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MSI Graphics Cards, Nvidia and AMD/ATI-based.
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GTX 1080 AERO 8G - Visual artifacts
I experience some pixelated flickering (like a checkerboard pattern) after some time playing (not only demanding games) and/or v...
magicDGS 5 76 Last post 19-March-19, 23:17:51
by Nichrome
MOVED: dual monitor displayport not working need help
This topic has been moved to GAMING Graphics Cards.
Svet 0 27 Last post 19-March-19, 13:51:52
by Svet
RX 570 8g - Black screen/signal loss, radeon settings crash
Hello, I recently purchased a rx 570. DDU'd my old HD7750 d...
jordan_ogle85 4 92 Last post 19-March-19, 13:49:56
by Svet
Bios Request for MSI Miner RX 470 8GB
Hello everyone!I need help again. I want to restore to original bios to use for gaming.My card MSI Miner RX 470 8GBS/N: 602-V341...
khacviet.81 1 37 Last post 19-March-19, 13:48:00
by Svet
GT730 4G BIOS request
Hi,Could I ask for an original GT 730 bios? Model: N730-4GD3V2S/N: 602-V809-462SD1507059516Unfortunately bricked so i do not kno...
gvario 0 26 Last post 19-March-19, 13:25:34
by gvario
1070 AERO 8G OC Bio
Hello, How do I check if my GPU has the most up to date version for BIOS? Also, I am trying to push my overclock further but the...
Anonymous312323 3 76 Last post 17-March-19, 23:25:35
by Svet
rtx 2080 sea hawk ek vbios request
hello, i would like the newest vbios file for my gpu, i attached the current vbios and the sn is 602-v372-44sb181100xxxx.thank y...
plurant 3 119 Last post 17-March-19, 16:26:02
by flobelix
Game crashing with new graphics card
So, recently I upgraded the card that the all in one pc I got from cyber power had to a MSI gaming GEfroce RTX 2070. It runs eve...
eferhilda1769 7 106 Last post 17-March-19, 15:59:24
by Nichrome
MOVED: RTX 2080ti Gaming X Trio VBIOS Request and a Fan1 RPM issue
This topic has been moved to GAMING Graphics Cards.
Svet 0 30 Last post 17-March-19, 14:16:00
by Svet
MOVED: MSI GTX 1080 TI Gaming x bios request
This topic has been moved to GAMING Graphics Cards.
Svet 0 26 Last post 17-March-19, 14:07:57
by Svet
Screen graphics glitch (MSI Armor rx580 OC)
I have this weird glitch Ive never experienced before. I just did a fresh install of windows and tried a second monitor to confi...
chagnon_luke 8 142 Last post 17-March-19, 14:05:07
by Svet
Hello. I bought a MSI RTX 2080 Ti Lightning Z graphics card.And the next question is:What should I do to customize that OLED scr...
kl.karolin 1 43 Last post 17-March-19, 14:03:03
by Svet
MOVED: Video Card repair help
This topic has been moved to GAMING Graphics Cards.
flobelix 0 39 Last post 16-March-19, 23:19:10
by flobelix
Latest BIOS for MSI RTX 2080 Ti Lightning Z
Hello I need or what is now the Latest BIOS for MSI RTX 2080 Ti Lightning Z?
kl.karolin 1 37 Last post 16-March-19, 23:18:43
by flobelix
MSI 2080ti Lightning Z Back-plate RGB flickering and at high temps
Only been using the card for about two days and noticed that the 2-lighting shaped RGB's start flickering when playing games esp...
mwm55755 13 220 Last post 16-March-19, 23:16:56
by flobelix
VBIOS for MSI GTX 1080 Ti Lightning Z
Hi.Is there any newer vbios for MSI GTX 1080 Ti Lightning Z?Currently: NV366MH.110.I want to try permanently disable RGB on my V...
marcosamorandi 8 351 Last post 16-March-19, 19:55:17
by tayfunnekerr
Request bios n650 ti hawk 2gb
I request the bios n650ti hawk 2gb, I use window 8 but my vga doesn't support uefi. how to be able to use windows 8 uefi my bios
jjsubatsa 1 34 Last post 16-March-19, 15:53:04
by flobelix
Please help
Hi i got problem to play high performance games on 144hz game keeps crashing after 20 min of play try 4 different  games on 60 h...
spikelss 1 44 Last post 15-March-19, 22:06:57
by flobelix
RTX 2080ti X TRIO Vbios Request and small fan issue
Hey im just checking to see if I need a new VBios.S/N: 602-v371-11sb1810000543Hopefully this will solve the issue of the smaller...
Ickuma 3 66 Last post Best Answer 15-March-19, 17:52:01
by Svet
MOVED: BIOS Request for MSI RTX 2080 Gaming Trio X
This topic has been moved to GAMING Graphics Cards.
flobelix 0 30 Last post 15-March-19, 15:42:06
by flobelix
RX 580 Armor 8GB - voltages
HiI have the RX 580 Armor 8GB, and I've been doing some light overclocking. I was wondering what is a safe voltage for this to b...
mister_indecision 0 42 Last post 15-March-19, 02:17:34
by mister_indecision
Ventus XS RTX 2060 Blank Screen - unable to install Drivers
I have found a problem with a MSI RTX 2060 6G Ventus XS OC edition.Several hours after a smooth initial install and driver updat...
savadious 5 166 Last post 14-March-19, 21:39:27
by savadious
(Vbios) Latest version for RTX 2080 Duke OC
Is there a newer vbios available? S/N: 602-V372-34SB1809000906 Cheers
Dean034 3 66 Last post 14-March-19, 21:02:46
by Svet
MSI RTX 2080 Sea Hawk X 69C on load with over 2k RPM fans (no OC)
Hello,I was wondering what might be the case that my card runs way too hot on load considering it's hybrid cooler. I have Define...
Lemi 1 57 Last post 14-March-19, 17:09:15
by Svet
vBIOS request for GTX 970 4GD5T OC
My S/N is 602-V316-04SB1410008107 My current vBIOS (84.04.1F.00.5F) is in the attachment. I am looking for the latest vBIOS.
minddisease1337 1 43 Last post 14-March-19, 17:06:20
by Svet
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