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MSI Graphics Cards, Nvidia and AMD/ATI-based.
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R9 280x serial number reading
Hi,I have tried my colleague's R9 280x gaming model, bios version from saved file: don't know SN yet, I ...
jk_14 18 6093 Last post 07-January-14, 22:40:22
by flobelix
9800gt bios
could someone please post the original bios for N9800GT-T2D512-OC (v117)??? or a link to where i could find it...the problem is ...
pakavan 3 6095 Last post 17-February-09, 23:33:32
by Svet
Restarts and Temp, GTX8800 td768 OC editions
I have perused a lot of posts but have not found exactly what I am after.Problem:  PC (specs below) runs fine till I get into a ...
rlewin 11 6112 Last post 05-August-08, 09:39:28
by rlewin
memory clock speed for GDDR5 ??
in the specs on the MSI website for my N460GTX it says :Memory Type : GDDR5Memory Clock Speed(MHz) : 3600The clock speed is of c...
Goner 3 6112 Last post 31-March-11, 20:44:24
by Svet
Freeze and glitch on 570GTX Tw Frozr
HelloI bought a 570GTX twin FrozR II. I have some problems when I play. In fact, after few minutes of playing there's a freeze a...
nephyt 18 6114 Last post 14-November-11, 19:31:12
by Svet
MSI GTS 450, amp needed ?
Hi all I am getting MSI GTS 450 (Non cyclone) and I have few options for the PSU and I am not sure I understand the amp needs of...
datadata 10 6124 Last post 06-June-11, 13:18:59
by Svet
msi gtx 570 oc!
hello there, I looked at the specs for the gtx 570 and I have a big question with the memory clock. In a web saw that the memory...
chalonax 8 6125 Last post 03-March-11, 18:35:16
by chalonax
MSI R4350 MD512H graphics card---- motherboard compatibility issues
I have recently purchased a new MSI R4350 MD512H PCI-Express graphics card. I have had  some frustrating motherboard compatibi...
way2aware 7 6130 Last post 25-August-11, 17:28:11
by Svet
680 Lightning LN2 bios and Afterburner help !
Upgraded to AB 3.0.0 beta 11 and switched to LN2 bios, and now afterburner doesn't recognize anymore my LN2 bios.
CalinTM 26 6131 Last post 22-July-13, 11:39:02
by flobelix
msi gtx 295 running very hot
Hi,My OS is Windows 7 EE 64b R1 (installed yesterday, i have the same temps using any other os)My MSI N295GTX-M2D1792 stock sett...
spawnel 15 6133 Last post 17-July-10, 21:18:52
by spawnel
SLI Sync Limit effects on performance
Hello,Can someone provide an accurate answer to what exactly is SLI sync limit as what can be seen in MSI Afterburner ?I run a 3...
pkorta 10 6138 Last post 20-May-15, 22:16:15
by pkorta
Beeping MSI Video Card n9800GT
Hey everyone!I have been having issues with my MSI graphics card. Recently, I had to fix my computer and replace the motherboard...
Vlado 5 6145 Last post 20-November-08, 03:39:01
by jason str
Msi GTX 460 HAWK Beeps Problem Load to Idle
Hi all, I have the following problem with MSI gtx 460 Hawk graphics card, after being in load when returns to idle, the graphic ...
darthcani 9 6153 Last post 20-November-10, 23:58:57
by Henry
Problem with MSI G4Ti4200-TD
Hola, hace unos 15 días adquirí una targeta MSI G4 Ti4200-TD y desde ese día estoy sufriendo el mismo problema.El problema es qu...
Millen 21 6155 Last post 08-October-02, 20:44:50
by Millen
465GTX not "clocking down"
Ok, I have an MSI 465GTX. I just redid windows on my machine. (actually got a new one) When I first installed the drivers, the c...
blackdragonx1186 17 6156 Last post 14-January-11, 17:15:03
by blackdragonx1186
New bios ?
My MSI GTX680 lightning flickers sometimes.I have tried a clean install of several versions from nvidia drivers, and the driver ...
Speedy496 21 6158 Last post 10-March-13, 13:57:15
by flobelix
8800GT Long Freezes
I have a NX8800GT-T2D512E-OC 512MB PCI-E and when playing all 3D graphics games the screen freezes solid for about 2 minutes eve...
SiG 13 6160 Last post 05-September-09, 12:53:40
by SiG
MSI 8800GT OC 512MB Game Freezes
Hi there I own a 8800GT OC 512mb when playing 3D Games, it freezes for abt 20secs then continues Ive tried increasing fan speed ...
Ravi 12 6166 Last post 05-June-10, 19:38:12
by Henry
GTX 660Ti Pe 2GD5/OC driver fail and recover, artifacts on screen
Hello everyone,Some days ago my pc started suddenly to show artifacts on screen, and a fail and recover message of the video dri...
monogram 24 6167 Last post 10-May-13, 16:55:39
by monogram
MSI 560 GTX Ti Twin Frozer 2 Problem during startup/boot
Hi,I have unusual problem with my 560GTX.It has something to do with fan regulation.During startup and W7 boot they spin far bel...
Erik Masters 11 6167 Last post 25-March-11, 17:53:03
by Svet
MSI GTX 560 Ti Twin Frozen II 1Gig 880/4200 OC artifacts and high temps
Hi guys.I need HELP pls. My card msi gtx 560 ti twin frozen II 1gig 880/4200, it artifacts randomly and runs extremly hot, teste...
AcidBurn 20 6168 Last post 25-May-12, 10:41:28
by AcidBurn
Severe driver-crashes with N580GTX Lightning! [v3xx series]
Hello everyone!i just registered here after a while of scouring the forum a bit. i'll try to present info about the issue in acc...
TheSeeker 23 6170 Last post 26-January-13, 05:00:03
by soarfeat
N670 PE 2GD5/OC Windows 8 64bit Compatibility Issue. Help!
Hey guysJust built a New PC.Specs are in signature. Everything is installed and working well, except the MSI GTX 670 - N670 PE 2...
intherainyseason 27 6176 Last post 26-March-13, 11:18:07
by Svet
msi Optix G27C2 27" monitor, no driver?
Hello people of MSIIve recently bought a msi Optix G27C2 27" monitor, but im unable to find the driver to the monitor, it only s...
grommash666 2 6178 Last post 23-November-17, 06:24:43
by Mog
Vertical bar (5mm wide) at left side of screen (belonging to the right side)
Hello everyone,Today i have installed Windows 7 on my Philips 26PF9956 TV using a MSI GeForce 7300LE card.But after install, wit...
Hamamass 11 6180 Last post 17-February-10, 23:35:58
by Mike
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