4 Ways to Play Fisheye


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Jul 30, 2014
Circular fisheye lens has been popular on the market recently, because it produces very impressive and exaggerative 180 wide-view angle picture performance. However, there is another focus adjustable fisheye lens with 100 ~ 180 wide-view angle. The big disadvantage of fisheye is visual distortion, to use it properly, ideally the taken object should be shoot in the middle position as possible.

Method 1: Horizontal Shooting
Becareful the lens horizontal level to assure picture's horizontal balance is rationally.
Source: Mobile01

Method 2: Upward Shooting
Upward shooting will bring glorious view, such as shooting city building.
Source: Yahoo Image

Method 3: Downward Shooting
This skill will perform visual extension !
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Method 4: Unlimited Wide-Horizontal Shooting
Put the object location align with lens side, will obtain exaggerative unlimited wide-horizontal picture, because visual distortion happened more serious as close lens side
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