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MSI Graphics Cards, Nvidia and AMD/ATI-based.
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[GeForce PCe] MSI GeForce NX7800GTX VIVO questions
Hey all!  I currently own a MSI 6600GT (128MB version) PCIe graphics card, and I was considering purchasing the 7800GTX sometime...
jpw21683 0 1086 Last post 17-August-05, 15:35:28
by jpw21683
[GeForce PCe] MSI NX6600GT PCi-e ?
Hi there,         I have 2 MSI NX6600GT 128 running in SLi mode. When I goto use MSI Turbo Experience it comes up with a screen ...
Destroyer 6 1864 Last post 18-April-05, 07:28:50
by Destroyer
[GeForce PCe] NV Silencer 5 (Rev. 3) & NX7800GT & Heat problems
System has an Asus A8N32 sli mobo & two MSI NX7800gt cards operating in SLI mode. Basically when I run the game the motherboard ...
mutantaxe 6 2799 Last post 14-December-05, 22:42:15
by Stu
[GeForce PCe] NX6800GT-T2D256E SLI Mode crashing Blue lines
AMD XP 3200+650w Silverstone Zeus PSU2 x NX6800GT-T2D256E PCI-eAsus A8n Sli Premium Motherboard1.5GB Corsair DDR Ram2 x 36gb Rap...
DelboyUk 2 1471 Last post 04-November-05, 08:38:56
by DelboyUk
[GeForce PCe] NX7800GT How do I install power supply
Pls Help! Have biught NX7800GT graphics card the old one didn't have a fan so needed no power supply I have installed the card b...
kingy9 0 1078 Last post 27-December-05, 16:10:30
by kingy9
[GeForce PCe] Passive cooling for NX6600GT
I would like to replace the GPU fan / heatsink with a passive unit to quiet my PC. However it doesn't appear that the Zalman hea...
SoonDae 4 1464 Last post 19-October-05, 22:36:45
by bingevader
[GeForce PCe] PC Diagnostics.
I am having some serious problems with my system and i have consulted many people and posted a message on here with no luck. I g...
xowainx 34 7701 Last post 19-July-05, 07:26:21
by xowainx
[GeForce PCe] Wierd problem when running games
Hello everyone. I had a realy strange problem when running games, and it only applies to games it seems.When im running games ex...
kristofferwe 8 2485 Last post 19-December-05, 22:15:45
by Dynamike
[GeForce4 MX] PCB Damaged
Hi all,I got a MSI GeForce 4 MX-440 VGA Card. [I bought it just 1year and 4 months ago]. When I trying to install that VGA in to...
indika7777 5 1662 Last post 28-April-05, 23:40:57
by Glenn
[GeForce4 MX] agp version innocence
It's configuration MS-6337LE5 + MS-8878 or 8847 correct ??? Please help! Thanks
pipjan 3 1074 Last post 23-May-05, 20:11:11
by Richard
[GeForce4 MX] Geforce4 MX440 AGP and LCD 1680x1050 -
I am about to buy a 21inch LCD with a recommended resolution of 1680x1050 but this card doesn't seem to support that resolution?...
dahlenbc 0 1277 Last post 17-September-05, 05:48:14
by dahlenbc
[GeForce4 MX] mx440 VIDEO IN does not work
I installed the new nvidia driver for the board and lost the video in feature. How can it be restored?Video out seems to be lost...
edubnmrg 3 1108 Last post 07-July-05, 13:51:21
by Kafkacell
[GeForce4 MX] problem installing geforce 4 mx4000
I just purchased a msi nvidia geforce 4 mx4000 graphics card. But am having a few problems with it though. I installed the card ...
howlly 8 1859 Last post 21-September-05, 10:56:23
by Wonkanoby
[GeForce4 MX] Problems with MX 4000
I can't play Silent Hill 4 because, It doesn´t support vertex and Pixel sharer, so someone can help me , please thanks
jamcarnew 1 1275 Last post 17-August-05, 13:32:53
by kt6user
[GeForce4 MX] Video capture resolution for G4MX440-VTD8X ???
I would like to know some specs for my G4MX440-VTD8X card that I havent seen published anywhere online or in the manual.  I'm pl...
lnong 0 1058 Last post 05-March-05, 01:59:13
by lnong
[GeForce4 Ti] 4200 Question (of a sort)....
MS-8894-070 has XVGA out & DVI would it be possible to run a single XVGA screen and put a DVI to dual VGA adapter on DVI port an...
HarshReality 2 1010 Last post 12-October-05, 17:32:33
by HarshReality
[GeForce4 Ti] 4200 vtd8x not detecting with winfast k7s741mg
Hey guys my ti4200 isn't getting detected with my motherboard (winfast k7s741mg )....the card has power...the fan is running.......
ardent11 9 1919 Last post 19-May-05, 13:32:38
by ardent11
[GeForce4 Ti] Big trouble!
I can no longer use the TV-out port on the VGA Card. I also have problems with the wiev on the monitor, in certain games it turn...
wirmola 11 1982 Last post 13-October-05, 23:59:06
by Glenn
[GeForce4 Ti] ForceWare 56.63 Download PLEASE HELP! :shocking:
I can't download this becuase no mirrors work...Please hook me up with a download link to this driver. ThanksI have a Nvidia Gf...
blackhatferret 2 1111 Last post 15-November-05, 22:21:54
by Stu
[GeForce4 Ti] Getting blotchy/glitchy screens on ALL games!
Ok ive been having this problem on and off for awhile now, and im getting tired of wasting money and time on this .  So im turn...
Menacemhg 3 1236 Last post 22-July-05, 00:30:03
by Menacemhg
[GeForce4 Ti] GF4 Ti4600-VTD Software Driver... ?
Any idea on how I can get hold of one of them.   My card did not come with the offical cd-roms.  I dont mind buying extra cd-rom...
superkong 3 1290 Last post 13-June-05, 18:03:05
by Richard
[GeForce4 Ti] Is the nVidia detonator driver reversible?
If I decided to install, say, a 43.XX driver for my MSI GeForce4 Ti4600 128mb ddr and if later found out to be not compatible, H...
superkong 8 2191 Last post 16-June-05, 16:46:34
by Richard
[GeForce4 Ti] MSI Geforce 4 Ti 4200 128Mb 4X AGP, latest drivers won't work.
Does anyone know if Nvidia has stopped supporting this card, the latest drivers won't work with it at all, i install them but al...
Bannik 3 1552 Last post 07-August-05, 20:08:42
by Richard
[GeForce4 Ti] MSI GF4 Ti4600-TVD 128mb DDR - Just 4 weeks old.
Hello all....As you know, I bought this card just over 4 weeks and has been running perfectly with DirectX8.1 on my computer (GA...
superkong 5 1549 Last post 30-June-05, 18:45:24
by superkong
[GeForce4 Ti] MSI NVIDIA GeForce4 TI4200 Driver Update (older than Windows version)
I recently had to have my drive reinstalled.  I want to update my MSI VGA drivers from the standard Windows version.  I have tri...
finbar9 5 2866 Last post 26-May-05, 01:56:04
by Richard
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