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MSI Graphics Cards, Nvidia and AMD/ATI-based.
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What about Linux?
Does exists any Drivers for CD-RW MS 8430 for Linux?
morgoth 1 1296 Last post 22-November-02, 07:18:33
by redbull_monsta
GF4 440MX -> MEM + Core
Hi there, 8) I've got a GF4 440MX (ms-8866).Works fine, just one thing. What is the fastest (stable) setting for CORE and MEM ??...
bobdenboer 0 1245 Last post 22-November-02, 05:13:22
by bobdenboer
Where can I download the VGA BIOS for my graphics card?
 Hi, I searched the MSI website for a section with BIOS downloads for graphic cards, but I couldn't find it. Do you know where c...
norberto 0 1192 Last post 22-November-02, 01:58:31
by norberto
2D 'tearing'.
I'm having a slight problem with my MSI GeForce4 Ti4600. I'm getting a lot of 'tearing' with 2D objects in Windows. When I say t...
menkey 0 1089 Last post 21-November-02, 21:56:48
by menkey
Linux Compatability
I would like to know about Linux compatablilty of MSI motherboards. In particular the K7T Pro2 or similar Stu
stupalm 2 1292 Last post 21-November-02, 17:45:16
by redbull_monsta
Mx400d-64 (ms-8852) install problem
I have PIII 1 gig pc with asus cusl2-i815e board running windows xp pro os. When I install the above card the pc is starting at ...
isfahan 3 2079 Last post 21-November-02, 15:05:16
by isfahan
g4mx 440-t
Been having lots of trouble. I have a pcchips mb model 810L, 512 mb ram, amd 1.2 thunderbird processor, 350w psu with 220w total...
sceithamer 9 2127 Last post 21-November-02, 13:29:54
by sceithamer
I cannot use MSI clock or Info in properties
I cannot use MSI clock nor Info in display properties, nor can the 3d turbo work, it errors, it seems everytime I try to do MSI ...
NineBall 3 1283 Last post 21-November-02, 11:30:51
by NineBall
g4mx440 d3d and other probs..
Ok, I have read through the threads here for a couple days and I am still having problems. First, my specs:AMD Tbird 1.2ghzEpox ...
Negativexer0 1 980 Last post 20-November-02, 15:00:32
by Wonkanoby
MSI GF4 TI4600 graphic problems
hi ! well my problem is this... i have just buy a gf4 ti4600, from my local dealer, i was very exited, but wen i get home, i jus...
MagicMANX 9 2230 Last post 20-November-02, 04:13:25
by sbp
g4ti4200-td64 problem when booting
HiI recently bought a msi-g4ti4200-td4. The problem is when I start my pc there's no detail about the card before the boot scree...
Tormentor 3 1104 Last post 20-November-02, 03:10:07
by Wonkanoby
GF4 Ti4200 won\'t play dvd
I had an older nVidia card and a seperate dvd decoder card in my Dell and upgraded to the GF4 Ti 4200 which supposedly doesn't n...
mzieno 7 1659 Last post 19-November-02, 19:52:24
by mzieno
msi clock error
 ?(  did anyone solve the problem with msi clock run32dll error that pups up on winXP.  If someone solved the error please answe...
slavke 6 1508 Last post 19-November-02, 19:25:03
by astrazeneca
TI4200 overclock problem
Hi all. Just found this 8)  8) This could be it!! Regards /Katz
astrazeneca 0 961 Last post 19-November-02, 19:24:01
by astrazeneca
GeForce NV30 to be called GeForce FX
Has anyone else heard this news and that the pricing is between $400-$500, coming out in January? That seems pretty steep to me....
PDiddy 3 1284 Last post 19-November-02, 18:42:12
by iNDEX
dual video out cloning
What up,i just got the 64 mb Gforce 4 card and it has the dual monitor hook ups and s-video in and out.  My question is how do i...
weirdman20 0 1128 Last post 19-November-02, 10:56:37
by weirdman20
MS-8822 (GF3 64mb Voltage)
Hi There everybody from a newby. Can anybody help me all i want to know is if my gf3 graphics card works at 1.5volts, as i am in...
Slaphead 2 1239 Last post 19-November-02, 07:35:31
by Slaphead
MSI TV @nywhere
Ok so I just bought this and I get no video. SO I guess it shoul be called tv @anywhere but here. WHat do I do? Is it the card? ...
mineakey 2 1330 Last post 18-November-02, 12:39:56
by mineakey
Anyone know the voltage on the GF3 TI 64?
i have just bought a new mobo with x8 agp and it requires AGP x4/x8(1.5v) vga card. is the GF3TI 200 64mb a 1.5v card  ?(
MoiD 7 1754 Last post 18-November-02, 08:21:04
by Wonkanoby
Geforce 4 Ti 4200 problem
I have problems with my Geforce 4 Ti 4200 VTPWhen I want to acces MSI clock or MSI information in display settings I get an erro...
e-merge 10 3076 Last post 17-November-02, 22:31:31
by LTrain
does 8xagp make alot of difrance in your gaming
got a 9700 pro but only have a ultra3 with 4x AGP. was wondering if it was worth the price to upgrade to 8X
zxp 4 1344 Last post 17-November-02, 12:48:39
by rus
msi tv @nywhere record length?
I'm trying to record a movie that is 1hr and 20 mins in length with the record option in best mode. But when I open the file I g...
iham1 7 1746 Last post 17-November-02, 12:47:20
by msroest
Crashes when playing graphically intensive games
Can you please help with the following problem (apologies if there is to much info) :-My computer crashes after a variable perio...
Pendo 6 1758 Last post 17-November-02, 08:38:07
by Yzf-R1Guy
WinProducer: Cannot Load Skin File
I'm trying to capture my PS2 while being able to deinterlace video on-the-fly (removing the blurry look.) Virtual Dub won't do t...
Shadow 1 1003 Last post 17-November-02, 06:13:41
by Shadow
Geforce 4 G4MX440 instalation problems
 recently bought a MSI G4MX440 card and had a problem right at the instalation. My PC is: PIII 800 320 MB RAm MB Asus TUV 4X (w/...
syntheticangel 5 1646 Last post 16-November-02, 22:10:00
by syntheticangel
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