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MSI Graphics Cards, Nvidia and AMD/ATI-based.
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[Request] UEFI GOP BIOS for MSI GTX770 - N770 TF 2GD5/0C
I would like to get an UEFI/GOP BIOS for my GTX770 please.  S/N:  602-V282-220B1401091767  Link to ROM file:  T...
wtkj 3 727 Last post 27-September-15, 00:42:09
by flobelix
MSI R9 280X 3G Screen flikkering in IDLE
Hey,I bought today a new MSI R9 280X 3G Installed the drivers but i have screen flikkering in idle in games no problem but in id...
wtsmees 8 1985 Last post 09-April-14, 17:10:20
by Svet
Need help with video card purchase
I have a MS 6565 GNB Max mobo. Does anybody know if the MSI FX 5900 will fit the board (ie northbridge and memory) and run at AG...
Wulf 2 1169 Last post 16-July-03, 15:02:37
by Glenn
coolbits question
Can coolbits be used with the latest WHQL drivers or are there restrictions?
Wulf 1 1185 Last post 28-August-03, 06:38:28
by Snorter
5900 td128 question
Can any one tell me what the core/memory spec is on the fx 5900 td128 card? 3Dmark 03 is reporting it as 300/850. I have the new...
Wulf 1 1298 Last post 15-August-03, 19:47:36
by Assaf
FX5900 and DX9
Is the FX5900 a DX9 part? Or is it a hybrid or propritary design which will never perform as advertised without game specific dr...
Wulf 5 1532 Last post 17-September-03, 17:49:58
by Nazareth
will fx 5900 fit in mobo
I have a GNB max fisr board. I want to purchase a MSI 5900 board to replace the MSI 4400 I have currently. Can anyone tell me if...
Wulf 0 1245 Last post 01-July-03, 16:43:06
by Wulf
MSI 5600 256mb
I am going to be buying a new video card soon and need some help. Is the 5600 card an Ultra with the new "flip chip/B stepping"?...
Wulf 3 1271 Last post 15-May-03, 18:12:00
by NovJoe
Can you get the N560GTX-Ti fans to run at 95% at power on
Hello as the topic states I want to know if I can get the fans of the N560GTX-Ti to run at 95% from the moment I power on the co...
WULTKB 0 820 Last post 31-December-12, 18:19:07
UEFI / GOP VBIOS request for 650 Ti
Hi,I would like to request a UEFI / GOP VBIOS for my MSI Geforce GTX 650 Ti PE 1GD5/OC card.S/N: 602-V280-11SB1209162035and this...
wunch 3 1129 Last post 28-October-14, 18:43:18
by flobelix
FIXED(sort of): FX5600XT-TD128 occasional system freezes
Just received my subject card but prior to installing I downloaded the latest nVidia ForceWare v. 53.04 and used those instead o...
Wurum 18 4059 Last post 11-January-04, 04:44:00
by Wurum
Geforce NX6600LE PCI-E LCD problem!!!!!!
This is driving me mad! my video card(Geforce NX6600LE PCI-E, 256 ram ddr,sli ready) works on my AGP display, but not on my lcd ...
wushagua 9 2770 Last post 09-February-06, 09:32:56
by Lidis
msi gf4 ti4200 problems
this is getting really frustrating.for the LONGEST time my ti 4200 has been acting up and nothing works. no games work, because ...
wushu22 4 1417 Last post 08-April-03, 02:14:00
by some body
UEFI BIOS Request R7850 Twin Frozr 2GD5/OC
Requesting UEFI Vbios for MSI R7850 Twin Frozr 2GD5/OC  Serial: 602-V305-06SC1404007521-L62 ROM: Attached. 
wuyuru11 1 679 Last post 11-September-15, 13:38:25
by Svet
cant get any geforce driver installed
I   built a computer, my first time actually building from the case up.    But I have been dealing with computers since the Comm...
WVUmatt 6 1642 Last post 08-March-03, 22:05:45
by SLP FireHawk
580 lightning running at 772/4008 instead of 832/4200
Hi everybody, I'm new here (this is my 1st post) and first of all I apologize for my poor English (I'm Italian).Now to my proble...
wwanno 29 5473 Last post 19-May-12, 01:22:09
by Svet
Need Some Help
Just got MSI 5700 and when i run Live update the card beeps continuously until i reset the system seems ok with games tried it w...
wwinslow 1 936 Last post 02-September-04, 23:41:08
by Richard
MSI AT Radeon X1300 and LG W3000H FPD half resolution problem
Hi All gurus,I have a big trouble. I have bought an LG monitor, 30" with DVI-D dual link interface.  I have an MSI, ATI Radeon X...
wwolf 2 4264 Last post 04-January-10, 21:28:22
by wwolf
UEFI GOP BIOS for MSI 7870 Hawk 2G
Hi,I would be very gradeful for helping me with a UEFI GOP firmware update for my card.Serial Number : 602-V281-08SC1308059119-S...
wwy1314 3 1109 Last post 04-October-13, 09:51:43
by Svet
Geforce 4 ti 4800 8x. DVI does not work
HelloThe DVI port on my Video card seems to not be working. When I plug my monitor into the analog port, it works find, but when...
wyand 1 1359 Last post 05-March-03, 05:29:32
SP2 Blocking DOT tabs on display
A couple of weeks ago I asked for some help on getting back the DOT tabs on the display properties that just disapeered, since t...
wyattcoop 0 936 Last post 08-January-05, 23:23:46
by wyattcoop
5900XT D.O.T Disappeared
The tabs in the display properties for DOT have disappeared, I would appreciate any and all help to solve this problem, I have b...
wyattcoop 4 1235 Last post 28-December-04, 00:04:02
by wyattcoop
Update on DOT tabs, problem solved
A few weeks ago I had posted that the DOT tabs on my display properties had vanished and being the smart guy that I think I am t...
wyattcoop 0 931 Last post 24-January-05, 17:31:14
by wyattcoop
Help With TI4400 Card Please!!!
Please Help Every time I try to select the MSI clock and the MSI info tab under the properties control panel in Windows XP I rec...
wyles 2 1086 Last post 09-September-02, 20:33:33
by wyles
MSI clock and MSI Info Tab TI 4600
Please HelpEvery time I try to select the MSI clock and the MSI info tab under the properties control panel in Windows XP I rece...
wyles 8 1991 Last post 17-July-04, 01:12:27
by Richard
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