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MSI Graphics Cards, Nvidia and AMD/ATI-based.
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GF4 TI 4200 Problem
Hi all,Just got hold of GF4 ti 4200  today. Everything seems normal except refresh rates.I notice that when i get the card to ru...
alexdigital 11 2362 Last post 08-October-02, 05:57:09
by Wonkanoby
Problem with bundled Software
I recently purchased the MSI Ti4600-VTD, and the bundled software applications are what caused me to choose it over other Geforc...
RisingZan 3 1062 Last post 08-October-02, 02:38:29
by RisingZan
G4Ti4200-vtp video capture not working
anyone have problems when you capter the video and and when played back it has a bar in the middel of the screen.
bbigone 0 1079 Last post 08-October-02, 01:15:04
by bbigone
GF3 Ti200 :Max entities Q2 problem
I have a GF3 Ti200 128DDR under win98 on a PIV 2.0GHz w/ 512MB.I am playing a Quake2 mod called dday but have some graphics prob...
detraceyb 3 1254 Last post 08-October-02, 00:09:37
by Assaf
TI4400 in PCI mode
Just put together a new system with a SOYO P4X400 motherboard and I can't get my TI 4400 card into AGP mode.  AGP is turned on i...
Calc 2 1271 Last post 08-October-02, 00:04:36
by Assaf
Ti4600, 40.41 Dets, Temperatures
Having just installed my new Ti4600, I have a few observations, and questions for y'all....  :D I'm using 40.41 Dets, and notice...
SJP 0 1132 Last post 07-October-02, 20:47:23
by SJP
MSI G3Ti200 8851
hi!just wondering, is there a new bios revision for this card? i have mine with the nvidia reference version so there is no way ...
oTTO 4 1265 Last post 07-October-02, 06:36:08
by orlinos
G4MX440 Video capture
Just installed a G4MX440-VTP board in my computer and everytime I try to use InterVideo WinProducer and try to bring in video it...
DTonn 0 1458 Last post 07-October-02, 06:00:46
by DTonn
G4MX420 + MS-6309
I just got a new MSI G4MX420 card, and I'm not sure if it works to it's fullest on my main board. See spec's in my sign.When I l...
Thainen 2 1470 Last post 07-October-02, 05:26:00
by Thainen
No tab nView in Properies window
Hello,I have installed the last detonator 30.82 for my MX440 T.I want to change my TV output video format, but i can access the ...
Chti 0 1138 Last post 07-October-02, 03:04:41
by Chti
TI4600 Stability
Hi,I have a MSI GF4 TI 4600 in my PC and I have just recently upgraded my processors to use the full capabilities of the card.Cu...
acp 6 2309 Last post 07-October-02, 00:21:28
by Assaf
Capturing Viedeo signals on GF4-Ti4400 VTD?
I have bougth a Gf4Ti 4400 VTD from msi and installed the Winproducer software packet. Now I've connected the cable to my VCR an...
Gorith 1 1011 Last post 07-October-02, 00:16:56
by Assaf
GeForce 4 Ti4600 problem :/
Hi,2 Days ago i bought the following system:Asus,A7V333, SocketA, VIA KT333 >2000 Mhz, RAID, Audio&Firewire,Socket AAMD,Athlon T...
Feder 5 2478 Last post 07-October-02, 00:07:42
by Assaf
ms 8866 voltage problem
when i use the 3Dturbo, there's a warning message that says my VGA voltage is unusual - 4.99volts.sysytem profile - MSI K7 Pro 2...
popeye 0 1225 Last post 06-October-02, 11:25:14
by popeye
8851 driver question
I uninstalled the original MSI drivers that came with my card, and installed the 40.72 Detonators and I still have the MSI infor...
Austin007 4 1534 Last post 06-October-02, 09:48:32
by Austin007
A weird bug...i think..
Talking about MSI Clock Frequensis (pardon my spelling) uhm...i have a GeForce 4 Ti-4400 and when i go into display settings and...
GuCcI 0 1057 Last post 06-October-02, 08:06:01
by GuCcI
MS6368 vga + XP drivers
hii have XP installed (MS6368 board) and  in video properties don't see 640x480 mode, don't see 256 colors...i see only 800x600 ...
coca 1 1026 Last post 06-October-02, 01:38:42
by Assaf
Newby question !!! MX 440
I have aquired an MX 440 vid card built by msi for gateway it has 128 megs of ddr memory the msi drivers seem to work well with ...
ibskip 7 1775 Last post 06-October-02, 01:33:23
by Assaf
g4ti4600 dual monitor option doesn't show
Alright This is so weird.. Card has been working great for the last 2 months or so. I went to reinstall winxp as I have done bef...
depressd 1 990 Last post 06-October-02, 01:31:04
by Assaf
MS-6533 MB and Visiontek Graphics cards
 I have a P4 sys w/MS6533G mobo and I'm trying to get a Xtasy Everything (5564) g-card to work, but sys won't boot up when insta...
hey_ringworm 5 1888 Last post 06-October-02, 01:26:32
by Assaf
Another GF4Ti 4200 question
Does G4Ti4200-TD64 provide a dual bios?
-=MoRpH=- 1 1563 Last post 06-October-02, 01:04:40
by -=MoRpH=-
SLOW RECORDING on 40X12X48X unit
HELLO!.I want to ask you people a thing:  I bought a 40x12x48 "CW 4001" cdrom recording unit from MSI.  I previously owned a 8x4...
jeol 1 1069 Last post 05-October-02, 14:48:58
by Wonkanoby
Replacing GF2 with GF4
Hello,Currently I have a MSI GF2 Ti (specs see sig) under Win XP.I have ordered a MSI GF4 Ti4200 128MB, Im expecting it tomorrow...
Sinnet6380 6 1915 Last post 05-October-02, 02:38:54
by Sinnet6380
SMOKIE 4 1309 Last post 04-October-02, 16:47:16
by Maesus
GF3 Ti 200 Pro-VT128 please
I have a G3 Ti200 Pro-VT128 board. The video format in the capture section is permanantly set to Secam. I need it to be set to P...
madhouse28 3 1185 Last post 04-October-02, 03:06:00
by madhouse28
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