<<2015 ChinaJoy>>MSI gaming Desktop ?Nightblade? and ?Nightblade MI? Grand landi

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Jul 24, 2015
We proudly announce that 2015 ChinaJoy is officially end of this week, but MSI has left a lot of awesome photos and great memory during the event. During this biggest annual gaming event, MSI gaming Desktop-PC ?Nightblade? and ?Nightblade MI? were displayed at NVIDIA booth. If you haven?t had a chance to join this amazing party, let us lead you to ChinaJoy as you were there.
Take a look around the outside of the conference hall, people are lining at entrance.
In the entrance, there is a giant monitor showing NVIDIA and NO.1 in Gaming.
Let?s zoom out a little bit, we are able to see the overview of MSI exhibition at NVIDIA booth.
Today?s spotlight!!!! Nightblade Z97? and ?Nightblade MI?
Come closer!!! What a lovely MSI Nightblade Z97 and pretty SG!!!!
Next to Nightblade Z97, it?s our Nightblade MI which is first time released in China.
Our giant Nightblade banner and crowded booth!!!!!!!!!!!!
These players are scrambling to check out our Nightblade Z97, Nightblade MI and brochures.
Yes!Do not doubt! Those are fans!!!!!
They are super concentrated and don?t even know I am watching them. LoL!!!
Another big news is that MSI has sponsored Blizzard entertainment as the official Desktop PCs.
Every Nightblade is running Blizzard's games.
Remember this scene, these Nightblade PCs will be occupied soon.
It seems players are ready to battle.
Once these players experience our Nightblade, they just can?t forget the powerful performances and move their eyes to others
Randomly picking one of the players, and asking him to share his gaming experience with us.
Even the last day, MSI booth has still crowdeddddddd!!!!.
Overall, MSI Nightblade Z97 and Nightblade MI create a sensation in Chinajoy.
Every player is saying ?I GAME therefore I am?]
Looking forward to see everyone again next year in ChinaJoy.


Not open for further replies.