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MSI Graphics Cards, Nvidia and AMD/ATI-based.
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Original BIOS Request - MSI Gaming Radeon RX 580 V1
I recently purchased a graphics card that was used for mining and wish to restore it back to it's original BIOS.I've searched fo...
cd67584 3 61 Last post 14-January-19, 22:01:43
by flobelix
Hello.the video card does not work at full power, in all games, at any settings(only if you change the resolution to 4K, or look...
borisenkov.ivan 7 211 Last post 14-January-19, 15:41:00
by Nichrome
sn:602-V341-690B1801000670 Thanks admin
imcoolthanyourex 1 49 Last post 14-January-19, 15:27:15
by Svet
Bios Request for MSI Armor RX 570 8GB OC
I bought a MSI Armor RX570 8GB OC on Ebay. BIOS currently on it is for mining, I want to restore to original bios to use for gam...
peterm 5 261 Last post 14-January-19, 14:46:53
by Svet
MSI Ventus OC RTX 2080 - flickering issue
I'm getting this annoying flickering mostly on my 2nd display when playing video (any source, any player) it looks something lik...
Evl 16 449 Last post 14-January-19, 14:37:42
by Svet
MSI GeForce GTX 1050 Ti 4GT OC 4GB latest vBIOS II
Hi - I have the same card with the same issue, the fan will not go below 45% and is incredibly noisy.  Does anyone have a soluti...
nick-sydenham 8 131 Last post 14-January-19, 11:36:02
by nick-sydenham
Bios updates
Hello, so i already updated my graphics card bios and i'm wondering if after this update i did to the gpu bios if i should i exp...
paulo_sousa_21 5 143 Last post 13-January-19, 21:08:54
by flobelix
Need new vBios for 1060 3GT OC
I have a MSI GeForce GTX 1060 3GT OC S/N: 602-V809-724SD1608132280.  Attached is my current vBios.  I need a updated Bios to be ...
guidingleader 3 105 Last post 13-January-19, 16:06:30
by flobelix
MOVED: Request MSI GTX 1060 GamingX 6GB bios update
This topic has been moved to GAMING Graphics Cards.
flobelix 0 43 Last post 13-January-19, 12:12:07
by flobelix
MOVED: Request for latest bios RX 480 Gaming X 4GB
This topic has been moved to GAMING Graphics Cards.
flobelix 0 34 Last post 13-January-19, 12:10:01
by flobelix
Rx 570 Armor MK2 8gb OC 6to8 pin connector?
Hello. I have a 450W Antec VP PSU. Can I connect a MSI Armor MK2 Rx570 8GB OC card to my PSU (which only has a 6 pin connector),...
carlasim 1 69 Last post 12-January-19, 02:38:05
by darkhawk
(Bios request) RTX 2070 armor
Hi,after conversation with nvidia support i want to ask for v-bios (conversation is attached), i will glad for some information ...
Silikon 5 125 Last post 11-January-19, 22:35:32
by flobelix
(bios request?) RTX 2080 sea hawk EK X problems
hello guys . i just purchased an RTX 2080 SEA HAWK EK X  and i have a few problems that i fixed but i dunno if its faulty gpu or...
luisfrancisco012 4 97 Last post 11-January-19, 22:20:09
by luisfrancisco012
1050ti 4gb OC
My nephew just gave me his 1050ti 4gb OC and well he was a complete noob at taking the card out of the computer...he pulled on t...
rick0246 2 71 Last post 11-January-19, 20:40:51
by Svet
6600 GT - race car(d) theory - FREEZING solved
hi ppl, I am one of the sad owners of MSI 6600 GT who have freezing problem since beggining....In some forums, ppl compare the 6...
akeer 2 1379 Last post 11-January-19, 20:14:00
by flobelix
BIOS Request RTX 2080 Ti Ventus OC
Hello, I was wondering if there was a bios update available for my videocard. Kind regards, Danny
Wazabi 3 120 Last post 11-January-19, 19:49:24
by flobelix
Request BIOS Update for MSI Radeon RX 580 Armor MK2 8G OC
HiI am looking for the latest BIOS Update for my 2x MSI Radeon RX 580 Armor MK2 8G OC can anyone help me?602-V341-1210B180400017...
geoffcuz 5 109 Last post 11-January-19, 19:45:01
by flobelix
MOVED: Bfv crash
This topic has been moved to GAMING Graphics Cards.
flobelix 0 30 Last post 11-January-19, 17:50:19
by flobelix
Question about GTX 2080 Seahawk X
Does anyone know if this uses a custom pcb, or is it a reference pcb?  Thank you very much!
ssimmons456 3 192 Last post 11-January-19, 17:17:07
by Svet
Latest bios for 1050ti 4GT OC.
Hello, im asking for latest bios for my card. SN: 602-V809-1147SD1805000013 CHK: EFE Thank You.
joseantonio.perezmurcia 1 41 Last post Best Answer 11-January-19, 17:14:08
by Svet
BIOS for Armor RX570 4GB
S/N1: 602-V341-260B1710000530 CHK: 627 Thanks
ctmnismo 8 163 Last post 10-January-19, 22:23:23
by Svet
BIOS Request for GT 1030 2GH LP OC
Lost the backup of my bios while doing some tests, and now i cant find any bios for my card, can anyone help me ?this is the car...
l.marinheira 3 63 Last post 10-January-19, 21:21:14
by flobelix
Hi!Can somebody give me the latest bios version for my card?MSI GTX1060 6GB ARMOR OCV1S/N: 602-V328-300D1712002836   CHK: 951Tha...
danika9112 5 98 Last post 10-January-19, 21:17:23
by flobelix
Msi afterburner beta 10 + Msi gtx 1070
Hello everyone!I've recently installed the MSI afterburner beta 10 after the news that pascal cards are supported for OC. Softwa...
yuriy.nacharov 9 352 Last post 10-January-19, 18:28:42
by flobelix
New MSI RTX 2070 ARMOR no video
I seem to be having the same issues as this post however that poster left befo...
Drakenex 5 93 Last post 10-January-19, 18:23:05
by flobelix
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