A New Era Begins for MSI Team Dragon Knights


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Mar 26, 2014
1.Tell us about the history of MSI TDK. How did it begin? How was it founded, and how were the beginnings? Where does the name MSI TDK come from? Tell us about the team members and the roles they play in the team.
MSI TDK wasn?t created in one day, it was developed over the course of a year, starting early 2014. Chris and Sean, former owners of TGF(Team Green Forest) had the idea of forming a North American team consisting of Korean players. After traveling to South Korea and recruiting a coach and players, the owners starting cooperating with MSI in order to make the plan a reality. We were interested in using the dragon theme used by MSI?s Gaming series. The team coach, DONGWOO KIM, originally from CJ Entus, was the first one to join the organization. Our top laner, ?TDK KINA? WOOYEONG SHIN is from CLG who is well known under the nick Seraph. Our jungler, ?TDK KEZ? KEVIN JEON is an experienced player formerly known as Col Kez or C9 Kez. Midlaner ?TDK KYLE? JISUN SEO is a famous streamer who used to playe for GBK and Coast. Ranged carry ?TDK LOUISXGEEGEE? SUNGJIN LEE is originally from Jin-Air, a well-known South Korean team. Support laner, ?TDK KONKWON? KEVIN KWON is from GamesterGear.


2.Any star players in MSI TDK? What kind of memorable moments have they had in their career so far? Tell us about TDK?s coach, how does the coach improve the game?
Everyone in MSI TDK is experienced and well-known in the e-sports community. Perhaps the most outstanding one is TDK Kina a.k.a. Seraph who has brought a new sense of hype to North America. The most memorable moment in his competitive career is being the first Korean to join a LCS team in 2014. He joined CLG where he bridged the gap between North America and Korea. Coach DONGWOO KIM achieved the ?Best Coach Award? in 2012 and led his team to numerous victories with world-wide fame.


3.Tell us about MSI TDK?s achievements. Which is your most unforgettable tournament?
Probably the ESL Pro Series Season XI. We arrived in Los Angeles on January 1st, and had one week to prepare. The tournament included 16 North American teams, and we finished 2nd. Of course it would?ve been even better if we won, but considering that we had just one week of practice and our first tournament, we were really happy. This really built the team, and our players gelled really well, and laid a great foundation for future series.


4.How does your partnership with MSI affect the team? What?s the best part about working with MSI?
MSI not only motivates us, they're also like parents to us. We don?t just have a partnership from which we benefit hardware-wise, but we have a great understanding with each other. MSI really cares about and understands e-sports, they?re constantly visiting us just to check in, keep in touch and show their support. This support motivates our team members, as they feel they have a solid foundation and support from a large manufacturer. We want to pay MSI back for their support by making it into LCS and make MSI proud.

5.As professional gamers, practice and tournaments will occupy most of gamers? time ? how does this impact gamers? lives?
Professional gaming is similar to other sports. The gamers commit all of their energy into it because they love what they do. The players of MSI TDK know that they must work hard all day in order to achieve their goals; they have the will and the drive to commit to improving themselves constantly.

6.MSI has a full range of gaming products, are your favorites, and would you like to recommend any to other gamers?
We had serious FPS problems when we first started practicing but now it's completely gone after we switched to MSI gear. We're using MSI motherboards and graphics cards at the moment. We highly recommend their products to everyone.


7.As professional gamers, how do you define GAMING?
Kina (Top): The reason I play is because I just want to win and that's it.
Kez (Jungle): Gaming is not just a job. It became something so big that I cannot give up. It's hard to explain but I love gaming, I love to watch, play, and it's become so big to me.
KonKwon (Support): It?s something I?m really passionate about and something I'm really good at. 
Kyle (Mid): It's just something that I'm good at and what I want to do.
Louis (ADC): Gaming is what I want to be good at.


8.In 2015, will MSI TDK aim at any specific tournamen? What is the goal?
Kez (Jungle): Getting back to LCS as MSI TDK. That's my main goal but eventually it'll change once I get back to LCS but for now, it's LCS.
KonKwon (Support): I just really want to get into LCS.
Kina (Top): First thing is getting back to LCS and 2nd thing is to win against TSM and C9.
Kyle (Mid): MSI TDK to LCS!
Louis (ADC): Becoming the best and rank as #1 in North America.

9.Any suggestions for all the gamers that intend to go pro?
Kez (Jungle): My advice to young people who want to go pro is to play a lot, you have to love it. Regardless of how passionate you are, you shouldn't get mad at your teammates and try to work things out. You should focus on what you can do better for the next game and eventually if you're good enough, someone will notice you and you will be going places. Just try hard and if you have good attitude and with good work ethics, you'll make it.
KonKwon (Support): Just be more self-critical, and take every game seriously.
Kina (Top): You have to play at least 20 games every day. If you cannot do that, I don't recommend it.
Kyle (Mid): You have to play a lot and try hard.
Louis (ADC): Make sure you're good at the game and keep playing.

10.Find MSI TDK @ Social Media
Website: MSITDK.com
Facebook: facebook.com/msitdk
Twitter: twitter.com/msitdk
Youtube: TDKTVhttps://www.youtube.com/channel/UC0A2-HOowW9AXEaoibPgSUw