<Aegis X-Unboxing>From Evolution to Revolution-Aegis X to "Dark Owlman"


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Aug 11, 2016
Hi there, it?s the time to show off my new love, MSI Aegis X ;)

I?m a super fan of Gundam and robots and all that cool looking stuff. Aegis looks exactly like the Decepticons from the movie Transformers. I must say I immediately fell in love with it Fortunately, I saw a press release at the MSI website that the latest version of Aegis, Aegis X is equipped with a GTX 1080 graphics card. I immediate decided to pre-order one on the internet. Today I got my MSI Aegis and all the waiting is worthwhile!
Before I begin my unboxing review, allow me to transform the case of the Aegis to? ?Dark Owlman?:agrees:
Now that you have already seen this transformer-like PC, let's go back to our business today - Aegis X unboxing
  • Packing
The MSI Aegis X arrived in a well-protected box. The first thing I noticed on the box was that it is the 30th anniversary for MSI but most importantly, it is ready for VR! I guess that VR ready sticker is trying to give me a hint that my next step should be to buy a VR device :rolleyes_anim:
Upon flipping open the origami top, you are greeted by a lot of foam, and a small cardboard box with accessories
  • Appearance
After removing all the packing material, I was surprised at how compact this case is.With the volume being only 19 liters and still houses all kinds of extreme gaming components. Aegis X is powered by a 600W 80Plus PSU. When it comes to graphics card, I must mention it is not a reference card, but equipped with a powerful MSI GTX 1080 ARMOR graphics card. Besides that it equips a Z170 motherboard, and i7-6700K overclockable CPU. The thermal solution is super-efficient, Aegis X is cooled by both liquid cooling for the CPU, and fan cooling for GPU and PSU.

It`s hard to describe how space-saving it is, so I made use of my Thermos bottle and headset to show you how small and compact Aegis X really is :worship:

You can clearly see, compared with my 16? GS60 Notebook, Aegis X is more space-saving :cool:
  • I/O views
Just give you guys an overview picture of its full I/O ports availability below, which I screenshot from Hardwarezone news. Reference Link as below:

After having a big picture of the system, let`s move on to how it actually looks. As you can see there is a DVD super multi at the top of Aegis X that`d pop out like a blade :cool:

I thought this dragon shield was just a power switch, but it is actually a button to overclock your system.
When the Dragon Shield illuminates light, it means the CPU is overclocking and vice versa
  • Front I/O ports
Instead of all the ports embedded on the backside like DIY cases, Aegis X got many functional and friendly I/O ports in the front.
We have 2x USB 3.1 Gen 1 Type A (1x with super charger port) on the front left side, and the power button, headphone and microphone jacks are on the right side.
It is notable that Aegis X has a front-end HDMI Port for VR link, so you can easily connect your VR device and don`t have to go all the way to the back of the case.
Very convenient for those who want to enjoy VR

  • Back Panel
Aegis X has a lot of connection ports. Audio jacks, 8 USB ports, a LAN port, a PS/2 port, just to name a few. I also plugged in an antenna to intensify Wi-Fi signal reception.
The third picture on the right (where you can see the Aegis from the bottom) you can see there are two fans to cool the system

A carefully designed handgrip for gamers who`d like to join LAN parties or need to transport their Desktop
  • Easy to dismantle and upgrade
All you have to is to unscrew the screws, and remove the upper cover, and you can replace components
(E.g there are 2x 3.5 HDD and 1x 2.5 SSD/HDD Expansion Slots you can upgrade) so very easy to upgrade
  • Left inside of the Aegis X
Pull the Aegis X left case apart; we have 2 additional expansion slots. (1x M.2 PCIE for SSD and 1x so-dimm for memory)
This is a uniquely designed option by MSI in which you can replace components from the back of the motherboards:bonk:
You don`t need to remove the motherboard to replace components
  • Right inside of the Aegis X
As I removed the right case from front, GTX 1080 Armor GPU and liquid cooling system immediately had my attention.
What surprised me next was a neat and well- organized cable routing inside
  • Vertical GPU
Instead of inserting the GPU vertically onto the motherboard, MSI has a special design which makes your GPU mounted parallel onto the motherboard, significantly saving space for the internal layout
  • Liquid Cooling System
Let?s go deeper to unveil the mysteries of Aegis X :photo:
After removing the GPU, You can clearly see the liquid cooling system inside
  • Airflow cooling system
Addition to liquid cooling, it's worth mentioning that Aegis X is also equipped with a powerful cooling system called? Silent Storm Cooling 2 Pro?. How does this work??
:nono:  There are two separate chambers that are separately responsible for the heat dissipation of the different components within Aegis X
Below is an illustration for you to see how it work:
  • Field Test-3D Mark
Let?s turn on the Aegis X to test the performance and gaming software installed inside.
It is amazing to see that Aegis X overall performance reaches 17k, even only with graphic card alone, it has more than 22k scores :shocked:
Here is the test result from 3D Mark:
  • Gaming Software
MSI pretty much integrated all the key features which gamers need into one application, Gaming Center. gamers can have full control of their desktop by only some clicks on buttons. Utility: Gaming App allows you to check the overclocking status of your graphics card; With Screen Max, you can choose different modes to give you fabulous visual experience.
In the device setting, you can find the super charger option; Gaming App allows you to monitor your system in details.
  • Mystic Light- you have four modes to select how you Aegis X looks like..
Static mode offers gamers to choose up to 160,000 different colors to show your personal traits;
As for Gradient, color will change randomly to enrich your visual experience;
Audio is super cool, the color will change accordingly with different tones;
Breathing mode is pretty much like its name, the color changes as one breathes
  • Dragon Eye
Now, I?d like to introduce you one special feature - Dragon Eye. While in the game, it allows you to go multitasking. You can, for instance, watch a movie and play League of Legends at the same time
Here is how it looks like while I?m playing ?The Division?.
As you can see, a video is able to be played simultaneously in the corner of the screen
  • SSD test - Crystal Disk Mark
Aegis X can support PCI-E Gen 3.0 x4 SSD?s, utilizing NVMe technology. As you see from the screenshot, 2 SSDs offer extreme read speeds up to 3300MB/s :worship:
In other words, when others are still starting up, you are already in the game :hiha:
  • Branded-PC vs. DIY PC
In the end, I would like to compare the difference between DIY PC and a branded PC to draw a conclusion why I choose for a MSI branded PC.
DIY PC: It gives you total customization for your PC, you can not only choose every component you want, but give you higher upgradability in the future. Because of the complicity of components and compatibility, it usually requires high-level knowledge for computer systems, without proper configuration, chances are your computer might go crashing and you don`t know why.
For Branded PC, PC-manufacturers had already chosen the optimal components, and ran thru several fine-tuning tests to ensure the quality and compatibility of the PC. For customers, all you have to do is select to speculation you need. If something is wrong with your PC, even if you know nothing about computers, all it takes is just return it to the manufacturers and let them offer overall supports.

  • Why MSI Aegis-X
Here comes some reasons why I choose MSI Branded PC, summary as blow:
1.     Interior Design
You cannot find there is any other assembled DT that is so powerful but with such a compact size. What gives a branded-PC the upper hand is that it has way better layout for key components like MB/VGA/PSU, optimized tuning in as well as amazing heat dissipation performance.
2.     Airflow Design (Heat dissipation):
Most traditional desktop chassis are designed to have just one air intake & one air outtake. Hot air pretty much keeps flowing around inside the chassis. If pursuing a better heat dissipation performance, all you can do is to put more fans inside it, which make lots of noise.
On the contrary, a branded-PC is able to provide you a better, more efficient airflow design, under-clocking is not going to happen during gameplay. With a better heat dissipation, fans are less likely to run with full speed, which greatly
3.     I/O design:
A MSI branded-PC is always capable of coming up with very realistic functions that might come in handy during gameplay. One click on the dragon shield to go overclocking, considerate front I/O and HDMI design, super convenient hand grip design. With so many slots and I/O ports available, it`s more convenient for users to upgrade components in the future.
4.     Software design:
Apart from the Gaming Center I just showed you in the review, MSI offers a series of software to optimize my gaming experience. Audio for Nahimic, Network Speed for :censored:,
amazing Storage Speed for Superraid 4, just to name a few.
I must say I haven`t yet run through all the software, since there are simply to many, but the ones I had tried so far, indeed gave me batter gaming experience.

For further details and features of Aegis X, you can visit the link below:

In conclusion, I?d say Aegis X is a combination of beauty and power. Recently I also pre-ordered a HTC VIVE. I will share with you all next time when it`s in my hands.
Hope you enjoy my experience sharing with Aegis X. Peace out  :-))



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Oct 19, 2016
The aegis looks incredibly nice. I just don't like how the back of it is raised and not touching the base.


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Jun 22, 2016
amazing would be scared to sleep with that incase i woke up and it was just a dream sexy machine


Jun 20, 2016
wow a wise choice to get, WELCOME OWLMAN TO THE ARMY OF MSI 
he's quite a HOT solider ;)


Nov 20, 2017
Oh my o_0 god...

I'm so jealous of you PC...

That is just awesome...

Have fun with that monster (I'm sure you'll have) :biggrin: