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GF 560 TI Hawk - Video card heating and locking the screen in some games.
Hello good night, got some problems with my video card, maybe anyone can help me to upgrade bios or something who can help to fi...
d5r 7 1864 Last post 31-March-14, 11:02:23
by Svet
GOP / UEFI BIOS Request for MSI GTX760 TF OC
N760 TF 2GD5/OCs/n 602-V284-46SB1306021360 question, i bought this gpu today, and no splinter cell c...
marcoslei09 7 2843 Last post 14-August-13, 22:26:06
by flobelix
GOP / UEFI VBIOS request - MSI Radeon HD7790
Hi, GPU: R7790-1GD5/OC S/N: 602-V293-010B1307110295 VBIOS: (113-AD56900-100) Thank you.
endriu 6 1985 Last post 04-January-15, 16:22:18
by Svet
GOP / UEFI Vbios request R9 290x Gaming 4G
Hi,Could you please provide me an updated BIOS for my graphic card ?1
Rora1 3 856 Last post 14-September-14, 17:47:12
by flobelix
GOP / UEFI Vbios requests HD 6970
hello i have a HD 6970 lightning OC AT 1005/1585 S/N 602-v237-020b1111024144GPU-Z bios link---  [/url]
smokeintheeye 1 1560 Last post 11-April-13, 15:02:03
by Svet
GOP / UEFI Vbios requests for GTX660 Gaming OC
Hi,I'd like to request the UEFI / GOP vBIOS for my GTX660 Gaming OC.S/N: 602-V287-35SC1311009595GPU-Z BIOS: www[bla]
kondzir 3 1338 Last post 12-July-14, 14:43:27
by flobelix
GOP / UEFI Vbios requests for MSI N760 TF 2GB5/OC
Hello,i need a Vbios to boot my windows 8.1 pc in secureboot. Can you help me whit that?my serial nummer :602-v284-46sb130702255...
tomvhoogmoed 3 1241 Last post 02-November-13, 16:31:13
by flobelix
GOP /UEFI bios request for GTX760
Good Evening,I am looking for a GOP/UEFI BIOS for my Geforce GTX760.S/N: 602-V284-46SB1306017442-J35                            ...
june 1 960 Last post 19-November-13, 08:07:12
by flobelix
Greetings!I'd like to have the GOP UEFI BIOS for n760 TF 2GD5/OC  GAMING  graphics card.The SN is: 602-V284-46SB1308041508-758Ma...
xiajing10000 7 1999 Last post 26-November-13, 18:21:07
by flobelix
GOP/UEFI Bios for MSI GTX-660Ti
Hi,I need a GOP/UEFI Bios for my video card which is a MSI GTX-660Ti - more Details are listed below...=========================...
Wokwurst 10 3756 Last post 02-July-13, 17:31:42
by Svet
GOP/UEFI Vbios Request
MSI Geforce 770GTX 4GBS/N : 602-v282-22sb1307015488Bios :
lewis91 3 1039 Last post 17-March-14, 23:02:06
by flobelix
GPU issue until reboot
I couldn't find a similiar issue so sorry in advance. This happens almost every other time when it's turning on for the first ti...
aarix 2 161 Last post 02-March-19, 22:26:46
by aarix
GTX 1060 HP 6G VBIOS Request
I don't see a s/n on the card attached is a picture of the sticker on the card and the gpu-z please give the latest bios Thanks
msi 1 133 Last post 13-August-19, 23:14:51
by flobelix
gtx 1070 ti armor gaming app "the platform does not support this application"
hey, i recently got a 1070 ti armor edition and saw that you guys had a gaming app. i downloaded it and was greeted by a message...
annoyingnegrosta 1 470 Last post 01-April-18, 06:51:46
by Svet
GTX 560 TI BIOS 70.24.2E.00.6C URGENTLY REQUIRED for my msi twin frozr 2.
 GTX 560 TI BIOS 70.24.2E.00.6C  URGENTLY REQUIRED for my msi twin frozr 2.
eaman 3 1498 Last post 23-September-14, 20:14:59
by Svet
GTX 780 Ti Gaming 3G new bios??
Hi i buy GTX 780 Ti Gaming 3G  but I see that there are two bios for this card?? why there are ...
defender359 5 1637 Last post 27-March-14, 06:23:10
by Svet
GTX 970 4GD5T OC - GOP / UEFI reuest
I've problems with running TV (HDMI) & monitor (display port) at the same time. Maybe newer ROM will solve them.VGA BIOS: NV316M...
dejwi2000 1 817 Last post 10-April-16, 21:20:58
by flobelix
GTX560 TI 1GB Twin Frozr II OC runs hot with Furmark
Hi everyone,I have this card now for a 5 days, runs fine within game (Far Cry 2) , all maxed out, temp 55-60c.Did some test (kom...
max10 15 7637 Last post 18-September-11, 03:39:10
by max10
GTX780 UEFI request
Could I get the UEFI firmware for a MSI GTX780 ?
tercel 1 1430 Last post 02-July-13, 12:58:29
by Svet
HD 6950 1GB Twin Frozr II availability
Hello everyone, i would like to know if and when the HD 6950 (1GB version) with the Twin Frozr II will be available, and the mos...
Ren87 3 3498 Last post 11-February-11, 18:05:21
by Ren87
HDMI to Display port no signal
Hello, i have a graphics card 2060 The 1nd monitor is HDMI and I'm already using the HDMI port on my graphics card for my main m...
georgeboudas 19 578 Last post Best Answer 11-December-19, 14:37:06
by georgeboudas
Help :( need original bios for Radeon RX 470 Armor 8GB OC micron memory
Please, help S/N: 602-V341-160SB1707000516 CHK: 2A3
laloalink 1 224 Last post 28-June-19, 19:00:15
by flobelix
Help! Strange Video Problem
Hello. I have this strange problem. Whenever I play games or do anything on my PC at fullscreen my monitor and TV will flash a b...
Brute44 2 1650 Last post 09-January-03, 15:31:01
by Brute44
Hybrid CrossFire with ATI Radeon HD6450
Please inform me if  the  mainboard  MSI 760GM-E51 (which support  Hybrid CrossFire), support  graphic card with chipset ATI Rad...
stavros957 1 2295 Last post 16-November-12, 15:54:03
by HenryW
i need old drivers nvidia geforce gt430 md2gd3
I need old driver for this graphic card, because MSI deleted old drivers and new drivers my graphic card cant display.Pls help m...
mokysk 7 2823 Last post 15-December-12, 15:21:27
by flobelix
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