Added the GPU and Finished my Gaming Rig Today

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Jul 5, 2018
I just installed a GeForce GTX 1080ti Gaming X Trio to complete my upgraded gaming rig. I started the new build in May after my old ASUS Motherboard started failing. It was an ASUS H61 Mainboard made when there were dodgy caps around so it lasted quite well. This time I'm back on AMD hardware, I'm not loyal to either Intel or AMD and go with what I feel is best at the time of building a system. The ever increasing amount of side channel vulnerabilities and tardy microcode updates swayed me away from Intel but also Ryzen performance is very good. Up until today I was using an overclocked ASUS STRIX GTX960 4GB out of the old system so this is a substantial upgrade.

The MSI GPU Support Bracket was a bit of a pain to install. It should have been easy but it turned out to be very fiddly holding the PCI slot covers and the bracket while trying to tighten the thumb screws. It's secure enough but it also slipped when I tightened the screws because everything in the case is also powder coated. The bracket could really do with some milled texture to prevent slipping.

The other system specs:

Chassis Fractal Design Define R6 with standard cooling (2x140mm fans front, 1x120mm rear) - glad I got this given the length of this new card)
MSI B350 PC MATE Motherboard
AMD Ryzen 5 1600 CPU
32GB (8GBx4) Corsair Vengeance DDR4 3200MHz modules but running at 2667MHz for stability
240GB Trion 100 2.5" SATA  SSD (probably the next thing I'll replace at some point in the future with an M.2)
1GB WD Blue 7200rpm HDD
LG M@Disc DVD Multi
EVGA G3-650W PSU (added with the GPU today, I had an EVGA B3-450 which according to the MSI PSU Calculator may have been enough but it was calculating 436W which was too close for comfort)


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