1070Ti unboxing 8 GB

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Oct 8, 2016

It can be overclocked so the rumors were false as suspected. Yay! I am so darn happy to finally get my hands on this one. Although I think MSI should start offering more color options other than the age old black and red. I also dislike HDMI port is only 1 instead of 2. The mystic light support over phone is phenomenal and I keep playing with that to make it look more artistic and aesthetically awesome. This was a surprise addition to the Nvidia family as I was thinking about getting 1080Ti but 300 TDP was not up to my expectation so this fits nicely in my budget and my specifications.

Sorry about the bad camera skills. I did my best to cover all aspects of the card including the goodies I got with the card. I am trying to get my hands on the dragon but lets see how things go.

I am thinking of upgrading to a SSD to get the most of game performance combined with a great graphics card. Also I was wondering if turning off the LEDS would save any power or not. I am not a big fan of the RGB craze and I want my system to be quite yet powerful. Having too many blinking lights is distracting to me. Battlefield 1 here I come to finish all the campaigns and get all the dog tags.  Anyone has any update about Spectre or meltdown affecting this card. I am trying to update my driver to 390+ since it is said it can fix the bug if it persists.

Honestly I am pretty excited about the PCIe ver 4 too, all that bandwidth literally goes to your head and you want to get the latest in the market. I have Z97 GD65 motherboard with 8GB ram which runs at 1866 MHz. The only thing I want to add to my desktop is a 4k HDR monitor and the search continues. There aren't any good monitors for 30 inches that offer 4k and HDR. Could anyone help with that ? Also does a DP cable come with the monitor for connecting to this card or I have to buy a new one ?
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