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MSI Graphics Cards, Nvidia and AMD/ATI-based.
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G4MX460-VTP TV-Out & Drivers..
Hello..Why does TV-Out only works with msi det 27.50 drivers (on cd)?I have tried almost everything and all I get is mixed up st...
ddealer 3 1454 Last post 10-September-02, 10:18:31
by rus
My GF4 Ti 4200 fillrate sucks?
Hi,I just bought this card and ran 3Dmark2001 SE benchmark. I found that my fillrate is reported to be very bad (around 500). Ye...
Juudass 10 2403 Last post 10-September-02, 06:42:37
by Juudass
GF4 MX460 with only 32MB?
Hi,I just bought a MSI GF4 MX460, and after installing the WindowsXP driver from the supplied CD, the adapter reports only havin...
strimacder 1 1142 Last post 09-September-02, 22:50:08
by Bluesky
Help With TI4400 Card Please!!!
Please Help Every time I try to select the MSI clock and the MSI info tab under the properties control panel in Windows XP I rec...
wyles 2 1141 Last post 09-September-02, 20:33:33
by wyles
128MB RAM MX440?
I purchased a system from Gateway a few weeks ago and it came with what they say is a GEForce4 MX440 Graphics Card with TV out a...
galastarr 0 1243 Last post 09-September-02, 18:14:32
by galastarr
I got it!
*** I put this here by mistake, please ignore ***Saiyan,My problem was the VCR. I connected a Hi-8 camcorder and capture goes li...
enio 0 1318 Last post 09-September-02, 16:20:59
by enio
System restarts when trying to capture
My system specs are:-MSI KT3 Ultra ARU (MS-6380E)-1 Gb RAM (2 x Apache 512 PC2700)-MSI G4Ti4600-VTD-Western Digital 120Gb HDD-Wi...
Submono 4 1757 Last post 09-September-02, 15:43:37
by Matrrix
MSI put out Nvidia 31.00 beta drivers!
I ran the LiveUpdate2 and version 31.00 was there for my MSI GF4Ti4200. Have anybody tryed them out yet?
Jonas 4 1326 Last post 09-September-02, 14:20:38
by Jmedic
Overclocking? can someone explain why
hi all, i just played around with my card and did some basic o/c and i went from stock to 305/675 and frankly i got 5fps more, s...
Athlonix 4 1317 Last post 09-September-02, 12:38:27
by crAzy_caMel
How to update bios?
Trying to install a newer VGA bios i get this message; "Vga bios update failed, you might try to update manually". What to do?
Arioch 3 1314 Last post 09-September-02, 09:54:15
by Arioch
Bad 8853?
I recently bought a MSI 8853 GF3 TI500 card for a new system that I was building.  I finally got all of the part together to bui...
Nilas 4 1320 Last post 09-September-02, 08:18:43
by Nilas
MX460VTP Problems
New to forums so if I've done wrong someone please tell me.  After hours of trying different drivers I have finally got the TV o...
del179 6 1872 Last post 08-September-02, 23:06:22
by enio
video-in on mx460
Hi, I need help !I have tryed to connect my camcorder to video-in on the card , but I can´t get it to work. On w2t the computer ...
nie250cc 14 2541 Last post 08-September-02, 23:00:28
by rus
Thinking of getting G4MX460
I am thinking of buying the G4MX460 and I have a couple of questions.  I want to encode the output from my old VCR and was wonde...
zabe1 7 2004 Last post 08-September-02, 22:58:16
by enio
PAL-M capturing in GFMX460-VTP
Hi to all. I've just bought a MX460-VTP video card and started having problems with it. The matter is that I don't know how to c...
alexander_back 5 1707 Last post 08-September-02, 20:31:45
by alexander_back
gf4 ti 4200 128 vivo overclocking
how high have you overclocked your card so it's still stable?im at 300/513what are the "Memory voltage is unusual" messages? and...
bangoo 0 1307 Last post 08-September-02, 18:52:14
by bangoo
Video in PAL-M - G4MX460-VTP
Ja tentei de tudo, to quase comprando um adaptador PAL-M para NTSC. X( My video plate is a G4MX460-VTP (MS-8867)  Would he like ...
jp_warrior 8 2970 Last post 08-September-02, 17:43:58
by enio
What do you use for audio when using your video in?
Im having some trouble. Im wondering what you guys use for audio when you record video on your pc with a video in. I tried hooki...
nVIDIA 3 1380 Last post 08-September-02, 16:55:34
G2TiVX Pro-VT(MS-8836) Video-In S-Video how many pins?
G2TiVX Pro-VT(MS-8836) How many pins is the S-video connector for the Video-In?   Thanx :D
mcfoo 3 1581 Last post 08-September-02, 09:55:33
by Richard
(MS-8886) GF4Ti4200
Just put in my new GF4Ti4200 and I seem to be having rendering problems.Little blocks on the screen as well as streaking lines a...
Jmedic 13 2999 Last post 08-September-02, 09:53:11
by Jmedic
Video F.A.Q.
Hi I think this was posted before,but I think it deserves to be posted again. Here is the Link
rus 7 1883 Last post 08-September-02, 09:20:10
by rus
MSI Tv@nywhere Help.
I got my tuner card last week and everything installed fine. But there are there is a problem and a question I have for anyone t...
Fam 1 1125 Last post 08-September-02, 07:46:12
by Zoodle
agp probs with GeForce4Ti4200
hi @all!My prob is, that my geforce is working in AGP 2x mode instead of AGP 4x. i treid to install several drivers but it does ...
slider2002 3 1310 Last post 08-September-02, 05:18:32
by Richard
GF4 Ti4200-VTD64 Video-Out/In?
I was wondering if the TV-Out socket on my GF4 Ti4200-VTD64 could be used as a Video-In socket. I am going to be in college, so ...
himenohogosha 1 1079 Last post 08-September-02, 05:12:08
by Richard
Problem with display (GF4 Ti 4200)
Hi, well i just bought the geforce 4 ti 4200 128 mb. I installed it & all, but when I try to connect my monitor to the video car...
bratok 1 1191 Last post 08-September-02, 01:26:09
by Wonkanoby
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