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MSI Graphics Cards, Nvidia and AMD/ATI-based.
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Will MSI R5670 graphics card run on MS 7168 motherboard?
I bought an MSI R5670 graphics card (1Gb OC edition) and would like to install it into my "old" pc (got it in 2005) which is running a MS-7168 motherboard and a 460W power-supply. Is this possible?
clippingtimes 3 373 Last post 20-August-15, 19:04:53
by flobelix
VBIOS UEFI GOP Update for MSI N650 2GD5/OC
Hello,I am looking for an updated VBIOS that will support UEFI GOP. I have a MSI N650 2GD5/OC.S/N 602-V809-166SD1403033133Here is a saved coby of the vbios from GPU-Z. <<
koz.kozlowsky 5 337 Last post 20-August-15, 12:17:43
by Svet
Msi gtx 970 for trade
I upgraded to a 980.  This gtx 970 was used in my alienware amp for a short time then I upgraded to another card.Retail is 340 however I'm asking a few hundred in steam games I am looking for and I'll...
james.t.bland 0 157 Last post 19-August-15, 01:00:56
by james.t.bland
Hi I have MSI GTX 780 TF OC Gaming and I want to flash it to GOP version S/N: 602-V298-050B1403115219 I attached my current vbios thanks in advance 3 367 Last post 18-August-15, 22:04:52
by Svet
Hi,I just bought this graphic card yesterday and couldn't set it up, so my friend directed me to this forum.Below is the attachment of my gpu-z screenshotand here is the S/N#: 602-V809-437SD1503052042...
ruihaiye 3 397 Last post 18-August-15, 15:36:33
by flobelix
GTX 970 Audio Problems
Hello there,I've had audio problems from my card basically since I got it. Every so often the sound will slow down, go robotic and sometimes the video will too. I've tried reinstalling drivers, updati...
davienisbet 1 243 Last post 18-August-15, 14:36:44
by flobelix
[REQUEST] Stock VBIOS for N760-2GD5/OC
Card: N760-2GD5/OCSN: 602-V284-74SC1403025856Today I attempted to flash a UEFI BIOS to my card and I didn't save my original BIOS. After flashing the UEFI BIOS I am experiencing screen artifacts that ...
xeperio 4 281 Last post 18-August-15, 12:29:13
by Svet
MOVED: MSI R9 290x 4g Gaming 2nd dvi stopped working
This topic has been moved to GAMING Graphics Cards.
Nichrome 0 108 Last post 18-August-15, 10:41:21
by Nichrome
UEFI GOP firmware for nv680 lightning?
Hi, also if you can send the required nvflash syntax.
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llesic1 7 489 Last post 17-August-15, 15:44:23
by Svet
Hi i have MSI N660 twin frozr iii and i would like uefi/gop bios serial number is: 602-V287-04SB1209069784 attached bios below thanks
pauldream64 3 261 Last post 17-August-15, 14:50:03
by Svet
MSI Twin Frozr ii OC gtx 580, Freezing in bf3
Hi,I have 1 x GTX 580 TWIN FROZR OC, I am running bf3 in windows 10, its plays for about 3 mins then freezes the screen and reboots system, this has been happening everytime since my upgrade to win 10...
gazmon 1 172 Last post 16-August-15, 19:29:21
by Nichrome
Here is my current BIOS: S/N: 602-V284-300C1402025190
kelt 3 283 Last post 15-August-15, 21:52:42
by Svet
MSI gtx 750 ti on MSI GF615M-p33?
Hi everyone, I want to buy a MSI Nvidia gtx 750 ti. I was wondering if its going to work properly on Mother board GF615M-p33? Using both of them wont cause any conflict or issues?Thank A lot and sorry...
diemosus 1 335 Last post 14-August-15, 15:36:59
by flobelix
UEFI vBios MSI N680GTX Twin Frozr 2GD5/OC
Good morning,i want to use the "Ultra Fast Boot" feature of an AsRock Fatal1ty mainboard.The GPU does not support this feature.I read that it is possible to flash an UEFI Bios by sending the current V...
tim.flister 2 288 Last post 13-August-15, 20:18:17
by tim.flister
MOVED: Newer version of my bios? GTX970 Gaming
This topic has been moved to GAMING Graphics Cards.
Svet 0 178 Last post 13-August-15, 19:49:00
by Svet
MOVED: GTX970 Gaming G4 - Driver Issues with sind Nividia 353
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Svet 0 152 Last post 13-August-15, 17:38:00
by Svet
MSI Twin Frozr ii OC gtx 580, SLI errors
Hi,Was running win 8.1 , Just upgraded to windows 10I have 2 x MSI Twin Frozr ii OC GTX 580 running in SLI , I noticed that the card in slot 2 is not recognised now when I select SLI mode in NVidia co...
gazmon 1 134 Last post 13-August-15, 17:21:05
by flobelix
MOVED: MSI R9 390X Gaming and Gaming APP not working.
This topic has been moved to GAMING Graphics Cards.
Svet 0 120 Last post 13-August-15, 15:12:13
by Svet
UEFI vBIOS for 770 Lightning LE
MSI N770 Lightning LE 2GB S/N: 602-V283-07SB1307060790 Current BIOS (is this the newest one?): Thank you 
kudlajz 3 320 Last post 12-August-15, 20:22:20
by flobelix
UEFI/GOP vBios for my N780 TF 3GD5/OC
N780 TF 3GD5/OC S/N:602-v298-070B1403015079 h t t p://
Reaper76 1 225 Last post 11-August-15, 14:03:49
by Svet
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Svet 0 54 Last post 10-August-15, 21:49:44
by Svet
GOP / UEFI Vbios request
Greetings,I would like to ask you for updated Vbios with UEFI support.My S/N: 602-V273-11SB1207184120My BIOS: link] attached for sure....
RichardVeznik 5 356 Last post 10-August-15, 16:47:01
by Svet
MOVED: [Request] UEFI/GOP vbios for N770 TF 2GD5/OC
This topic has been moved to GAMING Graphics Cards.
Svet 0 127 Last post 10-August-15, 12:58:53
by Svet
Msi Radeon R7950 TWIN FROZR 3GD5 V2/OC UEFI/GOP Bios
Looking  for Bios Update for R7950 TWIN FROZR 3GD5 V2/OC Serial No. 602-V277-05SB1205140440 Thanks.
klad46 1 257 Last post 10-August-15, 12:50:50
by Svet
MOVED: Thermal paste
This topic has been moved to GAMING Notebooks.
Svet 0 146 Last post 10-August-15, 12:49:28
by Svet
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