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N570GTX Twin Frozr II/OC crashing computer
Hi, I have a N570GTX Twin Frozr II/OC constantly crashing my computer when gaming. (Shogun 2, SR3...)I have Upgraded the bios to...
JurgenRapp 15 4780 Last post 06-May-12, 23:12:13
by Svet
Need Help Urgently MSI N430 GT D3 4GB PCI express Graphics Card
Hello, I am using a desktop PC with Motherboard model H61M-E23, RAM Apacer 4GB (2 GB Dual) core 3-2100 -3.10GHz Processor and MS...
wamong69 15 4578 Last post 15-September-12, 18:24:15
by RemusM
Okay, here is a GF4 Ti4600 problem for you
My MSI Ti4600 problem has a problem blocking in games. It runs a little blocky in most games, but NFS Porsche is the worst.I had...
elzie 15 4256 Last post 01-February-03, 16:46:28
by Wonkanoby
6600GT faults and part numbers plzzz
Hijust wondering if we could start a list of the 6600GT problem or faulty cards incl part numbers as there seems to be a few dif...
aussiesliplat 15 4795 Last post 29-May-06, 18:45:34
by Richard
R9 270 Flickering "Blocks"
So ever since I have installed this card I have had issues with flickering "blocks/squares" appearing when playing games. Does n...
gw0lf 15 3259 Last post 22-March-15, 11:04:45
by flobelix
R9 270 fan and overheating
I bought this card in January 2014, around 6 to 8 months later the fans started exhibiting problems like throttling down and not...
ruden.cara 15 3250 Last post 30-May-15, 09:48:43
by ruden.cara
MSI 6600GT AGP Fan Control?
Hello,New owner of a 6600GT AGP and I have to say that I like the card, but I have one hell of a problem.The fan on this thing i...
melsmed 15 5157 Last post 25-March-05, 10:31:10
by crull
MSI Radeon 5770 Hawk installation problems
Working on a new build. I installed everything and fired it up. Everything seems to be properly powered, as all the fans are run...
mistahinu 15 4442 Last post 17-August-11, 19:01:44
by imperialyap
pc not finding my gtx660 ti pe editon
is there any reason why? the fans are spining on it just nothing regitering?
tweekusmaximus 15 2644 Last post 04-October-12, 23:25:07
by tweekusmaximus
msi gf4 ti4200 lockup
can anyone help me msi gf4 ti4200 is locking up on 3d will juz freeze on a frame after it runs for a while (...
webworm00 15 3052 Last post 16-July-03, 14:49:09
by NaZCoV
RX2600XT-T2D512EZ/D3 - no signal to new Sony bravia XBR LCD
I really need an expert to solve this one please.I have the RX2600XT-T2D512EZ/D3 specifically to play HD content to my Sony brav...
graham_h 15 6388 Last post 12-October-07, 18:03:49
by ins71
Artifact problem
I installed my brandnew rx9800 and it has been troublesom ever since, 3d mark 03 keeps showing artifacts and all my other games....
Nermis 15 3503 Last post 16-August-04, 18:44:01
by NovJoe
Can RX9800Pro capture video?
Hello friends,I recently purchased a MSI RX9800Pro Plus, and I have a question:Can it really capture video?In their oficial webs...
Cretu 15 3550 Last post 27-August-04, 19:23:53
by H4G3N
MSI 980 GTX known fan problems?
Hello everyone!My name is Alex, and I'm new to the forum.I bought the MSI 980 GTX Gaming card today, and I wanted to ask if anyo...
Ryushin 15 3305 Last post 08-October-14, 17:39:40
by flobelix
N610GT 32 bit works, 64bit doesnt
Hello,I've recently bought this gfx card since my old one died instantly with a crash. I put the card in and turned on my comput...
DaMaxozz 15 4691 Last post 12-May-13, 08:57:01
by DaMaxozz
FX5600 TD128 sets monitor into standby
Hi allI searched the existing threads and found some similiar issues but nothing that was exactly the same.I formatted my drive ...
osjohnm 15 2071 Last post 15-March-04, 11:41:21
by osjohnm
Trouble Shooting Help needed on GF4 MX 440
I have a MSI - GF4 MX440 8x AGP which I am having troubles with.  When I try to play any 3D games they will start and run for a ...
Skelator 15 4295 Last post 19-December-03, 20:15:39
by mycroft69
GF4MX440-T8X(8890) 3D Mark 2001 Score
Purchased GF4-MX440 based card based on Tom's Hardware's VGA performance chart(s). 3D Mark 2001 score for a card based on this c...
sgertsch 15 4341 Last post 01-March-03, 05:37:50
by sirpaulallen
MS-8819 videocard
Does anyone know more about this card besides the obvious? [/ur
NitroX infinity 15 5473 Last post 25-December-07, 11:27:36
by NitroX infinity
MSI R9 280X Overheating? I Don't know?!?!!?! HELP
Hi everyone! Three weeks ago my R9 280X has started to overheat at 50 C. I haven't had this problem before. I THINK its overheat...
mastermindgamer 15 3593 Last post 08-October-14, 03:17:32
by badboy2k
UEFI vBIOS Request for R9 290X Lightning
My S/N is 602-V307-04SB1403019740Looking for the LN2 BIOS, will keep the normal BIOS to the original that came with the card.Ori...
csplayer089 15 2933 Last post 15-July-14, 18:39:38
by flobelix
GTX 560 Ti scary temps on full load
I've had a N560GTX-Ti Twin Frozr II 2GD5/OC for quite a while now but I never happened to check the temperature before. So I did...
Arougan 15 5266 Last post 17-August-12, 00:22:01
by Svet
Can't Update BIOS of my MSI GTX580 Twin Frozr 2 OC....!!!! Help ASAP....!!!!
Hi guys from Greece....!!! I Have a major problem here and i need your help ASAP...!!!    I've purchased and a computer technici...
STAM 15 6352 Last post 01-May-11, 20:16:18
by Svet
VGA + 'Video out' do not work simultaniously
I Bought a MX440-VTD8X with the understanding that I would have the possibility to have both VGA and Video out at the same time....
BennieBoy 15 4304 Last post 03-March-03, 23:03:09
by DrFunkenstein
GTX580 Twin Frozr ii oc
Have been reading the comments from SVEt re GTX580 issues. I have been having the same crashes. BFE/Origin and Steam  ARMA. MSI ...
Squizzy326 15 4538 Last post 09-August-12, 14:40:58
by Svet
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