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MSI Graphics Cards, Nvidia and AMD/ATI-based.
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MSI 9800GX2 Question:)
Hey guysI just buyed a MSI 9800GX2 version and my question was is the cooler on it good?Will the card work on a asus P5E because...
weebeast 26 10347 Last post 30-June-08, 21:21:02
by weebeast
G4MX440 and contacting MSI
I'm having a problem contacting MSI. No one responds. They say they send a comfirmation email but I never recieve it. I know my ...
weeeeeapollo 1 1064 Last post 25-November-02, 07:31:49
by Wonkanoby
MSI R9 280X BIOS Request
HiI'm currently using bios VRM on the cards is 80c, I've noticed there is a later BIOS version 015.04...
Weeta 9 2290 Last post 06-February-14, 21:24:57
by flobelix
GPU temperature
My MSI 6600GT is 58 degree at idle mode, what about your GPU temperature? Is better GPU get even hotter or same? Nvidia or ATI h...
weide 3 1345 Last post 13-March-06, 13:31:27
by pseudemys
Hi,I would like to update my card's VBIOS to UEFI compatible is my current vBIOSw w w.
weijie0121 9 2229 Last post 24-April-13, 21:05:49
by Svet
dual video out cloning
What up,i just got the 64 mb Gforce 4 card and it has the dual monitor hook ups and s-video in and out.  My question is how do i...
weirdman20 0 1128 Last post 19-November-02, 10:56:37
by weirdman20
Display driver stopped responding and has recovered. MSI GTX 670 Power Edition
Hello everyone,I've been having this problem for a while and i've searching around on google and alot of forums and i cannot fin...
WeirdSmile 5 1141 Last post 29-December-14, 23:18:01
by WeirdSmile
MSI GeForce GTX 670 Power Edition / Always 99% or 98% Usage
Hello everyone,The problem is that my graphic card shows on MSI Afterburner that it-s usage its always on 99% or 98% while i am ...
WeirdSmile 14 3844 Last post 01-April-13, 12:32:43
by Svet
[Request] Bios - R9 280x
Hi, may i know the most up to date bios version? Also what program do I use to flash the Bios?S/N: 602-V277-19SB1309105053https ...
weisheng.suriyah 11 1867 Last post 05-December-13, 09:22:56
by Svet
FX5900 XT fan
hays alli got a new GF FX5900 xt  last week and the fan keep stopping,all its saying is there is not sufficent powere.i have a 3...
welshwizard 6 1342 Last post 03-May-04, 00:11:46
by welshwizard
FX 5600-TD256 --- BIG PROBLEM!!!!!!
Hi. I've a Geforce FX 5600 TD256. When i'm doing "normal" tasks on my computer, everything ok, but, when i play some game (Age o...
wendigo21 7 2190 Last post 15-August-03, 02:18:56
by Richard
RemtCtrl.dll memory leak ever fixed?
Was the memory leak in the in the Remote Controll DLL  for the FX5600VDTR (and others) ever fixed?SDK for the remote controll in...
werbot 0 1177 Last post 18-April-05, 12:58:20
by werbot
MX440 Capture Problem
Help PLZ!!!!! I have a MX440 VTD8X and i like to know, if video-in (capture) work with PAL-M signal.
WereTiger 0 1124 Last post 22-March-03, 04:55:41
by WereTiger
4400 (flashing on and off)
Hello experts,I have a MSI G4Ti4400, I purchased about a year ago and it is having problem displaying, the screen keeps turning ...
weronpc 3 1134 Last post 08-December-04, 09:06:31
by lucky
HD6870 CrossFire with HD7850?
I got HD6870 and would like to CrossFire it with HD7850. Can it be done and will it increase performance?
wertigo 1 1591 Last post 10-January-13, 08:24:27
by badboy2k
MSI N770 TF 2GD5/OC UEFI bios request
1: S/N: 602-V282-380B1406020824 current vbios
wertyrass 1 942 Last post 10-November-14, 20:48:17
by flobelix
2 x 7850s - Different Voltages
Hi, i've just signed up as i've got a weird issue with my R7850s Twin Frozrs.I've got them in XFire with "Synchronise Settings.....
wesimmo 0 762 Last post 09-April-13, 23:54:26
by wesimmo
HELP:TV Output Display Disabled
The "Device Selection" of my MSI Geforce3 Ti200 (with TV out) offers only "Analog Display" as the only option I can choose with ...
WesLee 2 1152 Last post 07-December-02, 04:50:28
by WesLee
HiI have a N660-2GD5/OC and a Asus board capable of running in full non CMS mode, can anyone help me with a firmware update for ...
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wesleyaldred 64 26677 Last post 05-March-14, 17:46:36
by Svet
Switching Monitor Designations
I recently purchased the MSI GT-710-2GD3H-LP and installed it into a Dell Desktop computer. The video card seems to be working g...
wesmar 1 533 Last post 15-April-17, 15:18:06
by flobelix
I have the MSI NX6600Gt (nvidia) and i have installed the capture drivers, i plug in the composite cable from my ps2 into the ad...
WesP 4 1314 Last post 21-September-05, 01:46:48
by WesP
RX 550 Aero 2GB
Hi guys Is this video card compatible with old mobo dp35dp
wess 1 276 Last post 09-June-18, 21:48:36
by Nichrome
New build, GTX 760 not being recognised?
Hi,So I bought all the pieces for a new build (should be in my signature - PSU & case left overs from last build, everything els...
westcoastred 2 1408 Last post 25-August-13, 17:42:03
by westcoastred
Can AGP 4X be set on TI-4400 (MS-8871) before install
I am building my own PC.  My motherboard manual says that my AGP slot video card must be AGP 4X (1.5V).  It also says that if th...
westcottr 6 2496 Last post 07-January-03, 11:00:30
by some body
GTX 460 Hawk SLi Problem
HelloI have this "small" problem with my MSI GTX 460 Hawk 1 GiG SLi.. Softwares like 3DMark Vantage and Bad Company 2 just dies/...
WestSidaz 2 4521 Last post 25-October-10, 15:43:23
by WestSidaz
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