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MSI Graphics Cards, Nvidia and AMD/ATI-based.
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where is msi vga bios update for GF4 Ti cards?
It seems like many other card vendors are updating the bios on their GF4 cards for better performance. My friend got a nice perf...
cage 3 1914 Last post 24-August-02, 01:14:08
by cage
Problems with G4Ti4200
i just bought a G4Ti4200 and it appears to have a major problem after i install the card (VGA drivers) and try to do anything pl...
Zenislev 2 1279 Last post 23-August-02, 14:48:06
by Jmedic
cold bootup lockup win98 & win2k
I'm not sure if this is the right board for this so hopefully it will get moved if this isn't.Ever since I got my new puter I've...
Austin007 1 1281 Last post 23-August-02, 12:32:10
by Richard
When coming a new bios to Gf4????
 When coming a new bios to Gf4????I buy a Msi 8871 and Never change the bios, when the new bios coming???
creysson 0 1264 Last post 23-August-02, 12:08:46
by creysson
MS 8332 (32x12x40x) problem.. please help
any tech admins here who can help me on this problem at all? I would be extremely appreciative.. im looking for a possible firmw...
RuneGod 17 4734 Last post 23-August-02, 10:25:09
by Jmedic
G4Ti4200 problem!!!!!!
i have a BIG  problem when ever i try to play a game (even the games that came with the card NOLF) my pc will freeze and i'll g...
Zenislev 5 1935 Last post 23-August-02, 03:43:02
by Richard
AGP 4x info for MSI ti4200
In windows settings and in the MSI information tab there’s info on AGP.How do I have that “AGP traffic enable” is ticked and 4x ...
abc81abc 3 1829 Last post 23-August-02, 02:25:38
by abc81abc
Texture Problems
I am using a Geforce2 MX400 and has been fine for the last 6 months or so but now i have built a new comp and used the same grap...
SSChunks 3 1309 Last post 22-August-02, 19:13:45
by Wonkanoby
A Peoples,Don't really have a problem, more of a question.Most of my HDD's are running at UDMA 5 or 6 , but I notice I only have...
ACI 2 1173 Last post 22-August-02, 12:43:01
by Richard
Which drivers to use?
I am confused here.I have MSI Geforce3 Ti 200 128 DDR and previously I had installed the Nvidia Detonator Drivers 29.42 from the...
Rajeev28 1 1191 Last post 22-August-02, 10:50:42
by rus
Detect TV
Even though I followed all instructions in manual my MX420D-T video card did not detect TV. The cable connections are fine. What...
ZonT 1 1322 Last post 22-August-02, 07:53:35
by Rajeev28
MS-4200 AGP Video Card Driver
I have just built an old system and it has an MS-4200 AGP Video Card.   The problem is that I don't have a driver for this card ...
bowie 1 1852 Last post 22-August-02, 00:56:59
by Assaf
Faulty GF4 4600? maybe...
I bought a gf4 4600 saving a lot of money! And i having problems with it. When i first installed the card, everyting was OK. The...
liperbp 5 1707 Last post 21-August-02, 14:31:03
by harbinger
Unable to Initiate Dual Monitor
Just installed G4Ti4400 into Dell Dimension 8200.  I have two identical Dell 1702 flat panel monitors.  The display set-up refus...
Aimee 1 1394 Last post 20-August-02, 16:34:31
by crAzy_caMel
I plugged in my IR recver in back and the remote does not control anything...Are there drivers or something I need?What can I do...
shlomo20002 0 1304 Last post 20-August-02, 13:40:33
by shlomo20002
GeForce 3 Ti 200 Pro-VT 128 (MS-8850) doesn't work
Does anybody know any incompatibility report between the MS-8850 and Intel D850MD motherboard? The video card is ok( I tested it...
Rush 5 3002 Last post 20-August-02, 13:39:29
by crAzy_caMel
MX460 Run dll as an App failure
Help Help!!!Just built Athlon 1800+ASUS A7S333MSI Geforce 4 MX 460XP ProUnable to access MSI display properties, "run dll as an ...
brunzer 2 1441 Last post 20-August-02, 11:54:04
by brunzer
new drivers / firmware for CDRW? and which one do i have?
hi, i have the Dragonwriter, the sticker on it says made in June 2002.  It reports during startup, and in Device Manageras teh C...
kingabiu 8 2263 Last post 20-August-02, 11:37:27
by kingabiu
CD-RW problem
ok I have dvd drive and MSI 40x12x48 CD-RW and it works propertly with "Nero burning rom" but on some other burning programs lik...
slavke 2 1261 Last post 19-August-02, 16:51:10
by crAzy_caMel
American_Opal 1 1182 Last post 19-August-02, 10:23:41
by rus
display error
ok I am using windows XP pro edition and I just got the new MSI geforce 4 ti4400 video card and when I installed the drivers I w...
slavke 6 2255 Last post 19-August-02, 07:30:19
by cec28007
Problem with G4MX460-VTD
Hi.I have a new G4MX460-VTD, but i doesn't work correctly... under Windows, I'm experiencing lots of errors in the graphics - ev...
Goodman 1 1124 Last post 19-August-02, 00:38:06
by Wonkanoby
TV IN Problem with my Ti4400
Allright, I just brought a new comp this week and I got a Ti4400, today, I tried to make the Tv-IN work, but, I got a problem.  ...
JamesFrost 1 1399 Last post 18-August-02, 22:51:24
by JamesFrost
GF4 4400 Problems
Dear Anyone,I have just bought a GF4 4400.  My system spec is now:-P3 1ghz512mb ramGF4 4400 (128)the card is running at 4xAGP.  ...
Josh Bear 3 1608 Last post 18-August-02, 20:32:05
by crAzy_caMel
display problem
hi, i have an MSI Gefore 4 MX400. i also have a 920p hansol monitor. if i use resolution 1280x1024 then greys and whites become ...
haverer 3 1659 Last post 18-August-02, 17:55:11
by Assaf
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