After upgrading to Win 11 Camera not working

Jun 6, 2023
Hello folks,

After upgrading to Win 11, camera it doesn't work anymore.
Windows Home 64 bit
Device: GE66 Raider

Pressing Fn + F4 in my case doesn't work, and also camera doesn't appear in the Device Manager,

Any idea how to solve this?
For a camera problem after updating, reset EC?
Yes, that is the last option that you can do since the camera does not have the additional driver to install or update.
If EC reset does not resolve it, you have to send it to repair or perform the factory recovery to check.
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Here is EC reset steps.
Actually, there are many of information from Notebooks FAQs, Guides and Video Tutorials. You should have a look before posting your questions if possible.

If it is a hardware issue, there is no workaround.