2016 Computex Recaps: Satisfy Your Voracious Appetites for Virtual World, Only at MSI

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Nov 5, 2014
What did you remember NOW in the just-concluded COMPUTEX TAIPEI 2016? Virtual Reality, I would say for sure. The Asia's largest high-tech fest dazzled visitors with HTC?s Vive headsets, VR-ready PCs, and other VR rigs. Among all, 1st VR Ready, MSI showcased a rich array of VR-optimized gaming laptops, desktops, highly-acclaimed gaming motherboards, gaming graphics cards, gaming peripherals, etc. COMPUTEX's biggest and the most complete VR experience zones were the icing on the cake for content consumers to playing around with the wonders of VR. And last, but not least, we had brought something other than VR for you: awesome PC case mods from MSI PRO MOD Season 4, including MSI Cotton Candy, MSI Arcade Dragon and MSI Rock! Let me recall your memories of cool goodies MSI offered at the show!

Didn?t know where to start? Just follow the crowds?
People flooded into MSI booth where mind-blowing virtual reality experiences awaited.  





As usual, our lovely friend, MSI Dragon Lucky welcomed visitors at the entrance.
This year, the life-size mascot was made entirely of LEGO bricks.
And yes, I had the same question as you?as to how long did it take to build?
Well, we?ll get to that later.

Sam Chern, MSI Global Marketing Director in the left and NXA-Ladies in the right.

Say Hi to Sam Chern, a big fan of NXA-Ladies, happily had picture with them. Screaming!! The No.1 Indonesian female gamer team made an appearance at MSI booth. The Asia's largest IT fair has become their annual pilgrimage to Taipei.

MSI gaming laptops deliver the best gaming experience that every avid gamer lusts for.

Equally remarkable, MSI Aegis desktop PC packs futuristic tech that is the perfect platform to build your next gaming powerhouse.

More amazing gaming rigs displayed inside our booth and attracted numerous visitors in the five-day event in Taipei.

A truly immersive VR experience!
Wondered what she saw in that VIVE headset?

X99A XPOWER GAMING TITANUM and GeForce GTX 1070 GAMING X 8G together presented astonishing visual performance.

[attachthumb=13] [attachthumb=14]
As the slogan of server products: IoT needs SoT. This time we had main products on exhibit included S156 2U, S143 1U and S149 1U, represented Server, Storage, Security respectively.

You can?t possible forget this! The coolest and craziest case mods from MSI PRO MOD S4. See how these dedicated modders poured their passion into making cool stuff.

[attachthumb=15] [attachthumb=16]
MSI Cotten Candy by modder: Mike Petereyns

MSI Cotton Candy
Belgium PC modder Mike Petereyns has done a great job of showing off MSI?s camo-effect MSI B150M MORTAR ARCTIC motherboard with white liquid cooling system. Made to coincide with MSI?s 30th anniversary, the custom case mod fed your gaming urges and sugar cravings.


MSI Arcade Dragon by modder: Stephan Ulrich, founder of RandomDesign

MSI Arcade Dragon
The idea of the German artist is to create a case that combines old-school look of an arcade machine with the powerful hardware necessary to run all the modern games. MSI Arcade Dragon mod assembled with MSI X99A XPOWER GAMING TITANIUM mobo and run Street Fighter!
For more details: https://forum-en.msi.com/index.php?threads/271257



MSI Rock by modder: BaluC and Soccer

MSI Rock
MSI Rock mod assembled with MSI X99A GODLIKE GAMING CARBON mobo. A mirrored turntable dotted with dragons spun around at the center of the case while rock music played for all to hear.
For more details: https://forum-en.msi.com/index.php?threads/271297


Lastly, introducing Jay Wu, one of the major coordinators behind the successful trade show booth. Thanks to him, we had one hell of a show this year.
Oh, right! The answer as to the time of LEGO Lucky was built? Over two months!
Bye Lucky and Jay, see you next year!

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Apr 2, 2013
experienced the VR @ MSI booth, super cool and love to play longer next time.....
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