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MSI Graphics Cards, Nvidia and AMD/ATI-based.
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MSI GTX570 TwinFrozr III Power Edition: Unstable at stock settings | SPLIT
Hello, Same problem with my card also same model GTX 570 Twin Frozr III Power Edition/OC not stable at stock clocks 770/4000 (ar...
PeterMac 19 8142 Last post 18-May-11, 23:47:57
by Svet
System wont boot after installing fx5600 vga crd
I have purchased a brand new msi 5600 vga card when i put it in the AGP slot the system wont boot its an Asus Mobo with p41800 m...
Mzungo 19 4146 Last post 21-October-03, 15:59:57
by msivictim
R9 280X voltage lock
Quote from: flobelix on 07-January-14, 00:12:08No that doesn't help. We only need the S/N without the last four digits. Only tho...
scorpion 19 4673 Last post 10-January-14, 19:42:22
by flobelix
Please help, pc not detecting new HD 7870 HAWK
I just got my MSI AMD HD7870 HAWK, before I put the card in I uninstalled all the old drivers and went through all my folders an...
snipersam15 19 3384 Last post 18-September-12, 08:06:34
by Svet
6600 GT crashes
I bought a MSI 6600 GT last tuesday and inserted it right away. It worked fine for about 6 hours, then it began hard freezing an...
trillex 19 3630 Last post 06-February-05, 14:53:38
by trillex
GTX580 Twin Frozr II OC BIOS File Help Please
Hii guys!  I just got my GTX 580 Twin Frozr II OC installed today and I'm really excited but I'm having a bit of a problem.I've...
mikey2276 19 8637 Last post 12-February-12, 17:30:46
by Svet
Poor FPS with my MSI Geforce 4 ti 4200
I purchased an MSI Geforce 4 Ti 4200-TD8X and I'm having a problem with performance. Although I get a good score in 3D Mark 2001...
Pomsane 19 4153 Last post 28-April-03, 17:48:27
by NovJoe
Random artifacts/lines on BIOS & Startup (restart fixes) -- 460 GTX Cyclone 768
Greetings,I have a fairly new Sandy Bridge build that has recently started exhibiting some strange video problems on start up.  ...
eba321 19 12414 Last post 03-May-11, 13:14:26
by Svet
un smooth :(
I havethe 5950 ultra im running halo on 1024 time something but the game is not smooth what are the other thing that may cause t...
Acid fog 19 3332 Last post 06-May-04, 08:54:22
by Acid fog
Geforce 6600GT Problem Need Help ASAP Please
hi iv had many problems with my msi card before i returned it and got a brand new one now recently im having problems when i pla...
ufoboy 19 5279 Last post 21-January-07, 16:51:47
by Svet
MSI 560GTX HAWK - Memory temperature Issue
Hi.I have build my new pc last month. Then I went to holidays and i didn't run it for play until yesterday when I have decided t...
Exelcius 19 9900 Last post 23-September-11, 08:06:09
by _Rick_
6800 gt performance issues
Ive got a msi 6800 gt (red board)and i'm getting very low performances for this card3dMark 03  scores = 88493dmark 05 scores = 3...
dmccappin 19 4695 Last post 15-February-05, 14:36:08
by Billaa
R7970 Lightning No Display
Hi I am having trouble with my R7970 Lightning.Switched PC on this morning and there is no displayPlease advise what could be th...
psearing 19 3121 Last post 16-August-13, 15:31:44
by Svet
Card dimensions and power drain
Und hallo, everyone! I'm willing to buy this card: modelcode: N660TI PE 2GD5/OCBefore I do so, I'd like to know, will this fit i...
inVader 19 3352 Last post 24-October-13, 14:42:32
by flobelix
6600gt overclocked slow
my very overclocked 6600gt is getting killed by my fiances 5700 ultra in 3dmark 2003. very big problem. im only getting around 3...
perdition 19 4176 Last post 14-July-06, 16:27:01
by ufster
FX5600 VTDR 128mb -> AGP Sideband ??
Hi, i´m new here....When i open the 3D turbo experience, at the right botton side, there apears the status and information of my...
alff23 19 3655 Last post 18-December-03, 04:28:30
by alff23
Anyone else unable to run Call of Duty 4 with 8800GT OC'd (512 mb) card?
Specs:Abit IX38 Quad GT MotherboardIntel E8400 Core 2 Duo CPU2x1gb Mushkin DDR2-800 RAM (4-5-4-11 2T, 2.1V)Turtle Beach Montego ...
saadishsnake 19 8014 Last post 21-May-08, 11:40:08
by RGN07
NX6800 Ultra Problem
I have bought MSI NX6800 Ultra T2D256 AGP card last week. First I installed MSI 71.22 drivers that I downloaded from the downloa...
wdmalik 19 6301 Last post 02-November-06, 14:24:16
by Tiresmoke
Compatability issues?
Is anyone aware of any compatability issues with the NX6800 -tdr256? (PCI-e)After checking and recheking everything i can possib...
xowainx 19 3748 Last post 15-July-05, 01:59:39
by Glenn
GTX 660 Ti PE Stability Problems
Hello thereI've bought a MSI GTX 660 Ti PE OC edition about a month ago and it is having stability problemsWhen I play some game...
DeathAD 19 4363 Last post 05-March-13, 20:24:11
by flobelix
Radeon 6990 Performance Issue
Hi there,I've purchased your Radeon 6990, and I'm having severe performance problems with it.  For one, all my games and benchma...
TheMetal 19 9160 Last post 21-March-11, 16:29:17
by Svet
N560GTX Twin Frozr II driver crashes
So, the first one of these cards couldn't stay in windows and would crash because Aero, the windows 7 theme, was too intense for...
ssword 19 7069 Last post 13-September-11, 23:08:29
by Svet
7970 Lightning BE Flickering problem
Hi Guys,I am one of the many - i think - who has this annoying flickering issue while surfing for example. There are a few threa...
greg.m 19 6209 Last post 18-February-13, 17:28:51
by flobelix
8800Ultra Overclocked Edition Problem, replacement card after RMA once already.
Hi all,I'm having problems with my 8800Ultra, have done testing to determine if its heat related but with airconditining running...
Singular1ty 19 7237 Last post 25-January-08, 15:35:42
by Aaron
Grafikerrors with the FX 5700 Ultra!
Hi!I have some serious problems with the Geforce FX 5700 Ultra from MSI!Whenever I run a 3d application my card isn't able to sh...
h3r0 19 3405 Last post 08-January-04, 20:00:02
by bArtAA
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