11900f memory overclocking


May 28, 2020
I have a Z490 mobo and currently have a 10700k, i've been thinking of getting an 11900k but prices seem so cray and you can get the 11900f for not much more than a 11700k

Out of interest is it just the cpu mp that is locked, or are voltages locked for memory and cpu core, i'd be interested in playing about with undervolting and memory overclocking, i've got samsung b die now which is running higher voltages to get it stable at 4266mhz

Finding it a bit hard to get an answer on this, in my head the i9 will be better quality silicon even if it is a locked cpu and MSI's enhanced turbo settings will allow it to all core turbo higher than 4.7 anyway?
You can forget about two things with Rocket Lake: CPU overclocking, and RAM overclocking.

I've talked about CPU overclocking here before, https://forum-en.msi.com/index.php?...msi-z590-ace-motherboard.361936/#post-2054207

Just saying this for completenes sake, i know you won't (and can't) OC an 11900F. I mean, strictly speaking, you can OC the unlocked CPUs just fine, it's just, the calculating efficiency goes completely out the window, and the performance gains are not very large.

The voltage settings are all fully accessible still though. If you want to undervolt the CPU, IMO by far the best (but not widely known) method is to use "CPU Lite Load". I talked about it here: https://forum-en.msi.com/index.php?threads/z590-pro-wifi-problem-with-corsair.363953/#post-2065141
Technically it doesn't undervolt, it just reduces the additional voltage MSI has put on top as a safety measure. But it works very nicely, you can adjust it right to your CPU's needs.

For RAM overclocking, it's because of the new divider, Gear1 / Gear2 mode. With DDR4-4266, which is forced to use Gear2 mode, you are slower than with DDR4-3600 in Gear1 mode.
Read here for the details: https://forum-en.msi.com/index.php?...single-vs-dual-rank-stability-testing.363139/
Essentially, it's much better to stay at DDR4-3600 and tighten the timings, which your Samsung B-Die is nicely capable of.
Somewhere in my RAM thread, in the links at the bottom of the first post, you can find my tight B-Die settings i achieved at DDR4-3600.
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