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MSI Graphics Cards, Nvidia and AMD/ATI-based.
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I have a MSI GTX 770 TF 2GC O/C EditionModel - N770 TF 2GD5/OCSerial - 602-V282-20SB1305038787Current Bios - NV282MS.301MSI Live Update 6 says I'm already using the latest video card bios?But from wha...
lefty_what 1 361 Last post 26-May-16, 12:46:14
by lefty_what
What wrong with msi 7770pe at slot 16x
i had buy vga card msi 7770pe, install it at slot 16x pci of giga b75 d3v, kingmax dual channel 2x4g 1600, psu hexa 500w, ssd samsung evo 128g.begin, it run so well, plug and power on, install driver,...
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muathuchettrongtim 17 1140 Last post 26-May-16, 01:21:15
by muathuchettrongtim
N770 TF 2GD5/OC GOP/UEFI Vbios request
Product: N770 TF 2GD5/OC Model: 912-V282-065 S/N: 602-V282-220B1310063486 Bios saved from GPU-Z attached.
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sorrowdragon 10 1308 Last post Best Answer 25-May-16, 18:31:48
by flobelix
[REQUEST] UEFI/GOP vBios for MSI N560GTX Twin Frozr II/OC
Hi    i need UEFI for MSI N560GTX Twin Frozr II/OC (1GB)   S/N 602 -V238 -240B1108160345   Rom: no original  Thanks you
isoldier2013 5 415 Last post Best Answer 25-May-16, 16:57:03
by Svet
Looking for a BIOS Update (970)
Was looking to get a bios update to see if it'll fix some errors I've been getting recently in event viewer which are most likely driver related I'm hoping but I'd still like to see if a BIOS is avail...
ur-uncle 1 337 Last post 22-May-16, 19:03:31
by flobelix
UEFI BIOS request N660-2GD5/OC
S/N: 602-v287-040b1311041104
razvanvasui 3 265 Last post 22-May-16, 18:21:33
by Svet
MSI GTX 770 problems
I have had my system for 18 months and it has never had any issues. MSI B851 motherboard and MSI GTX770 N770-2GD5/OC. I have not messed about with any overclocking. Then one day when loading up I got ...
mike 1 286 Last post 22-May-16, 12:35:31
by flobelix
UEFI BIOS Request R7850 Twin Frozr III OC 2GB GDDR5
Requesting UEFI Vbios for MSI R7850 Twin Frozr 2GD5/OC  Model: R7850 Twin Frozr III OC 2GB GDDR5 Serial Number : 602-V273-010B1206059930 Original VBIOS :
inumaru777555 3 291 Last post 21-May-16, 22:25:13
by flobelix
MSI Global English Forum > Graphics Cards > Graphics Cards > MSI Afterburner 'Ca
I have reinstalled the software more times than I can count, quintuple checked my firewall. Automatic updates are turned off and it still automatically checks for updates after ever reboot. THis is a ...
zkreig 3 381 Last post 20-May-16, 18:28:52
by flobelix
[REQUEST] UEFI/GOP vBios for MSI N680GTX Lightning
Hello =),I would like to request a UEFI / GOP compatible vBios for my GPUmodel: MSI N680GTX LightningS/N: 602-V283-04SB1208073016Current vBios attached.I found this thread:
willian.spinola 5 399 Last post 20-May-16, 18:25:11
by flobelix
I would like a UEFI/GOP VBIOS for my MSI N760 4GB.S/N: 602-V282-31SB1308034502BIOS: 80.04.BF.00.70 (P2001-0010)ROM: www. (cannot post link, sorry)Thanks...
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Fanolian 14 1731 Last post 19-May-16, 18:11:12
by Svet
GTX 650 Ti Boost Fan Issue - One fan stops spinning after booting
Hi, I'm using MSI GTX 650 Ti Boost for almost 3 years. I have just noticed this and I'm not sure whether it's an issue or not.  Every time I tried turning on my PC both of my GPU fans were spinning at...
shabriandy 3 556 Last post 18-May-16, 19:06:39
by flobelix
Radeon 7770 UEFI GOP [PE1GD5/OC]
Model:  R7770 PE1GD5/OC S/N: 602-V271-05SB1205112410 Is there any way to add UEFI to my video card? ** Thank you!
jacob101980 1 282 Last post 18-May-16, 18:30:19
by Svet
MOVED: MSI r390 issues
This topic has been moved to GAMING Graphics Cards.
flobelix 0 153 Last post 18-May-16, 17:56:04
by flobelix
MOVED: BIOS request GTX980
This topic has been moved to GAMING Graphics Cards.
flobelix 0 138 Last post 18-May-16, 17:29:38
by flobelix
gtx 580 lightning xe bios issue
Hello, I look for a bios file for my gtx580 lightning extreme 3gb recognized now at 1,5gb somebody can send me his own file. the file in techpowerup change nothing . thanks sorry for my bad english
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john59650 14 977 Last post 18-May-16, 17:13:36
by flobelix
New BIOS for gtx 980 4gd5 ocv1
Could you please attach the latest bios file for gtx 980 4gd5 ocv1. I'm afraid, I flashed my graphics card with wrong rom (trying to resolve dp-port issue), so I started experiencing crashes during ga...
tkachenoko 5 517 Last post 17-May-16, 23:40:38
by Svet
MOVED: Tech support/Warranty for 290x Gaming 4G
This topic has been moved to GAMING Graphics Cards.
Nichrome 0 145 Last post 17-May-16, 10:52:29
by Nichrome
what is the best driver for N750 TI-2GD5/OC
i currently have the game ready driver 365.10 on the msi website it shows the driver as 355.82i have windows 10 64 bitasking because im not sure if i should upgrade to the new game driver or go back t...
hernant1909 3 255 Last post 16-May-16, 20:47:32
by hernant1909
MSI Afterburner resets Crimson's Power Control setting on bootup
Using the latest Crimson drivers (16.4.2), MSI Afterburner 4.20, and Win 7 64. Everytime I login to Windows the Power Control setting in Crimson Radeon Settings (Radeon Settings > Gaming > Global Sett...
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racer.1.thedude 7 790 Last post 16-May-16, 15:26:47
by flobelix
Big problem with My MSI Twin fozr 650 ti boost
Hi all,I posted a topic about my problem on Nvidia forum ( I can't post external link here due to two posts limitation.... :s ) and it seem no one actually cares about it, so I came here to seek help ...
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haluloid 19 1273 Last post Best Answer 15-May-16, 18:39:15
by Svet
UEFI bios request for my Gtx 660ti
Hello all, i want to request an UEFI bios update for my msi Gtx 660ti, I'm newbie and i have no idea what program do i need and what to do. All help appreciated!
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simon.peter199999 14 1104 Last post 15-May-16, 11:54:45
by flobelix
bios MSI N770 TF 2GD5/OC
Hi guys, Can you provide me with a GOP BIOS for my card? S/N is 602-V282-220B1403108621 MSI N770 TF 2GD5/OC ... thanks
shuikoung 1 379 Last post 15-May-16, 11:15:34
by flobelix
Afterburner: Riva Tuner Statistics Server
I get this every time I boot up my computer, I have tried to uninstall but I can't close the program as it fires its self straight back up, I can't re-install it as it aborts because it’s still runnin...
post2 3 873 Last post 14-May-16, 21:28:47
by flobelix
No onboard audio after installation of gtx580 Lightning
Hello:After installing MSI gtx580 Lightning video card  on Gigabyte mb, I have lost onboard audio, except through blue tooth connection. Was working fine with EVGA gtx580. Speakers are plugged in.  Ha...
wikksmith 1 202 Last post 13-May-16, 15:37:50
by darkhawk
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