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MSI Graphics Cards, Nvidia and AMD/ATI-based.
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MX440-VTP TV-Out Video-In problem
Hi, I have big problem with TV-Out function. When I installed the driver 27.50 from MSI CD, TV-Out works, but Video-In doesn't! ...
nsx 3 1705 Last post 29-July-02, 20:12:58
by Bluesky
Msi gf4ti4400vtd a 3.3V or 1.5V card?
is the msi ti4400 a 3.3v or 1.5v card? I'm asking this because I can't get it to run at AGP4X on a epox 8k3a mobo.
iroo 1 1627 Last post 29-July-02, 18:04:09
by mike_k
And the best computer is.......
show your config! 8)
Kham 9 3143 Last post 29-July-02, 10:13:31
by Ex Forum User 3
G4 Ti4400 Showing ASCII?!!?!?
I got an MSI G4 Ti4400 a week ago and all went well until today. I was looking at my X session (Linux) and it seemed to be havin...
drew 2 1351 Last post 29-July-02, 04:37:37
by mike_k
no green color on monitor
my new msi 845 ultra using win me works great except that i have no green on my monitor. the friend who set it up for me said no...
mmorphew 3 1689 Last post 29-July-02, 02:09:45
by mmorphew
GF4 MX440 fan not working
recently I have slowly upgraded the computer with a MSI GF4 MX440 and the video card's fan was working. After a few weeks I had ...
Jack 1 1710 Last post 29-July-02, 01:48:01
by Assaf
Geforce4 ti4600 problem
Geforce4 ti4600KT3 Ultra512 pc3200 ddrAMD 2000xpWindows xp pro400w psI have the newest nvidia driver, and the update that fixes ...
bishop457 9 3281 Last post 29-July-02, 01:42:48
by Assaf
in the MS 3389 a 1.5v or 3.3 v VGA card?
Can someone please tell me??
bphillman 2 1536 Last post 29-July-02, 01:21:49
by Assaf
MS8839 compatible with 845G Max Mboard?
I cannot find any voltage info on the MSI 8839 (geforce2 MX200) VGA card and the compatibility with the 845G MAX Motherboard. HE...
bphillman 1 1709 Last post 29-July-02, 01:15:28
by Assaf
Problem AGP
Repis 2 1698 Last post 29-July-02, 01:11:56
by Assaf
AGP 1x 2x 4x ?
Im not familiar with these terms. If someone can explain me it will be very appreciated.  )
Kham 1 1564 Last post 29-July-02, 01:08:55
by Assaf
P4 1.8 MSI 845 Ultra-AR  (MS-6398 )    ;(
Repis 0 1672 Last post 28-July-02, 22:03:33
by Repis
4600 video capturing stuttering on picture using mpeg
Good afternoon.I'm new to video capturing but seem to have a bit of a problem. I can capture fine in the bundled WinProducer whe...
Hypacharry 4 2296 Last post 28-July-02, 20:11:41
by lorolia
New MS-8886 G4Ti4200-VTP
Hey guys, MSI just released a new version of the G4Ti4200. It is the MS-8886.This one is 128mb same as the MS-8870, but this one...
Jmedic 2 1853 Last post 28-July-02, 18:04:33
by Jmedic
uninstall and reinstall and (wincoder and winproducer)
uninstall and reinstall and (wincoder and winproducer)Makes it work :P  :P  :P  :P  :P
willettfx 0 2038 Last post 28-July-02, 11:16:49
by willettfx
Problem with MSI-8822 in Flight simulator 2002
Hello,I have a problem concerning MS flight simulator 2002 that appeard when I switched from Win2K to WinXP.The problem is that ...
ulfham 1 1730 Last post 28-July-02, 10:09:25
by Ex Forum User 3
Is my Ti4600 broken?
I have blue lines I have grey square when I play games My computer restart alone  ?(
Kham 3 1784 Last post 28-July-02, 05:53:08
by Kham
Dual Vga output w/G4 Ti4200?
I just bought a G4 Ti4200, and it has the VGA out and the DVIout with the converter and the box says DUAL VGA SUPPORT so i know ...
skiZtch 3 2097 Last post 28-July-02, 04:33:06
by skiZtch
AGP problems
My friend just installed a gf4 4400 on my computer.  It seems to be working fine, except it's maxed out at 60fps.  I clicked on ...
Shingen 3 1966 Last post 28-July-02, 00:46:01
by bishop457
nvidia geforce 4 4200ti 128 mb
Please help me I am lost. My screen freezes during games randomly. the only way out is a re-boot. I have tried 3 different drive...
gaber 2 2026 Last post 27-July-02, 12:47:58
by imaboutaquit
ti4200 incompatible w/ xp?
Any reason why my ti4200 is showing up as incompatible hardware in xp? Card was running fine until i did a reformat, now i cant ...
imaboutaquit 16 4994 Last post 27-July-02, 12:38:33
by imaboutaquit
MSI Clock settings
I have an G4-4200 and notice that the MSI clock feature came with the card and 28.90 drivers) allows me to overclock the core an...
Larry 3 2426 Last post 27-July-02, 12:29:00
by imaboutaquit
8850 capturing with Detonators > 23.11?
Hi!I use Windows XP and a MS-8850 (VIVO).When I install the original MSI-drivers from my MSI-CD (21.83) it both works (IN and OU...
PCMCIA 9 3355 Last post 27-July-02, 12:01:14
by crAzy_caMel
Cannot install video capture MSI 8851
I have just updated to Windows XP and I have tried to load the video capture driver (latest) but XP tell me that it cannot activ...
mick matthews 1 1670 Last post 27-July-02, 10:21:26
by mick matthews
3d turbo ex alternative
is there any alternative to the 3d turbo expiriance software. the program is usefull but... hov to say that a little inconvenien...
DL 1 1818 Last post 27-July-02, 04:58:39
by jtb
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