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Problem with G4Ti4200
I've got a GeForce4 Ti 4200 and while playing games, it allways hangs up after a few seconds. i've tried several driver but the ...
felon 20 4222 Last post 18-September-02, 18:05:16
by Rolyen
tv-out in linux
How can i enable my tv-out in linux? i have a MSI G4ti4400. I tried nvtv but it seems not to be able to detect the card. hesoez
hesoez 1 1075 Last post 18-September-02, 15:03:11
by wystewart
WinProducer is even worse now...
GeForce4 Ti4400 128mb AGP card, SBLive XGamer PCI, 1.9 Ghz Athlon processor, 512Mb RAM, Maxtor and WD ATA100 80 Gb HDs, running ...
ayrsayle 0 1497 Last post 18-September-02, 13:07:40
by ayrsayle
G3 Ti200 Pro VT - TV Out & nView?
Hello all. I have the above card, and, as it seems with most people, I can't get TV out to work. I want to use the card for vide...
dgsar1 7 2968 Last post 18-September-02, 08:28:54
by gorgon
2 problems
I just installed my MSI geforce4  ti4600. My 3dmark score isn't up to par in my opinion. I am getting somewhere around 9500. Whe...
Ye_lunatic 7 1966 Last post 18-September-02, 05:30:16
by Wonkanoby
geforce failed to install
 have a Gigabyte GA7DXC motherboard with an AMD 1.2 Ghz proc running Windows XPI removed a Leadtech Geforce II ultra from the co...
Lonsmith 5 1748 Last post 17-September-02, 19:55:42
by Ex Forum User 3
Ti4200 crashes the comp?
Hi.I recently bought a MSI TI4200 128meg card and ever since I installed it my computer crash if I leave it for awhile, it never...
vemvar 5 1506 Last post 17-September-02, 18:50:57
by Jmedic
G4Ti4200-TD64 (MS-8870) - No 640x480
If I put Windows in 640x480 it goes sort of blurry/jittery with a wavy edge to the screen sides.  It does the same with any prog...
SrSparky 3 1408 Last post 17-September-02, 15:10:15
by Wonkanoby
MSI TV@nywhere
Hi, i'm new to this board. my first post I just got an MSI TV@nywhere today, was wondering, how do i get the mpeg 4 recording dr...
Mod_Master 3 1714 Last post 17-September-02, 14:34:32
by Fam
WinCoder software trouble
I'm having trouble getting WinCoder record.  The video comes up on the screen and when I record and then stop and name the file ...
James 6 2034 Last post 17-September-02, 11:26:57
by James
ATI & NVIDIA Video Card Tweak Guide
Here is the link
rus 0 1358 Last post 17-September-02, 09:56:25
by rus
Driver: Dsktop brightness bug ???
The latest G4 for XP driver doesn't want to keep my desktop brightness setting.Everytime i quit a 3D game it reload the dark def...
Smokweed 12 3116 Last post 17-September-02, 05:59:25
by Smokweed
WinProducer Problem
The other day I decided to uninstall WinProducer (since I cant get video in to work, prob cos of lack of power only using cheap ...
Frankie 0 1048 Last post 17-September-02, 01:35:24
by Frankie
Faulty CD with G4MX440
Hey Gang,Well, my bro finally took the plunge and got a new vid card to replace my aging ATI Rage Fury Pro...  So he picked hims...
lynux 2 1158 Last post 16-September-02, 16:08:31
by lynux
Where is my Win DVR Serial Number?
I just bought my TV @nywhere card and I tried installing WinDVR but I can't find the serial number for it anywhere.  I found a b...
moffa 1 1376 Last post 16-September-02, 15:02:01
by LTech221
MSI 8340 Woes...
Hello.I keep getting the error message: "No Seek Complete". his happens early on in the burn--at the 2%-3% mark. The drive spits...
Spekter_Rat 6 1811 Last post 16-September-02, 12:17:10
by Jmedic
problem with new gf4 ti4400
well I just bought a geforce 4 ti4400.  Had some troubles installing it and finally got it working right with the 40.41 nvidia d...
sebula 12 3325 Last post 15-September-02, 04:45:23
by Wonkanoby
burner CR48-B (MS-8348B)
i bought the CR48-B (MS-8348B) burner, and i have had alot of trouble with it, it doesnt seem to be compatable with many cdrs at...
bendan102 17 4265 Last post 15-September-02, 03:04:38
by Feirbrand
Video out with Ti 4400
Hi,I've been reading some threads about problems similar to mine, I can't seem to quite find what I want, so here's what I want ...
Zoilus 7 2211 Last post 15-September-02, 02:39:42
by Reebay
Problem with MS-8348 under win2000
Hello. I have a problem with my new MS-8348A. whenever I try to burn a Cd in Nero an error shows up or the system crahses. I hav...
Slimonz 1 1189 Last post 14-September-02, 08:37:44
by Richard
UK availability of MSI TI4200
Hi guy'sI'm looking to but an MSI TI4200 (one of the 128mb models) but the places I usually get my hardware from (dabs, watford ...
Xune 16 3888 Last post 14-September-02, 07:03:11
by Xune
g4ti 4400... no 800x600 res???
Hi folks.... new hereUpgrade my PC with a Soyo Dragon and the 4400. Works fine but, there is no option for 800 x 600 resolution....
nanomite 7 2203 Last post 14-September-02, 01:59:18
by Richard
G4 MX440
Im running Windows 2k with a G4 MX 440. Recently I had to reinstall Win 2k due to XP locking up everytime I ran a game. Anyhow t...
MM 5 1503 Last post 13-September-02, 19:32:21
by gatcho
Older posts
People please read older posts because you can find an anwser there.I'm trying to help everybody(if I know the solution for thei...
rus 0 985 Last post 13-September-02, 11:52:21
by rus
disabling onboard graphics
my motherboard is ms6368.i have bought a hercules 3d prophet 4000xt 64mb pci card.the monitor is running through the card fine. ...
msinoob 12 3950 Last post 13-September-02, 08:46:04
by Wonkanoby
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