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  I have GF4 MX440 P with KT3 UKTRA ARU. Everytime I try to play Diablo and Counter Strike my computer freezes but in other game...
mvbozkurt 1 2370 Last post 13-July-02, 03:41:22
by Assaf
MS 8851.
My MSI 8851 GeForce 3 Ti200 64 DDR Pro TD, have the TV-OUT Chip Conexant Bt 869, but in the display properties apears that is Co...
Kamus 1 3274 Last post 13-July-02, 04:53:31
by zLunatic
GeForce3Ti200 TV Out Problem
I am able to switch the video output from my monitor to my TV, but I'm not able to get both devices to display a picture at the ...
RandomNameGuy 7 3684 Last post 13-July-02, 09:51:18
by crAzy_caMel
Is 4200 vivo card (tv out & video in) or not?On  the top of products page
rus 2 2616 Last post 13-July-02, 10:14:55
by rus
Concerning framebuffers
Been playing around with Geforce Tweak Utility and have noticed that i get a better score in 3dmark if I set framebuffers upto 1...
crAzy_caMel 0 1848 Last post 13-July-02, 17:51:15
by crAzy_caMel
8851 Bios
Hi My Ti200 64mb uses Is there a better one as this appears to be about 9 months old TIA
Worm 0 2016 Last post 13-July-02, 19:09:31
by Worm
Agp 4X
Hi all,I bought the g4ti4400, but i got some really slow scores at benchmark 3dmark 2001. then i saw that i cannot choose the op...
ruud 3 2892 Last post 13-July-02, 20:14:35
by ruud
ti 4200 128mb screencorruption
I'm having probs with my card. The screen gets corrupted somehow. Example: seems to ...
Slayer 2 2713 Last post 13-July-02, 21:44:29
by Slayer
Open gl drivers
I've just formatted my computer and installed windows xp, and I've some problems with obtaining the proper drivers for my video ...
zephyr 2 2342 Last post 15-July-02, 01:03:41
by Richard
MSI Geforce 4 Ti 4600 lock after drivers install
First sorry about my poor english.2 days ago I boght an MSI Geforce 4 Ti 4600 in Chile (in a travel) I'm from Spain.When arrives...
Radheya 6 3226 Last post 15-July-02, 07:43:57
by Radheya
TV-in question
Can anyone tell me how to capture the signal on the tv-in (composit or svhs/y-link) on my gf4 ti4400?I did install the nvidia ca...
DeDolk 1 2102 Last post 15-July-02, 09:59:06
by rus
on board Audio probs - please help?
Hi - I've just set up a new PC - MIS 645E Max2Pentium4 2.0GhzI'm using the onboard sound - but it's crackling really bad in the ...
cola 1 2176 Last post 15-July-02, 10:03:04
by rus
I have a ASUS A7V333 w/Raid512MB DDRAthlon XP 1900+Windows XP Proand a MSI G4MX440-T video cardThe video drivers install fine bu...
Cruzan 3 3306 Last post 15-July-02, 15:11:24
by Mystique
Capture video / watch TV through Philips SAA7104 Possible??
Is it possible  to Capture video / watch tv through Philips SAA7104 using a video recorder to tune tv channels?!? Thx RP  ?(
RP 5 3630 Last post 15-July-02, 15:42:33
by crAzy_caMel
geforce 4 ti 4600
I need help with the installation of my card. The software provide with my card is not installing any drivers when I click on th...
Cory 3 2290 Last post 15-July-02, 17:33:18
by Cory
MX440 screen freeze
Help!Upgraded old PC using an ECS elite motherboard, Duron 1200 proc. and MSI MX 440 graphics card on XP (prof.). System works b...
chopper 3 2506 Last post 15-July-02, 17:49:01
by Assaf
G4Ti4600-VTD in, USB out
I'd appreciate any help anyone can give me.I got my new card today, installed it and tried to boot back up... the BIOS completes...
Grampz 2 2503 Last post 15-July-02, 17:53:40
by Assaf
GF4MX440 problem
my system is:ASUS A7A266 w/ latest biosAMD AthlonXP 1800+512mb DDR memoryWIN98SEThe problem I'm having is when I install the car...
jrm24 5 2990 Last post 15-July-02, 17:56:02
by Assaf
Start the game
Is there anybodody to help me ASAP! I've bought the MSI G4Ti4200 with the software (games) bundled. So, you are kindly requested...
pio46 2 2088 Last post 15-July-02, 18:03:41
by Assaf
MSI GeForce4 mx440 TV-OUT HELP needed :)
Hello ! i need help :(TV-out don't wanna work on MSI GeForce4 mx440 V.card :( i can activate "clone" mode or any other..why ?and...
Mystique 16 7275 Last post 15-July-02, 18:43:00
by Assaf
GeForce4 MX 420
I have installed a GeForce4 MX 420 on a PC with card mother ASUS P3b-f and processore P3-500, video Multisync 5FG, WIN98se but d...
unix 5 3138 Last post 15-July-02, 21:42:39
by unix
Poor offset image using MX460-VTP - other software needed?
I have the MSI G4MX460-VTP(MS-8867) and have connected the aerial to the video and the video to my PC.There are two problems:1) ...
jbyron 6 3254 Last post 15-July-02, 23:49:11
by Walter Jr.
Dual Vid g4 440VTP
Alrighty, I got a dual head card by chance, I happen to have two monitors, now I want one desktop on one and a different one on ...
digi0123 1 2006 Last post 16-July-02, 05:35:59
by Assaf
please 8851 users!
what is the latest bios version of this card? thanks!
oTTO 1 1957 Last post 16-July-02, 11:46:54
by Kamus
GEForce4 Ti4600 VTD
Hi, with startup i don't see any bios message of the msi Geforce 4 Ti4600. Normally a vga-card shows a short bios message before...
Blade_ 2 1976 Last post 16-July-02, 19:38:08
by age2
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