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MSI Graphics Cards, Nvidia and AMD/ATI-based.
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geforce ti4200 whit mandrake 9.0
i have geforce ti 4200 td 128mb, mandrake 9.0 did what have geforce fbdev (unsupported), the manual did what is full compatible ...
linuxman 1 1058 Last post 27-November-02, 20:00:36
by redbull_monsta
G4 MX440-VTD8X Stats
Using a MSI k7t Turbo Limited Edition i spent hours trying to find out about the mx440:Windows 2000 Pro: neither video in or out...
SSChunks 0 1093 Last post 27-November-02, 19:23:54
by SSChunks
Opinion poll Det's
Which Detinator Drivers do you use? Best visual quality, Speed. I use the 41.03's Jim
jimbo37 9 1709 Last post 27-November-02, 19:19:11
by Ex Forum User 3
need help cause by vga
i'm using a sis 645dx(intel 4) and my vga is nvidia geforce4 ti 4600. sometimes the computer will shut down by itself and when i...
lilghost 5 1348 Last post 27-November-02, 18:20:20
by lilghost
Overclocking Questions
I've been having fun with my new graphics card, and I was thinking about overclocking it to get the most out of it.I recall seei...
Gilgaron 1 1182 Last post 27-November-02, 11:13:48
by Wonkanoby
Hello,I just purchased the G4 MX440T card to replace my TNT M64 32mb which worked fine. I uninstalled the old drivers and remove...
Ramman949 2 1267 Last post 27-November-02, 01:02:53
by Ramman949
MX440-VTD8X and Win2k with flat panel??
I just got a MX440-VTD8X.  Using Win2k Pro, AMD Athlon 2000, and a ViewSonic Flat Panel VE170b.I loaded the latest drivers for t...
SDH 0 1147 Last post 26-November-02, 22:25:23
by SDH
MSI TV@nywhere
Can anyone help, I have found that MSI tech support is completely useless. This is now my second card and it does the same thing...
wlepse 3 1226 Last post 26-November-02, 20:55:36
by ascotford
TV Out resolution 1024x768
Hello! I have Msi G4Ti4400 VTD card . The max. is only 800x600 But the card should suport 1024x768 tv out.How can I fix it?
Primus 0 1042 Last post 26-November-02, 19:22:22
by Primus
overclocking Ti4400???
I have tried to use the MSI tabs and they don't work, and i checked some of the other threads and realized that it is a problem ...
speedstic 3 1321 Last post 26-November-02, 15:49:01
by Richard
GeForce4 Ti4400 + AMD = trouble
Running with the following components:Tyan Trinity KT-A motherboard rev B (BIOS v1.10)AMD Athlon XP 1800+ CPU (Retail package)10...
windermere 7 2090 Last post 26-November-02, 05:59:54
by PDiddy
XP new, can't install drivers for vidcard G4ti4400
I just installed Windows XP Pro, then SP1, on an ASUS P4S533 motherboard.  I have my graphics card (G4 Ti4400) showing as "Unkno...
CCB 8 1601 Last post 26-November-02, 02:33:35
by Wonkanoby
TV Problem
I installed the latest drivers for my GeForce2 MX400 Pro, but when i try to see in my TV, dont have color, just white and black....
danielaq 1 1159 Last post 26-November-02, 02:17:54
by kardon1
Major Graphics Problems!!!
I am having the strangest problem ever with my Geforce4 Ti4400.  I have had it for about 3months now and its  been working fine....
DEMON187 4 1496 Last post 25-November-02, 23:31:18
by redbull_monsta
Everytime I capture video, I encountered a white bar blocking my captured video which last for 4-5 seconds.What might be the pro...
Ger 2 1274 Last post 25-November-02, 23:05:52
by Ger
Another psu question
Okey. I need to know if my psu is good enough for geforce 4 ti 4200.My current psu is Q-Tec psu 450W Dual Fan Gold (http://www.q...
Curistu 5 1577 Last post 25-November-02, 18:06:28
by Wonkanoby
Weird lockup problem
Hi yall...hope you can help me with this one.I have a problem that i belive is due to either overheating of my graphics card or ...
Dead_a_head 10 2204 Last post 25-November-02, 15:41:01
by Wonkanoby
Bumping up clock frequencies
Hey,Has anyone tried bumping up the default core and memory clock on their card, either with the MSI drivers or the nVidia Deton...
SLP FireHawk 2 1056 Last post 25-November-02, 08:37:36
by Athlonix
G4MX440 and contacting MSI
I'm having a problem contacting MSI. No one responds. They say they send a comfirmation email but I never recieve it. I know my ...
weeeeeapollo 1 1065 Last post 25-November-02, 07:31:49
by Wonkanoby
Geforce4mx video-in question
I have a digital satellite receiver coneccted with my Geforce4mx 460 via s-vhsA noticed that my monitor has a thin vertical line...
oleg 0 986 Last post 24-November-02, 23:57:02
by oleg
MSI MS-8348 U-DMA ????
Hello everybody   :] Can anybody give me some information about MSI MS-8348 CD-RW Is it ATA/100 ultraDMA ???? EIVIN
FromNorway 1 1475 Last post 24-November-02, 19:19:45
by Eugeno
GF4 VTD8X TV-out Video-in
Have you any MSI GF4 VTD8X with Philips SAA7114H indicated in drivers ? And TV out used through internal GF4 TV encoder ?As you ...
SPEDO 0 1456 Last post 24-November-02, 09:17:44
Which Tv out chip does 4200 use?
 Hello, I was wondering which tv out chip MSI is using for their "Ti4200-VTD8X MS-8894" card and other 4200 cards. if you have o...
North1 5 1546 Last post 24-November-02, 08:49:24
how do i hook up a gamecube through my ti4400?
Hey, i was wonderin what kind of program to use to hook up my gamecube to my MSI ti4400 and play it on the monitor. That intervi...
JayboFett 1 1060 Last post 24-November-02, 07:20:54
by Richard
G4400Ti-VTD Warp Core Breach ......
HiBuilt a new system around 6 months ago with a MSI GeForce4 4400Ti VTD. system ran fine for around 12 weeks churning out 3DMARK...
redbull_monsta 14 3596 Last post 24-November-02, 05:33:57
by redbull_monsta
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