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Nothing on Monitor
Suddenly it was like somebody cut the video cable to the monitor. It just went black.I put the 6600Gt into my other computer and...
-Canuck 6 2497 Last post 08-January-05, 16:23:13
by -Canuck
GPU core 256c !?
Temp readings on my 6800gt has gone crazy. Driver displays 256c, Speedfan -20, Rivatuner 0. I have tried uninstalling Speedfan /...
-HK- 6 2588 Last post 18-October-05, 18:47:00
by Mark
Clone to Single Display = blank screen
HelloGot a problem that is just gonna do me in!After using Clone as a Display Mode (watching stuff on TV) when I wanna switch ba...
-Jani- 4 2402 Last post 02-May-06, 23:16:47
by -Jani-
TI 4200 8X and Win Producer
ok so I am using winproducer, or rather was using it to capture tv onto my computer using the video in portion of my card.  It w...
-StarScream- 0 1337 Last post 15-June-03, 00:44:53
by -StarScream-
Highest overclock
Hi,Can anyone post how high did their fx5600 go? And also how much would I be able to overclock mine.ThankxMSI FX5600 VTD 128T.O...
.*.* 1 1395 Last post 13-December-03, 13:51:24
by Bootstritty
RMA'ing GPU due to leaking fans
I have two R9 280X Gaming cards that are suffering from leaking fans and noisy bearings. As far as I know (see quote below from ...
.Griff. 11 3627 Last post 09-June-14, 10:06:47
by flobelix
New to AMD - MSI HD 7970 Twin FrozR OC BE Temps
Card in question - the last few years I have a se...
.Griff. 10 3873 Last post 06-December-13, 22:33:38
by liquidsmoke
5850 Twin Frozr 2 Problem?
Hi All,I'm new to the forum but my 5850 Twin Frozr 2 today seems to have failed in some way. I am getting multicolour dots aroun...
01chtreece 8 2389 Last post 15-December-12, 05:34:30
by Svet
are GF 8800 Gtx need to use new driver for Windows Vista?
hye.. i got problem here. i just install windows vista ultimate n i got problem with my 8800 gtx. i not have any driver for wind...
0219577 8 4648 Last post 02-February-07, 21:06:24
by Oneal11
[Request] UEFI/GOP vBios for MSI AMD Radeon HD 7770 1GB
Good day! I really need your help in creating a new BIOS version with UEFI / GOP support, could you help?SN:602-V271-070B1302001...
070607 8 428 Last post 31-May-19, 17:21:25
by flobelix
Hi, SN# is 602-V284-300B1312040331Current Rom Here: HP Z620 workstation which would only POST in legacy mod...
0711 12 2933 Last post 28-June-16, 18:42:24
by flobelix
black screen with 7950GT digital connection
Hello to all in the forum.Sorry my first post is to ask for help  :(My PC spec A8N32-Sli Deluxe motherboardAMD Athlon 64 3800+ p...
0James 2 2242 Last post 26-August-09, 09:33:13
by 0James
Flashed Bad BIOS to 560Ti Hawk, How to fix it ?
Hello everyone,I was tampering with a BIOS ROM obtained from my 560Ti(The performance one), I was trying to add more VESA modes ...
0mar32 13 3883 Last post 31-July-12, 19:19:42
by Svet
TV Output Problems
ok I have upgraded my video card from a GeForce 3 ti to a GeForceFX 5600xt td-128and it has a TV output option which I like but ...
0rinsb3lt 0 1213 Last post 28-March-04, 05:06:21
by 0rinsb3lt
MSI 5600VTDR DVI and Flicker Problem
HiHave a MSi5600-VTDR now for about 6 month. I have two Problems with it1. If i shut down my computer and restart and turn it ow...
0scar 2 1596 Last post 13-August-04, 10:24:00
by 0scar
i need help with connecting pc and tv as second display
Hello everybody!!! i am not sure that this is best topic for my problem, but i am new on forum and my English is not great i hop...
100011101011 12 6756 Last post 14-February-08, 20:15:19
by Stu
hlep where is my r7850 gop vbios
i have two msi graphics card one is r7850 hawk 1g s/n 602-v27320sc1308052644-329 another is r7850tf oc /2gd5. sorry i cant find ... 1 1054 Last post 16-October-14, 11:39:53
by flobelix
International Warranty question
Not sure if i'm in the right section, if not then mod please move this away  I'm buying MSI NVIDIA GeForce GTX 660 2GB GDDR5 PCI...
12361236 1 994 Last post 02-July-13, 16:19:41
by badboy2k
5600 (K7n2 elta-ilsr motherboard)
I would like to buy a motherboard - K7N2 Delta-ilsr. But I don´t know which graphic card to purchase along with it (I have heard...
123qw 1 1178 Last post 09-March-04, 23:31:48
by Kingfisher
[REQUEST] Latest BIOS for GTX 970 4G OC
I'd like to know if I currently have the latest and correct BIOS for my graphics card.Model: GTX 970 4GD5T OCS/N: 602-V316-04SB1...
123riprop123 1 211 Last post 24-December-18, 22:46:39
by flobelix
MSI N9500 GT OCD2 Freezes...
hey allyesterday i purchased the N9500 GT 1GB Ram with Hdmionce i connected it to the board iv installed the newest drivers from...
123XYZ 6 3992 Last post 24-July-09, 22:21:26
by Henry
Hey MSI:I have a MSI-GTX-HAWK-650TI graphics card,Because of the win8.1 UEFI boot,I want to flash my card to support UEFI,so can...
124331737 5 1361 Last post 28-July-15, 12:51:58
by flobelix
please help me to get the UEFI GOP BIOS SN :602-V281-088C1306034682-364
1264562294 3 1178 Last post 03-March-15, 13:36:08
by Svet
msi n470gtx
my ngtx470 will not default to 8x or 4x.cannot run sli.runs fine at 16x.i have a different 470gtx. works fine in every slot.this...
1432jc 1 1903 Last post 22-February-11, 07:14:50
by Mike
Help Me I want MSI HD7850 Hawk 1GB UEFI BIOS File
Hi,I would be very gradeful for helping me with a UEFI GOP firmware update for my card.My card is HD7850 Hawk 1GB I want flash t...
15240524 1 656 Last post 06-September-16, 15:13:54
by Svet
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