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MSI Graphics Cards, Nvidia and AMD/ATI-based.
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Is my Ti4600 broken?
I have blue lines I have grey square when I play games My computer restart alone  ?(
Kham 3 1778 Last post 28-July-02, 05:53:08
by Kham
Dual Vga output w/G4 Ti4200?
I just bought a G4 Ti4200, and it has the VGA out and the DVIout with the converter and the box says DUAL VGA SUPPORT so i know ...
skiZtch 3 2093 Last post 28-July-02, 04:33:06
by skiZtch
AGP problems
My friend just installed a gf4 4400 on my computer.  It seems to be working fine, except it's maxed out at 60fps.  I clicked on ...
Shingen 3 1961 Last post 28-July-02, 00:46:01
by bishop457
nvidia geforce 4 4200ti 128 mb
Please help me I am lost. My screen freezes during games randomly. the only way out is a re-boot. I have tried 3 different drive...
gaber 2 2023 Last post 27-July-02, 12:47:58
by imaboutaquit
ti4200 incompatible w/ xp?
Any reason why my ti4200 is showing up as incompatible hardware in xp? Card was running fine until i did a reformat, now i cant ...
imaboutaquit 16 4990 Last post 27-July-02, 12:38:33
by imaboutaquit
MSI Clock settings
I have an G4-4200 and notice that the MSI clock feature came with the card and 28.90 drivers) allows me to overclock the core an...
Larry 3 2420 Last post 27-July-02, 12:29:00
by imaboutaquit
8850 capturing with Detonators > 23.11?
Hi!I use Windows XP and a MS-8850 (VIVO).When I install the original MSI-drivers from my MSI-CD (21.83) it both works (IN and OU...
PCMCIA 9 3351 Last post 27-July-02, 12:01:14
by crAzy_caMel
Cannot install video capture MSI 8851
I have just updated to Windows XP and I have tried to load the video capture driver (latest) but XP tell me that it cannot activ...
mick matthews 1 1666 Last post 27-July-02, 10:21:26
by mick matthews
3d turbo ex alternative
is there any alternative to the 3d turbo expiriance software. the program is usefull but... hov to say that a little inconvenien...
DL 1 1815 Last post 27-July-02, 04:58:39
by jtb
Can't enable AGP!
Hi, I upgraded from a Geforce 2 MX 32Mb to a Geforce 4 Ti4200 64Mb.  Unfortunately I see very little improvement in performance!...
Dawkin 5 2515 Last post 26-July-02, 22:45:38
by Bluesky
Gforce4 4200 Locksup in Unrealtournament
I ve recently upgraded my tnt2 vanta 8 meg a new msi g4 4200 video card 64meg.  WHen I try out the video card with Unrealtournam...
LamarTK 7 2733 Last post 26-July-02, 22:22:15
by bim2k
Whats wrong with my video card?
I constantly get low scores from my MSI G4 Ti4200 (128MB). The last time I ran 3DMark 2001SE, I got around 4700 marks. My previo...
Agent Arthur 1 1951 Last post 26-July-02, 20:57:44
by Dawkin
Low 3dmark scores with ti4400
I've finally gotten to 9342 in 3dmark 2001se with no overclocking.  As I compare against others' results I have found that I am ...
Guest 3 1785 Last post 26-July-02, 18:36:13
by Guest
Geforce4 Ti4600 gfx glitched?
I've been reading this forum and there seems to be alot of various problems with these boards.  Here is what's happening to me.W...
infovein 1 1935 Last post 26-July-02, 18:08:16
by infovein
NVIDIA Detonator Driver Performance Database
The guys at Tweakers Asylum have built a Public nVidia Detonator Driver Performance Database used to store information on the va...
Richard 0 1890 Last post 26-July-02, 15:56:51
by Richard
MSI brought out the newer Bios?
So , if i get my new bios for my motherboard (msi KT3 ULTRA MS-6380E ) + 30.30 driver for my G4 MX 460 -VTP card will i have vid...
willettfx 0 2005 Last post 26-July-02, 12:06:55
by willettfx
wincoder and winproducer ?
Does it Work for video in? ,cant get thing!!!With wincoder and winproducer. thanks
willettfx 3 2122 Last post 26-July-02, 05:34:51
by Lonn
Unsupported Data Configuration
Hi all, After I got my MSI GF4 Ti4400 I installed XP Home on one of my drives, (I have three) and since XP would not run  some o...
Whrek 3 1966 Last post 26-July-02, 03:49:56
by Assaf
Low MSI GF4 Ti 4600 Performance
Pentium 4 2ghz1GB of DDRAMGA-81EXP Mobo (Latest Bios)MSI GeForce4 Ti 4600 29.42 drivers4xS AA, Ansio Disabled, Vsync offI seem t...
AcidicRage 3 2090 Last post 26-July-02, 02:49:01
by Assaf
8x data transfer on present high end video cards
There are already mainboards that supports this AGP data transfer speed. Can present NVIDIA cards support 8x data transfer in fu...
age2 2 1693 Last post 26-July-02, 02:42:36
by Assaf
Stripes while viewing Video-IN
Hi again..When capturing works I have regular horizontal stripes. They are not moving down or up and they only appear in region...
PCMCIA 0 1612 Last post 26-July-02, 02:40:01
NView install prob.
Hello.I got a G4MX420 and installed the drivers from the CD.Them I went to the video config and saw the NView tab, the one with ...
Rawz 4 1726 Last post 26-July-02, 02:25:14
by Beltxo
Help - Stupid OEM Software!!!!
As you can tell I am not a happy person, I have just done a clean rebuild of my system and stuff is still going wrong all over t...
NKX 1 1736 Last post 26-July-02, 01:55:55
by Assaf
GeForce2Ti pro and tv-out
I have a geforce2Ti pro with video-in and tv-out.When i try to connect my video card with tv i don't see anything.the tv options...
argaar 2 1512 Last post 25-July-02, 22:43:26
by argaar
WinCoder Goes Boom! ...
:censored: , all my InterVideo OEM software is garbage, it all has bugs and it seems InterVideo and MSI have washed their hand of it  :...
NKX 0 1608 Last post 25-July-02, 16:48:17
by NKX
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