40x12x48 Dragonwriter problem



Sorry for cross posting, but seems to me that this message aint noticed if I don?t start new thread.

Hello, I have also problems with my cd-writer. First it burned nicely 16x cd-roms and I didnt care about it because those cd-r?s where only supported to 16x. Now I got better roms and those are supported to 32x. If I try to burn them with Nero I can?t do it at all. Every single burn has failed. I installed the bundle version that i got with the drive ( and I can burn cd?s with 8-16x. I have read these boards now many hours and noticed that firmware update is what I need. Well I went to dl page and took the correct firmware and installed it. I rebooted my pc and tried to burn cd. Surprise, surprise it failed again.

OK the last thing I did, I set my cd-drive to pio (actually xp changed it automatically). I opened nero took autopilot off, set my cd-rom in (24xTDK) change writing speed to 16x. (after setting autopilot off i can see all speeds 8o ) Track at once, no multisession, close cd, -> burn the data-cd. Everything seemed to go great. I opened the cd, data is there is there and it seems that i can use the cd. BUT when i try open/copy the files it stucks. Then I started to investigate the cd I just made. It isnt finished. To me it seems that THIS DRIVE JUST CAN?T CLOSE CD?s.

What to do?

My hardware
KT3 Ultra-ARU MS-6380E
amd athlon 1200
40gt samsung Ide master
40x12x48 Dragonwriter 2nd ide
geforce1 ddr
winxp pro
nero or

I just wonder that what I?ve done wrong because others seems to get help from firmware update. I really appreciate answers. And the burn fails, it doesn?t matter if I try to backup cd or just burn simple data.




I had a similar problem with my MSI 48x drive and I discovered that ACER manufactured the internal components and firmware. For some reason the MSI site doesn't have the latest firmware so I installed the Acer vA.U.Z firmware and got a vast improvement. Try that, it might help.



which is ex-acer :-) Well I took the drive back to reseller i get new one on next week. I told to reseller that he has to test it before it comes back to me.

My friend tested the drive on his pc before i took it back. He installed original firmware, the new firmware and it didnt work. Well let?s see what kind of player i get this time.