70 MSI Modern 14 Laptops...Broken hinge on more than half


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Apr 13, 2022
I work in the tech department at a school and we purchased 70 MSI Modern 14 laptops in August 2020 for our teachers. We trusted MSI to build a quality product, but at this point over 30 of these devices have failed due to this frustrating hinge issue. While MSI repaired them with no issue while they were under warranty, the flaw has persisted and now I'm expected to pay for the repairs out of pocket. I'm up to 9 faulty machines out of warranty and I'd be naive not to expect more to break given the frequency it's happened since my purchase.

Has anyone had any success with getting MSI to cover this kind of out-of-warranty repair, or at least getting their warranty extended? I've contacted MSI support, but they made it seem like my only option is to pay for all of these repairs moving forward.

I'm very disappointed because these laptops were a great fit for our teachers with a huge exception being the terrible design flaw. If MSI doesn't resolve this issue and leaves me responsible for the ever-mounting cost of repairing these devices, I may not ever be able to recommend or purchase this brand again.


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Jun 30, 2020
Have you ever contacted your local service center or online technical support?