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MSI Graphics Cards, Nvidia and AMD/ATI-based.
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GForce 3 Ti200 HELP
I am trying to load  new drivers from NVidia's site. I got them downloaded and saved, then when I attempt to install them I am g...
MeHunt1 0 1001 Last post 10-October-02, 06:23:22
by MeHunt1
G4MX460 VTP Capture - white bar on screen - ( capturing rectangle stri
Hi everyone,Sorry for my bad english.When capturing video with MX460VTP, the preview screen shows the video nicely, but the save...
enio 4 1499 Last post 10-October-02, 06:17:39
by kommnado
MS-8853 ver1.00 Unusable
I recently purchased an MSI OEM Geforce 3 Ti 500.I got a decent price and all, but i cant seem to get the card to work for the l...
bmarley 4 1573 Last post 10-October-02, 04:02:29
by bmarley
GF4 Ti4200 won't overclock?
Hey guys,This isn't so much a problem, more of a query. I just purchased an MSI Geforce4 Ti4200 128mb DDR and overall am very ha...
r3tr0x 4 1500 Last post 10-October-02, 03:31:21
by Glenn
geforce4mx440 dosn´t work
hello folksI have a MSI mx440 64 mb ddr ( my last msi product).I run a p4 2,4, with 512 mb ddr Ramon a asus p4s 533my font is 40...
dr.tony 8 1679 Last post 09-October-02, 21:43:49
by nwspec
Installed G4-MX440 Now Comp Wont Load
I just bought a G4 MX440 and tried to install it.  It ran once, then it said to restart comp so i did.  NOW the comp loads until...
Neon 3 1325 Last post 09-October-02, 21:34:07
by nwspec
XP won't boot up fully with new MSI GeForce4 Ti4200 TD64
Here's the deal.  I had many problems installing any drivers for my new Ti4200 card.  I tried many different drivers but invaria...
dsh1998 8 2124 Last post 09-October-02, 12:25:27
by Richard
Geforce 4 and monitor problem
Every time I install my new Geforce 4 detonator 30.82 drivers' it always shows two monitors on the settings page of my display p...
Jake777 1 1120 Last post 09-October-02, 12:22:29
by Richard
BSOD on NV4_disp.dll and capture!
got a strange and very 'random' bug somewhere, hoping someone might have a solution or at least some advice.Problem 1: I can usu...
NKX 2 1114 Last post 09-October-02, 10:23:50
by NKX
CDRW Faceplates
Anyone know where I can find black faceplates for my MS-8348? any help at all would be appreciated,,Thanks
MaximusX 0 1131 Last post 09-October-02, 10:18:40
by MaximusX
nvidia quadro 4 900 XGL
How can I find the MSI video card that is compatible??  Help!! Thanks
PeterK 4 1500 Last post 09-October-02, 07:29:19
by Richard
NVIDIA quatro 4 900 XGL compatibnle?
Can anybody help me identify an MSI video card that is compatible with an nVidia quatro 4 700 or 900 XGL card?  It is to use wit...
PeterK 0 1174 Last post 09-October-02, 07:20:17
by PeterK
Frustrated!!!! Can't install my brand new GeForce4 Ti4200 TD64 o
I just bought the MSI G4Ti4200 TD64 graphics card and can't for the life of me figure out how to install it.I Have Windows XP Pr...
dsh1998 10 3072 Last post 09-October-02, 06:56:55
by dsh1998
looking for vid card monitoring prog
I'm looking for some kinda vid card utility for my MSI gf4ti4200 128 ddr.I've been getting constant reboots during games for no ...
pete 0 1233 Last post 09-October-02, 06:45:19
by pete
XP Pro says my drivers might not be XP compatibale
I just installed XP Pro and it says my drivers from my G4MX440 might not be compatible with it. Will the new drivers suffice and...
aehmotx 3 1364 Last post 09-October-02, 05:28:25
by Assaf
Bad DVD video quality on monitor & TV
I've been tying to figure out what it was for two months : why, with my brand new MSI G4 MX440t and a sony DDU1621 DVD drive (MS...
Raguis 9 2364 Last post 09-October-02, 05:05:19
by Raguis
I have problems with my MSI4200TD64 for 2 months and they are still not finishing  ;(  Problem is that everything is working OK ...
usuall 3 1091 Last post 09-October-02, 00:36:40
by usuall
Can not run 4x AGP with MSI Geforce4 440
Hi, I just bought a MSI geforce4 440, i have installed it in my system running windows XP and it went very well. However when i ...
coolerf 3 1404 Last post 08-October-02, 22:38:34
by coolerf
Problem with MSI G4Ti4200-TD
Hola, hace unos 15 días adquirí una targeta MSI G4 Ti4200-TD y desde ese día estoy sufriendo el mismo problema.El problema es qu...
Millen 21 6151 Last post 08-October-02, 20:44:50
by Millen
GeForce4 Ti4600 HELP PLZ!!!
Hello all, I have a P4 1.9, Motherboard intel D850MV, 512MB Rambus memory, sb live 5.1, and now i try to install a GeForce4 Ti46...
isidro 6 1637 Last post 08-October-02, 20:42:50
by isidro
Geforce 4 mx420 d
Hi, can you assist a lame ass please. I have installed an MX420 on my Athlon 850, Soltek SL75KAV Mobo. Various Nvidia drivers in...
Bartez 13 2457 Last post 08-October-02, 19:04:33
by Bartez
G3T200 video capture
 have a G3 T200 Pro, TD128. i have been fighting trying to get the video in capture to work. all i can get is an error 10, divic...
tommit t 8 2282 Last post 08-October-02, 17:32:31
by dirtbag
GF4 TI 4200 Problem
Hi all,Just got hold of GF4 ti 4200  today. Everything seems normal except refresh rates.I notice that when i get the card to ru...
alexdigital 11 2362 Last post 08-October-02, 05:57:09
by Wonkanoby
Problem with bundled Software
I recently purchased the MSI Ti4600-VTD, and the bundled software applications are what caused me to choose it over other Geforc...
RisingZan 3 1061 Last post 08-October-02, 02:38:29
by RisingZan
G4Ti4200-vtp video capture not working
anyone have problems when you capter the video and and when played back it has a bar in the middel of the screen.
bbigone 0 1078 Last post 08-October-02, 01:15:04
by bbigone
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