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MSI Graphics Cards, Nvidia and AMD/ATI-based.
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GEForce4 Ti4600 VTD
Hi, with startup i don't see any bios message of the msi Geforce 4 Ti4600. Normally a vga-card shows a short bios message before...
Blade_ 2 1934 Last post 16-July-02, 19:38:08
by age2
GeForce4 getting too HOT!
Hi All,I have recently been plaqued with 100+ degree temps (weather) in my area and have had some issues while playing games, my...
sparks 2 1946 Last post 17-July-02, 00:48:47
by Assaf
52x cdrom problem ms????
i got a 52x cdrom drive,i cant remember the mode,ms8???...but i know it had less buffer than another model with almost the same ...
myfishbone 2 1929 Last post 17-July-02, 00:57:56
by Assaf
MSI GF4Ti4200-TD64:Fan is too noisy!
Hi all. Anyone else got the same?The vga fan is to loud i think,is there something i can do to lower it? ?(
Jonas 0 1948 Last post 17-July-02, 01:26:22
by Jonas
3d mark 2001se?
hi! do you think 7300pnts are okay for my system? abit kt7a-raid amd tb 1200 @ 1333 512mb sd-ram msi gf4ti4200
zeba 1 2059 Last post 17-July-02, 01:45:48
by boris_m
MSI MS-8817 GeForce2 MX 32Mb
p3 500256 SDRAMASUS P2B-F win98sewin98seI tried installing EVERY driver on the MSI site as well as the nvdivia one. EVERYTIME th...
anabeces 8 7376 Last post 17-July-02, 05:26:37
by Assaf
gf 4 ti modding
has anyone removed the (loud) fan for the ti4400?id like to know if its hard and what yoyu have pot there also like...
attitude 11 4625 Last post 17-July-02, 05:57:37
by Ex Forum User 3
3d!Turbo Experience
hi!i have a gf4ti4200 (64mb) and the 29.42.if i want to start 3d!turbo experience, an error message ("msivga.ocx initialization ...
zeba 1 2456 Last post 17-July-02, 12:13:32
by plasticfailure
Cant install MSI G4MX420D-T properly on Win XP / Asus A7S333
I already tried several MSI drivers and detonator drivers and none can recognize the video out, and when i select the MSI tabs o...
patiferoolz 3 2233 Last post 17-July-02, 13:15:58
by Mystique
tvtool with GF4 ?
is there any version of TVtool for g4 cards ? or something LIKE tvtool ? :Dlooks like it works with G4Ti cards, but not with MX ...
Mystique 1 1702 Last post 17-July-02, 18:01:30
by Mystique
GeForce2 Pro problem.
Re-formatted with WIN98 SE, downloaded latest driver'detonator XP version 29.42, running 256 ram PII 500.- before re-format card...
viper 1 2309 Last post 17-July-02, 19:44:58
by Bluesky
geforce2Ti and tv-out
i have a geforce2ti with a 3d stereo glasses and tv-out.when i go in my control panel for enable tv-out, the check box is not en...
argaar 0 1605 Last post 17-July-02, 23:11:02
by argaar
Random Lockups after installing any detonaters
hey guys, i get random lock up in windows xp after installing any detonaters how do i fix this
rdreamers 2 1740 Last post 17-July-02, 23:42:37
by Richard
Problem TV-OUT MS-8853
Ok so, I have plugged all the stuff to my tv but nothing happen when I restart my comp. And where we select the monitor, the tv ...
WetWilly 2 2145 Last post 18-July-02, 04:41:41
by WetWilly
Problems with TV-OUT - SVIDEO
HI,I just bought a GF4 MX 460 VTP and tested almost everything, except SVIDEO IN/OUT.I have a SONY 39" with 3 A/V inputs and 1 S...
luciboy 2 2041 Last post 18-July-02, 07:02:52
by Mystique
How do I use tv-in? I have rigged everything. Is it just to switch it on? well nothing happens, do I need any specific software ...
Caligula 1 1866 Last post 18-July-02, 16:15:37
by Bluesky
I am not verry happy at the moment, u see i just went out and purchased myself a G4mx420 and i installed it. When my computer bo...
mk 2 1823 Last post 19-July-02, 10:19:27
by patiferoolz
I have a Ti200 (ms-8850) with video in but when I installl the drivers for that it'ss says that the device could not initialiate...
kamaleonb 18 7816 Last post 19-July-02, 14:41:13
by kamaleonb
How do you remove MSI control panels?
I have a MSI GF3 Ti500 running under WinXP and I was wondering if anyone one here could tell me how to remove the "MSI Informati...
Dcosio 3 2427 Last post 19-July-02, 16:44:01
by Assaf
how can i read out the temp of my ti4200? can anybody tell me?
zeba 3 1985 Last post 19-July-02, 18:20:39
by JerryPan
MSI-8833 (GF2 MX400) Probs with the CAPTURE driver
When I run LIve update, it shows me the BIOS and driver for the graphics card. But when  I'm installing the CAPTURE driver from ...
Pago 2 2099 Last post 20-July-02, 00:14:05
by Pago
MSI 8850 Stop Errors IN XP
I recently updated my bios to the nvidia refrence bios  by suggestion of the old msi forum as a fix to get the tv-out to work in...
snowman299 0 2284 Last post 20-July-02, 01:30:27
by snowman299
Ti4400 on 440BX board?
Hi all,I was looking for something to improve my gaming (still using a Canopus Spectra 2500 TnT card, if you can believe that! 8...
Kiwi 6 2369 Last post 20-July-02, 16:02:27
by BoogyMan
Driver Problem
I just got a GeForce4 Mx420 card, I installed it and the driver, and I am having a problem actually getting it to work properly,...
Suncor 2 1581 Last post 20-July-02, 18:25:02
by Mystique
MSI MX 460 and DVI
How does the MSI MX460 VTP support a DVI monitor/cable with no DVI-I connector on the card.  Does a DVI cable and a VGA converto...
csjgh 3 1969 Last post 20-July-02, 21:54:47
by Assaf
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