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MSI Graphics Cards, Nvidia and AMD/ATI-based.
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qavbypece and 163 Guests are viewing this board.
1660Ti Blurry Text Mac Pro 5,1 Windows 7 running native
specs below in sigRunning 3 Samsung 1080 displays.Running 2 Display Port to HDMI cables (no converters, just straight cables)Run...
jimmycmpit 3 126 Last post 12-August-19, 01:17:21
by Svet
2070 armor's rgb doesn't change on both dragon centre/mystic light. PLEASE HELP
So i just installed my 2070 into my pc, the card works perfectly (temps, clock etc all good) however the rgb doesnt change and i...
carlos111897 4 146 Last post 11-August-19, 22:57:58
by carlos111897
Request vbios
Hey, Is there an update for my graphics card?S/N1:602-V371-23SB1810000215Current vbios: NV371MH.113Vbios uploaded to https://dri...
Suprapixel 1 77 Last post 11-August-19, 21:20:14
by flobelix
2080TI Lightning Z going to safe mode/1350MHZ when stock cooler fans removed
Hi,I created an account just to post my problem here.I just installed the new bitspower waterblock on my lightning Z.It took me ...
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etienneleroux 63 3731 Last post 11-August-19, 14:45:29
by flobelix
VBIOS Request: MSI GeForce GTX 1080 Ti LIGHTNING X
Hello,Can you please advise if there is any new vbios for my graphics card besides NV366MH.121 (found on forum)?SN: 602-v366-03s...
Blurrr 1 89 Last post Best Answer 11-August-19, 14:43:14
by flobelix
2080ti Lightning Z 72c temp
Afternoon,My New 2080ti Msi Lightning Z always crashes on all games/stress tests when it reaches 70c-73c?Just looking for some a...
justin.myers.243 2 107 Last post 11-August-19, 01:44:44
by juha.pekka.saari
1080 Ti ARMOR 11G OC Problem
Hi all,My graphics card seems to be showing an issue when under load, i.e. in games.There is a whining or high pitched electroni...
dwhyte 9 330 Last post 10-August-19, 15:43:56
by flobelix
BIOS MSI GeForce GTX 1060 6GT OCV1
Good day! Actually, please provide the original BIOS the latest version for the GTX 1060 6GT OCV1 S/N 602-V328-150B1702001282
yama5ones 1 70 Last post 10-August-19, 15:43:03
by flobelix
msi twin frozr gtx 560 ti oc
hi everyone!i wanted to know if someone could unlock the powerlimit on my gtx 560 ti, ive been trying to overclock the core and ...
darkystori 5 123 Last post Best Answer 09-August-19, 23:35:24
by flobelix
MOVED: GTX 970 100ME Vbios Request
This topic has been moved to GAMING Graphics Cards.
flobelix 0 44 Last post 09-August-19, 23:26:31
by flobelix
Latest Bios for RX 570 Armor OC 4GB - request
Can I please have the latest bios for the RX 570 Armor 4GB OC SN: 602-V341-325SB1901004967 CHK: BC9 Thanks in advance!
aprzemas 1 86 Last post 09-August-19, 21:59:10
by flobelix
VBIOS request - GeForce GTX 1650 Aero ITX 4G OC
Model: GeForce GTX 1650 Aero ITX 4G OCS/N1:  602-V809-1520SD1905008607 CHK:F0CS/N2: J5D0107320 2XXBIOS: NV809MH0.I00Biosfilehttp...
nyholm1984 1 72 Last post 09-August-19, 21:51:25
by flobelix
RTX 2060 crash
Hi,I recently changed my old 960 for a RTX 2060. Unfortunately, some of my games suddenly crash in the middle of the game. For e...
otalens 1 62 Last post 09-August-19, 20:23:35
by Nichrome
MSI RTX 2080 SeaHawk X HIGH FPS Noise
Hi Guys ! There is my new gaming setup 1 week old ! Config: Ryzen 7 3700xAsus Rog STRIX x570 F gaming MotherboardCorsair 16gb du...
drrooland 5 183 Last post 09-August-19, 15:54:37
by Nichrome
MSI GTX 770 bioses request
Hello, I would like to get the latest possible UEFI GOP vBIOS and standard BIOS for my MSI 770 card. S/N: 602-V282-23SB1308010297
wasariuda 8 267 Last post 09-August-19, 02:00:39
by Svet
Can a MSI gtx 1050 2GB OC play VR games
I'm thinking of buying a VR headset like a Windows VR headset and playing some VR games. If I overclock do you think ill be ble ...
arhamshikdar 1 55 Last post 08-August-19, 22:58:50
by flobelix
Request for R9 270X Hawk VBIOS
Hello, I need vbios. I downloaded some from internet ( , but n...
shitler 3 102 Last post 08-August-19, 21:23:48
by flobelix
VBIOS update for MSI Armor RX580 8G OC
Hi,Can I get latest VBios for a MSI Armor RX580 8G OC  S/N: 602-V341-1050B1805017983 CHK:43F.Current VBIOS file
akins75 1 80 Last post 07-August-19, 21:15:47
by flobelix
NVIDIA GeForce GT 710 Graphics Card and HDMI
Hi, I have been trying to find help for a problem I have with a graphics card. It is a NVIDIA GeForce GE 710 graphics card in my...
erikmouse 1 74 Last post 07-August-19, 21:02:25
by flobelix
VBIOS request - Rx570 armor 8gb OC
Hi, can I please have VBios for RX 570 ARMOR 8GB OC. Part number: 912-V341-236 S/N 602-V341-240SB1803009288 Thanks in advance.
anthony.gannon 1 64 Last post Best Answer 07-August-19, 20:59:04
by flobelix
SLI Bridge L For Asus ROG maximus vII ranger
Hello there,Does anybody know here if I can use the SLI Bridge L on my Asus ROG Maximus VII ranger motherboard?I already got 1 M...
info.jasagames 1 48 Last post 07-August-19, 20:57:28
by flobelix
Fan Cooler for a GTX 1070 seahawk EK X
Hello to all, im looking for advice on converting my GTX 1070 seahawk ek X to a fan cooler so i can give it to my friend when i ...
curlster81 1 80 Last post 06-August-19, 20:51:52
by flobelix
980ti lightning edition - RIP?
Hey Guys! Im new to this forum. so Hi you all I fear my Graphics card is dead? I will just see if some of you wise guys can co...
thomasloebner 3 137 Last post 06-August-19, 03:22:39
by badboy2k
GTX 1060 Duke OC 6G VBIOS Request
Hello There,  I want to update my video card vbios, here's info:  S/N: 602-V809-715SD1612105588-Z4M GPU-Z info:  MSINV809MH0.530
flashbenny 1 83 Last post 05-August-19, 21:44:02
by flobelix
RX570 + 4 displays
I currently have an old nVidia GTX660 where I have 3 monitors and 1 TV connected to it. The setup is as follows: 2 DVI connected...
dmboudreau_1 1 79 Last post 05-August-19, 21:36:43
by flobelix
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