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MSI Graphics Cards, Nvidia and AMD/ATI-based.
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UEFI VBios GTX 680
Hi, I'd like to request a vbios of my GTX 680 with s/n: 912-V801-1233B1203032344. Nflash output: Tnx
wim800 3 289 Last post 27-December-15, 22:30:36
by Svet
MSI Afterburner auto mode on fan speed turns off randomly
Hello. I recently bought a GTX 980 Ti and installed Afterburner.Sometimes when I turn on my PC, the Auto button in fan speed is OFF when I always have it ON with a custom speed curve. It's very annoyi...
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tony_mak_70 7 1238 Last post 27-December-15, 01:15:37
by flobelix
Using MSI Afterburner on Windows 10
I'm trying to use MSI Afterburner 4.2 on Windows 10 OS to employ a better fan profile for my graphics card (GTX 980).  I've plotted the curve below and tried saving the profile and clicked the 'Apply ...
mallock 3 653 Last post 26-December-15, 18:13:39
by flobelix
GTX 960 Dual Monitor Support
I have a new GTX 960. When I connect 2 identical Dell monitors (1920x1200) by DisplayPort, they work fine. When I replace one with a BenQ at 2560x1440 the BenQ reports "No signal found". However, with...
wbdoll 5 574 Last post 26-December-15, 17:28:56
by flobelix
Gtx 750(N750TF 2GD5OC) black screen problem
Hello;i upgrade my system to:Amd athlon 2 x4 860kGigabyte F2A68HM (UEFI)8 gb kingstomWd cavier blue.So i am sure that all the parts are running well. İ think this problem is all about UEFI vs legacy b...
kutay92000 3 396 Last post 26-December-15, 00:19:06
by flobelix
[Request] MSI GTX 970 4G VBIOS
Hello, I need the lastest Vbios for both my GPUs : (MSI GTX 970 GAMING 4G) S/N : 602-V316-050B1501007484 S/N : 602-V316-035B1409027810 Thanks and Merry Christmas
m4rsh4ll_ 1 286 Last post 24-December-15, 16:10:00
by Svet
fluctuating gpu usage 290x lightning in AD and gpu-Z
Hey all I hope you can help me with a problem I have right now. I am not sure if this is supposed to happen and if I am receiving less performance because of it.Right now my GPU is constantly fluctuat...
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Lukas 8 519 Last post 24-December-15, 15:52:24
by Nichrome
MOVED: GPU's running hot
This topic has been moved to GAMING Graphics Cards.
Svet 0 122 Last post 24-December-15, 15:28:56
by Svet
Here are my MOBO details:N760 TF 2GD5/OC602-V284-260B1310051046Plus the report from NVFlash:NVIDIA Firmware Update Utility (Version 5.165)Adapter: GeForce GTX 760      (10DE,1187,1462,2847) H:--:NRM B...
joao.alferes 3 303 Last post 23-December-15, 23:04:45
by Svet
MOVED: nVidia 361.43 crashing my GT72
This topic has been moved to GAMING Notebooks.
darkhawk 0 199 Last post 23-December-15, 20:43:49
by darkhawk
AMD R9 390 & Samsung U28E590D 10 bit color depth?
I've got an MSI R9 390 & a new Samsung U28E590D monitor using Display Port.monitor is 1 billion colors, should be 10-bit. I'm only seeing 6 & 8 listed in Catalyst w/ driver 15.30... (attached screen p...
erolfox 1 622 Last post 23-December-15, 04:55:12
by erolfox
Warranty In India for MSI Graphics Card
Hi, I am a PC Dealer and integrator Since 1995I have purchased GTX760 2GB DDR5 on 02 october 2014 for an amount of Indian Rupees.18995/- ...After 7 Months ,on july 14 - 2015 the product get damaged an...
udayanmcp 1 307 Last post 22-December-15, 12:37:53
by flobelix
Latest GOP/UEFI vbios reqeust R9 290x Lightning + qeustion
Hi,Let's first get to it my S/N:602-V307-010B1410052387 I recently received this card , after my old R9 290x lightning got RMA'ed. They repaired it,but the S/N changed slightly so did they repair the ...
Lukas 3 300 Last post 21-December-15, 22:17:03
by flobelix
MSI GTX 970 4GD5 OC and EVGA 04G-P4-2974 SLI compatibility
Hi I was wondering if anyone else has tried to put these two cards in SLI. I have the MSI X99S SLI PLUS and it recognized both cards at 8x. From what I understand it should read them as 16x. Also when...
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wolfebrian2120 15 857 Last post 21-December-15, 19:41:25
by wolfebrian2120
Need help finding replacement parts
I was applying the skyn3t 1212 voltage bios to my gtx 780 and these caps seem to have blown, the  card still works but I wanted to know what the parts are and what I need to get replaced.
jforce456 2 292 Last post 20-December-15, 18:00:26
by jforce456
GTX 970 4G screen flicker/black out[Solved!]
My new GTX 970 4G is causing my display to intermittently flicker as well as going completely black.  Sometimes it stays black until I toggle the display input.  Other times everything seems to work f...
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markd1 33 37461 Last post 20-December-15, 15:49:07
by flobelix
No HMDI output from GTX 970 4GD5T OC
Hi allBrand new build....MSI X99A SLI Plus moboi7-5930K cpu32 gb ddr4 ram (G Skill)SSD for C driveWindows Pro  64 bitGTX 970 4GD5T OC The build has been uneventful...everything works great  and no iss...
scumbuster 2 1396 Last post 20-December-15, 08:58:19
by tajaz11
MOVED: R9 270 @ 270X MOD?
This topic has been moved to BETA & MOD BIOS Section.
flobelix 0 706 Last post 20-December-15, 08:52:08
by flobelix
new GTX960-2GD5T-OC VERSION TWO for sale when?
The white model, the lesser seen model of the two, the GTX 960 but not the Twin Frozr, but rather the "Twin Armor" -- the cheaper model, all in a white frame, looks delicious.On the MSI main site a ne...
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shop 9 651 Last post 19-December-15, 22:24:09
by shop
Hello, I have an old N670GTX-PM2D2GD5/OC going back into use. Can I get a GOP VBIOS for this card to use secure boot please? S/N: 602-V284-01SB1206013783
ultima199 1 198 Last post 19-December-15, 15:50:32
by flobelix
[Request] MSI R7 265 2GD5 OC
S/N: 602-V305-09SB1403046806 Current ROM dump from GPU-z: According to LiveUpdate 6 my version is: TV305MS.301
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radier 7 762 Last post Best Answer 19-December-15, 08:23:34
by flobelix
MOVED: MSI GTX 750 Ti TF (Code 43)
This topic has been moved to GAMING Graphics Cards.
flobelix 0 133 Last post 18-December-15, 22:26:46
by flobelix
MOVED: MSI Twin Fozr R9 290(6months old) overheating
This topic has been moved to GAMING Graphics Cards.
Nichrome 0 154 Last post 18-December-15, 16:35:57
by Nichrome
MOVED: Repeated system reboots after installing R9 390 Gaming 8G
This topic has been moved to GAMING Graphics Cards.
flobelix 0 145 Last post 16-December-15, 18:46:28
by flobelix
[Request] N780 TF 3GD5/OC GOP/UEFI VBIOS
Hello I need the updated GOP bios for my VGA. Serial number is as follows:  602-V298-070B1403015010Current VBIOS: i...
thebizkid 3 235 Last post 16-December-15, 14:07:22
by Svet
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