3080 gaming trio X to be discontinued WTF, so disappointed!


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May 6, 2021
What this means for me as an end customer. Most likely current 3 month wait pre-order cancelled, lost place in etailer queue, then most likely an increase in cost.

What this means in total, I'll now sit on my current GTX 1660 super until all of this supply madness is sorted out and prices stabilise. By that time most likely new generation of cards out (AMD 7000 series?). MSI/my etailer miss out on a current sale which could go to any other AIB as I will be looking at the new reviews once available = a potentially lost customer.

If this is all about the fragile graphene plate breaking issue, then I think a better solution would be to retain the current gaming x sku and replace broken graphene backplates under warranty. This means that MSI/etailer get a sale, and I get a card, or simply make a v2 of the current gaming x with a metal backplate considering no other features of the card have changed!

Refer https://www.guru3d.com/news-story/m...-gaming-x-trioetailers-cancel-pre-orders.html

Very unhappy customer!!