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MSI Graphics Cards, Nvidia and AMD/ATI-based.
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MOVED: A few questions in relation to graphic card MSI GTX 970
This topic has been moved to GAMING Graphics Cards.
Svet 0 142 Last post 11-November-15, 16:02:04
by Svet
R7970-2PMD3GD5/OC Over Heating Issues
Well Since i bought this card iv not really used it to much.. but with the release of the new Starcraft 2 Expansion i decided to play the game.. now to the issue. when playing the game i have to set t...
skillerconverting 1 131 Last post 11-November-15, 08:08:56
by Nichrome
UEFI/GOP Vbios edit request for GTX 970
Hello.i got  GTX 970 GAMING 4G 602-V316-130B1505061744I would like to receive modified UEFI/GOP vbios with changed output priority .I would like to have priority as : DispalyPort - HDMI - DVI - DVI  N...
arteym 2 333 Last post 10-November-15, 20:52:33
by arteym
Gtx 960 vs 970
Hi, I just wanted a answer of which card is better a gtx 960 4b or gtx 970 4gb, they have the same ram.iv been watching comparison videos and they seem to make it all complicated. when you switch vide...
gridcore 5 814 Last post Best Answer 10-November-15, 10:05:27
by hooride70772
Help & BIOS request
Hi,I'm having an issue getting my GTX 760 to do an ultra fast boot.  I have everything installed in UEFI correctly and it will do a UEFI "fast boot", just not "ultra fast boot"...I get the error messa...
savestheeday 6 376 Last post Best Answer 09-November-15, 19:20:46
by Svet
MOVED: PE60 2QE GTX960M - problem with drivers and notebook freez
This topic has been moved to P series.
flobelix 0 163 Last post 09-November-15, 16:48:56
by flobelix
MOVED: GTX 970 GAMING 4G TWIN FROZR V, major artifacting leading up to BSOD or TDR
This topic has been moved to GAMING Graphics Cards.
Svet 0 129 Last post 09-November-15, 16:38:19
by Svet
UEFI/GOP Vbios request for R7 260X 2GD5 OC
Model : R7 260X 2GD5 OC S/N : 602-V293-070B1401162151 Current BIOS : BIOS file is attached Thank you very much.
javahk168 3 269 Last post 09-November-15, 13:34:06
by Svet
Strange Fan Behavior on GTX 660
Hi, for some time now my GPU fan is acting strange. It's perfectly quiet 95% of the time, but then all of a sudden it ramps all up, going 3800RPM for a few seconds and then turning quiet again. This o...
sinon 5 308 Last post 08-November-15, 18:02:43
by flobelix
R9 270x stopped running
Hello,Hoping someone could give me some advice. New build PC in September; it worked fine for a month or so. Few weeks ago FPS on games dropped to nothing, very slow and more or less unplayable. The c...
morganacollier 2 193 Last post 08-November-15, 01:00:18
by morganacollier
[Request] MSI UEFI/GOP BIOS R7850-2GD5/OC
Hello,I'm trying to get full UEFI to work on my system but it seems my graphics card does not have a UEFI compatible BIOS. Could you provide me with one?I've attached a dump of my current GPU bios mad...
maikelwever 1 224 Last post 07-November-15, 22:49:58
by Svet
Request: GOP for N680GTX-PM2D2GD5
Hello I'm trying to move onto UEFI but I've found out I need to upgrade my video card bios, I've got two N680GTX-PM2D2GD5's running in SLISerials are as follows S/N:602-V282-010B1206055811And S/N:602-...
callummmprior 3 261 Last post 07-November-15, 01:50:00
by flobelix
MSI Gaming App Not Working
I'm not sure where to post this but i did some research and came up empty.  I cannot get MSI Gaming app to work.  It downloaded the latest version and it seems to install ok and give me a desktop icon...
ericmensch30 3 400 Last post 05-November-15, 16:09:28
by flobelix
Hello there I would like to request 2 GOP bios for my 2 cards GPU1: S/N: 602-V277-010B121204XXXX GPU2: S/N: 602-V277-010B121204XXXX Also if bios updates are available
NikuelTrasgu 5 277 Last post 05-November-15, 15:42:11
by Svet
[REQUEST] R9 280X 3G VBIOS Request
Hi, I'm getting differnt artifacts in games with an msi R9 280X 3G.Serial number: 602-V277-250B140701****Current VBIOS is (attached, saved from GPU-Z)Is there a newer VBIOS that...
gvozd 3 208 Last post 05-November-15, 15:19:20
by Svet
S/N:912-V803-844B1310003865-628 THANKS IN ADVANCE.
junmin2010 1 287 Last post 05-November-15, 13:45:40
by Svet
960 sli? or just stay to single gpu
Hello, I need some advice/opinion on some PC parts. My PC parts currently Are a MSI 960 limited edition, i5 3470,Asus P8H61-M (does not support Sli). I am thinking about upgrading my PC parts to newer...
ryangurba_ 2 207 Last post 04-November-15, 23:11:33
by darkhawk
980 not being recognized.
I received a new GTX 980 today. Installed it, and waited. Nothing. My screen showed no indication my card even existed. Cleared my CMOS, updated BIOS, nothing. I have no idea what to do. Please help!
measeraj 3 216 Last post 03-November-15, 22:50:09
by Nichrome
My Graphic Card
I bought a Graphic Card (MSI gtx 970) last week and it makes my game lag D: Help!
bhbrianhoran14 1 151 Last post 03-November-15, 17:15:39
by Nichrome
Games crashing with gta 970
Hey I bought  about 1 month ago my new graphics card,msi gaming gtx 970.I am using win10 atm and games like farcry 4,wolfenstein,gta have error the app stopped working.I did two times format my system...
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georgekalohome 15 949 Last post 03-November-15, 15:09:58
by Svet
how to rma a card in europe(greece)because of high load temperatures
i have r9 390 8g gaming.the idle temps are ok about 30c.but when playing intensive games or benchmarks,the temeprature go 92c after 20 minutes of gaming.when was summer here in greece i though its nor...
valleron2010 3 220 Last post 03-November-15, 15:04:09
by Svet
Warranty on cards bought on and shipped internationally
I am planning to buy MSI R9 390 on and get it shipped to India (where I live) via international shipping. So is the warranty applicable for me and will I able to claim warranty for the card...
lgp171188+msi 2 233 Last post 03-November-15, 14:39:24
by Svet
msi r9 390x blackscreen on load
Dear all,I'm having many difficulties with the card. When I installed it for first time I started Unigine Heaven 4.0 just to try and it was working ok for 15 min, started Witcher 3 for 15 min and ever...
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acamilivojevic 9 607 Last post Best Answer 01-November-15, 23:56:39
by Svet
[REQUEST] BIOS with UEFI/GOP support for my R9 290x Lightning
S/N: 602 - V307 - 04SB1402054092 Thx!
songokuj5 3 396 Last post 01-November-15, 12:08:28
by flobelix
MOVED: Boot hangs at POST B2 errorcode after I installed my new msi GTX960 gaming 4G
This topic has been moved to MSI Intel boards.
Svet 0 166 Last post 31-October-15, 15:38:09
by Svet
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