Advancing Gaming Giants-MSI! Me @ 2015 MSI Gaming Computex Press Conference~


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Mar 30, 2015
Working in an exhibition design company, I had the chance to witness the MSI 2015 Gaming Computex Press Conference. Though I play on-line game occasionally, I kinda like the Gaming products of MSI. One of my classmates gave me a MSI Gaming mouse with LED indicators, it?s gorgeous and handy!

By curiosity, I Googled MSI before the conference. Found out that MSI focused on Gaming Notebooks and high level mobo and graphics for decades, now it is sort of an international gaming leading brand. Its gaming products are definitely dream gears for professional eSport gamers. Seems this company is really something.
After I got the job done, boss allowed me to watch this conference. Stepped into the hall, I saw the giant size dragon mascot. And there was a photo sticker machine and a claw vending machine; everyone couldn?t refuse to stop steps to the entertainments.
[attachthumb=1] [attachthumb=2]

In the conference hall, there were demo sections of MSI gaming series products. Variety of high level notebook, mobo, graphics, AIO, desktop, and etc. are all here for the participants to try out. More and more participants came and got to know the latest products of MSI.
[attachthumb=3] [attachthumb=4] [attachthumb=5]

The seats were taken very soon by the presses, vendors, and employees. I located myself at an inconspicuous corner to observe the event. In a while, the lights dimmed, and the conference started officially.

The main stage was designed in red, black and white colors, the 3 elements of MSI Gaming, and decorated with the MSI Gaming Dragon shield. Several pretty models went up to the stage one after the other to show the latest products to the crowd.
[attachthumb=7] [attachthumb=8] [attachthumb=9] [attachthumb=10] [attachthumb=11] [attachthumb=12]

One more highlight of the conference was MSI senior managers and professional speakers to present the new products and new technologies. After that, several important IT companies introduced their cooperation with MSI. By this way, MSI products look really taking comprehensive advantages.
[attachthumb=13] [attachthumb=14] [attachthumb=15]

Everyone was focus on listening to the introductions. I was also very touched, and admired MSI branding much more.

At the end of the conference, MSI announced hot news. The MSI BeatIT gaming tournament which MSI held for 5 continuously years is renamed to MSI MGA (Masters Gaming Arena) global gaming tournament. In cooperation with world leading gaming company, ESL. The regional qualifiers start in June, and the global final will be held in August in Seattle, USA. Holly?! This is really a big enterprise; hold the global event out of the ordinary.

The whole conference showed the determination and effort of MSI on Gaming products and the industry. Really impressive.

At last, here?s one picture of the MSI products and the long leg models to thank you for reading this article.



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Mar 26, 2015
One of my most impressive booths in 2015 Computex is definitely MSI. I couldn't forget how "gaming" they are.

Good job, MSI!


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Mar 26, 2015
I also enjoyed the gaming night very much!!
Thanks, MSI!

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