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MSI Graphics Cards, Nvidia and AMD/ATI-based.
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krismarek12 and 27 Guests are viewing this board.
WinProducer: Cannot Load Skin File
I'm trying to capture my PS2 while being able to deinterlace video on-the-fly (removing the blurry look.) Virtual Dub won't do t...
Shadow 1 1003 Last post 17-November-02, 06:13:41
by Shadow
HiMy wife's pc has recently been infected with the Win-Spy spyware. Checking her task list programs, please can anyone confirm w...
Nick555 9 2761 Last post 22-February-05, 19:30:36
by crull
WinXP Pro Video Problem
I have a MSI GeForceFX 5500. I have a intel P4 2 GHZ with 1 gig ram. I have a WinXP Pro on my machine. Here is my problem. When ...
Terminator20 2 901 Last post 11-November-04, 22:46:33
by the father
WinXP SP2 - Driver Crashing System?
I'm trying to get "Service" Pack 2 to run on my system and it keeps crashing on boot into Windows.  Can only get it to run in sa...
BruceP 4 1000 Last post 30-August-04, 22:38:19
by lokster
Wiring question for MSI8800GT512OC
  I have tried to see if this has been asked previously so as not to clutter up this site with repeat questions but I haven't be...
blainehof 0 1103 Last post 21-March-08, 17:53:01
by blainehof
Witch driver to use ???
I have a MSI GF3 128 DDR Video card. (using msi 3100 drivers).If i run liveupdate2 it tell me that i have the latest release ver...
chiwi 1 1295 Last post 05-February-03, 09:04:20
by Richard
witch FX5200 are 128bits???
i'd like to know witch fx5200 are 128 bits? i'm affraid to buy one and then i find out that it's 64bit! i'd like to know witch m...
Willin 3 1081 Last post 18-April-04, 01:29:27
by EK_Faceman
Witch One To Get !!!Help!!
Ok i want to up grade my VidCard (MSI 4200 x8) Witch One is beter  MSI FX 5700 Ultra for $319.00 CADorATI 9600XT 128 $279.00 CAD...
CDM 8 1979 Last post 18-January-04, 10:21:11
by Bonz
Witch one?
witch one would you pick and why?FX 5700 Ultra DVI TV OUTorFX 5900 XT 128 VIVO TVOorFX 5900 VTD 128Thanks oh!  and price is the ...
CDM 1 1152 Last post 04-March-04, 10:09:09
by Bonz
Witcher 3
Just received my GTX 960 in the mail and I can't figure out where to get my free Witcher 3 code. Can anyone help me find where t...
nolanmccurley 1 792 Last post 08-May-15, 19:12:20
by Nichrome
with msi 875 P Colored Edges
After Inserting Msi FX5900XT in a MSI 875P Neo LSR Boardthe Fx5900xt works fine as long as the Case is open .When Closing the Ca...
xalfty 3 1271 Last post 07-October-04, 21:24:33
by xalfty
wits end?
greetings all,I bought a MSI FX5900VTD128 a couple of weeks ago and have problems with 3d. My specs are:p4 2.8HT  cpu never goes...
klast 6 1877 Last post 10-January-04, 11:30:08
by klast
wMy Geforce 3 Ti-200 Pro-T (MS-8851) Not working in D3d!!!!!
 ;( I have a G3Ti200Pro-T (MS-8851)  When i play any game in D3d it comes on until the loading screen comes up.... then it crash...
eric51 0 1276 Last post 05-November-02, 18:10:20
by eric51
Wolfenstein crashes with GeForce4 ti4200
After weeks of research and testing and hours of searching forums for answers, I have come to the conclusion that this problem m...
Swerve 5 1565 Last post 12-December-03, 23:51:26
by Erin
Won't boot with new MSI GT710?
My computer has an Asus P5VD2-MX montherboard running genuine Windows 7. I want to upgrade to Windows 10 which is not supported ...
john 1 1240 Last post 17-July-16, 12:53:33
by flobelix
Wondering what Graphics Card everyone is using!
What Graphics Card do you use?
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Rob XP2000 90 28131 Last post 29-April-03, 04:48:45
by buddie
WORKING solution to 7800gt fan speed problem
Hello, I found this thread on: guy claims that the fan problem is due...
alex_papa 2 1437 Last post 14-February-06, 11:09:57
by alex_papa
World of Warcraft "Infinte Loop"
While playing WoW, sometimes the game gets stuck on a frame and constantly plays popping sounds over the speakers, before crashi...
waitupforgodot 4 1094 Last post 19-November-04, 17:35:36
by Richard
World of Warcraft crashing my computer after ugrading graphics card to RX2600PRO
After i upgraded my AGP graphics card i cant run WoW anymore. The card is RX2600PRO-T2D256Z/D2, and it crash my computer a few s...
Tommen 1 1401 Last post 28-September-07, 18:47:42
by Richard
Worldwide warranty?
Hello,If I buy an MSI video card (undecided between Twin Frozr 7850 or 660) in USA, is my warranty only valid in USA? Or can I u...
markiz_von_schnitzel 2 1342 Last post 08-March-13, 17:19:02
by markiz_von_schnitzel
worse than GF4 3d freezing: cpu doesn't boot normally!!!!
oh boy,once again: I had the same problem as babblin joe. when going 3d my cpu freezes and makes a hissin sound after 10 minutes...
Valdemar666 6 1963 Last post 18-January-03, 01:24:45
by Wonkanoby
worst score in 3dmark after OC? solved
hello all, i have weird problem with OC my graph.card...when i unlock all locked pipelines everything is fine, i have about 4000...
vranikx 3 1297 Last post 07-March-06, 15:19:51
by vranikx
Worthless remote & how I got Mediacenter to work in win2k
Well after install Director Shockwave I got this POS Media Center Deluxe to work in my Win2k system.  But it's the worse bloated...
molitar 2 953 Last post 15-May-04, 01:35:48
by molitar
Would I need any BIOS/GPU BIOS update?
Hello all,within couple of days/weeks I am about to buy this MSI gtx770 Ligtning gpu(
Nichrome 3 1124 Last post 04-January-14, 13:42:40
by flobelix
Would MSI be able to tell me the exact transistor number of one that broke off. need to know what part it is so I can replace it.  Does anyone here know how I can get that informa...
zhenka11230 1 248 Last post 07-October-18, 14:40:21
by flobelix
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