce 4 ti 4200 Tv-Out Problem
I'm running windows Xp, when I hook up the adaptor to the card and hook up the svideo or RCA style cable to my tv. I cone the de...
justing03 3 1284 Last post 27-August-02, 01:05:08
by justing03
GeforceMX460 Dual Head
I see by the posts that there are a few problems out there with the drivers for the Geforce MX460.  I was wondering if anyone ha...
tihope 1 1122 Last post 26-August-02, 23:36:14
by Bluesky
Old MSI Starforce 8826 problems
Hello. I am using the old Geforce2MX 200 MSI Starforce 8826 model and having some weird lockup problems. These problems surfaced...
WingZero 4 1454 Last post 26-August-02, 08:20:40
by WingZero
MSI-8870-64TD & Windows XP
Hi,I have problems running OGL games (SoF2, GTA3) under WXP. I usually play games at 1024x768, D3D games (Warcraft 3) run smooth...
ipublic 3 1367 Last post 26-August-02, 05:36:11
by Richard
i gEFORCE 4 tI-4200
I while ago i bought a MSI K7T266 Pro motherboard.That didn't have AGP Pro. Since i had an old Voodo3-card that was not a proble...
fredvoll 3 1491 Last post 26-August-02, 04:44:14
by fredvoll
My new graphics cards were finally shipped to me so I installed them, so far so good. Cause on BlackBird was the MoBo changed, s...
-=MoRpH=- 7 2413 Last post 26-August-02, 04:20:08
by -=MoRpH=-
TI4400/4600 TV-in/capture specs & general quality?
Can someone PLEASE tell me what the specs for the video capture (TV/Video IN) capabilities of these cards are??!I've read countl...
spoox 2 1501 Last post 25-August-02, 22:52:07
by spoox
HelloI´m about to buy a MSI GF4 4400 graphics card.I have heard that the sounlevel of the fan is very loud on these boards, what...
Karst 2 1245 Last post 25-August-02, 20:42:31
by Karst
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