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MSI Graphics Cards, Nvidia and AMD/ATI-based.
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Geforce 4 ti 3d objects and polygons vanishing
I have a geforce 4 ti 4200 I am not overclocking it, and I have never overclocked it. I just got it yesterday. I used to have a ...
redretro 5 1743 Last post 14-October-02, 17:25:01
by redretro
MX440-VTD8X speed problems
Recently, I purchased a brand new MX440-VTD8X for use with msi 6309 rev 1 mainboard. However when I check the AGP speed, its sho...
1bit 6 2559 Last post 14-October-02, 16:36:11
by 1bit
Analog Video issues with 6398 845 Ultra ARU
Am inputing analog video through a ATI 7500 AIW card & am having issues capturing sound. Get the video but no sound.Is this a BI...
nebjorman 2 1200 Last post 14-October-02, 16:29:30
by nebjorman
Temperature Monitor TI4400
Is there a temperature sensor on the Ti4400??If not, how can we monitor the temperature, is there another program that can do th...
Pif 5 1536 Last post 14-October-02, 10:23:36
by Glenn
Post Your 3D Mark 2001SE Build 330 Scores Here (Overclocking)
Ok it seems that the sticky post for this was a good idea but no standards had been set so heres what i propose, is that i set u...
Athlonix 6 2003 Last post 14-October-02, 05:23:04
by ddealer
Geforce4 Ti 4600 crashing/rebooting in 3d games
System specs: Asus A7V333 with AMD 1800XP (latest bios)512MB ramLinksys 10/100 NICWD 80GB hdSoundblaster Audigy platinumLatest d...
shojin 8 1996 Last post 13-October-02, 20:24:12
by SJP
can anybody help????
im running windows me and ive got a nvidia geforce 2 mx.when i try to play some games on my pc the graphics and sound are messed...
ANDRSAUN1 1 1087 Last post 13-October-02, 15:36:00
by Glenn
MSI Clock panel in Dislpay Properties
Hi,I have an MSI Starforce 8831. I am running Windows XP Professional without the service pack.I installed the latest drive from...
aravindh 1 1196 Last post 13-October-02, 08:19:26
by Denis B
Problems with connecting TV
When i connect my geforce 4 Ti4600  to TV and clone my screen  i see some noise and jumping screen. Sometime clone-function desa...
sergeykondr 0 953 Last post 13-October-02, 04:28:38
by sergeykondr
640x480 and above, capture with MSI GF4 Ti4200 VTP
could anyone successfully perform this operation ? The weird thing is that if I set a capture of something like 5 fps in Virtual...
bucheron 4 1273 Last post 13-October-02, 02:53:07
by bucheron
ti-4400 winxp rebooting
Install my new msi-4400 an 1 week after start having problem playing any games, lock-up etc..Reinstalled winxp and the computer ...
Pif 1 1112 Last post 12-October-02, 16:56:40
by Richard
memory voltage worning!!!
i'm writing this post third thime couse of stupid 3d turbo expiriance!!!!!!! (which opens in first open ie window!!!!!!!!)ok onc...
DL 0 1131 Last post 12-October-02, 15:36:39
by DL
Why The Ghost Lines When Using TV Out??
Let me just say hello, since im new. Okay, i just recently purchased a MSI G4MX440T because im not a big computer gamer. I just...
EnviousEyezOnMe 4 1543 Last post 12-October-02, 08:58:20
by EnviousEyezOnMe
Gforce 4 Mx440 wont work at 4x
Hi i have a gforce mx 440 and i realice that it runs at 2X insted of 4X, i chek the forum and i´ve red tht i should load the 4-1...
sma76928 1 1098 Last post 12-October-02, 07:19:17
by Denis B
msi g4mx440 white bar on vid capture
i'm trying to capture from my toshiba dvd player and all i get is sharp picture on the top, and bottom. but right in the middle ...
Razortorc 6 1475 Last post 12-October-02, 05:28:10
by bbigone
How can I use Stereo?
I've  bought a MS-8818 VGA card,but I can't use the nVidia Stereo.Please help me, thanks. K7T Pro2-A(MS-6330 Ver1.0C)Athlon 1000...
luojianan 1 1039 Last post 12-October-02, 01:02:43
by Glenn
Prob w/ video capture on geoforce 3 128ddr
I am running win xp , have a 850 thunderbird cpu w/ 450megs of ram....  prob i have is that when i try to use the video capture ...
bizman55555 6 1376 Last post 11-October-02, 15:02:26
by WarLord
i have msi gforce4mx 440 with s-vhs out,s-vhs in and video out.I manage to see picture from Pc on Tv,but i dont now  how to see ...
pevac 1 1288 Last post 11-October-02, 05:03:34
by Denis B
GF3 Duel Monitor
Was wondering if anyone has setup a duel monitor system with the GF3 AGP as the primary, and some other card as the secondary un...
Mebane2 3 1291 Last post 11-October-02, 04:21:22
by Mebane2
How get the most from my Geforce ti 200 vt-pro???
Hi , this post will be quite long , but i will greatly appreciate ur help.I wanna know how to put the best settings , and latest...
Ederol 1 879 Last post 11-October-02, 02:39:34
by crAzy_caMel
Msi MX440 overclock
colud you tell what is teh recomended speed for MX440, with the software provided with the drivers?
hfcxx 0 1057 Last post 10-October-02, 23:37:27
by hfcxx
GF4 Ti4200 and Win98 - HELP ! serious problem with drivers !
Ok, I could successfully install the MSI GF4 Ti4200 128 in Windows 2000, no problem there, everything is working.I then installe...
bucheron 2 1538 Last post 10-October-02, 22:42:50
by Denis B
The sword is drawn!
Aaargh!! Have built a few PCs from scratch now and found this THE most frustrating (and time consuming) peripheral I have ever i...
Dragonslayer! 7 1876 Last post 10-October-02, 19:55:23
by Dragonslayer!
agp setting
i  have a msi 694t pro motherboard and just bought a G4mx 420 video card. both of them support 4x agp mode. so i set it to 4x in...
PURmotion 15 3423 Last post 10-October-02, 12:45:01
by tk
Petition for better products
I am unhappy with this new motherboard and Geforce 4 card i bought. There is a problem with the agp and i post so many issues an...
PURmotion 10 2193 Last post 10-October-02, 11:24:18
by PURmotion
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