Afterburner/Dragon Center conflict RTX2070S GXTrio fans not spinning (no ZeroFrozr)


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Oct 7, 2019
So, my GPU (MSI RTX 2070 super gaming x trio) will not respond to Afterburners fan curve unless I do not have Dragon Center running. I do not have the GPU fan controller installed in Dragon Center and thus Zero Frozr is not enabled. I have followed all the steps detailed here.

Long story short, my PC boots, Afterburner starts with Windows (fans run as desired), and I start up Dragon Center. As soon as Dragon Center loads my fans go straight to MSI's ridiculous default fan curve but none of my RGB gets enabled (the only thing I use this software for is lighting and I have to enable it every time I boot??). Exiting Dragon Center does not allow Afterburner to apply my fan curve. Ending CC_Engine_x64.exe in task manager has no effect either.

So, my choices are have my lighting match or have a gpu that actually cools itself. I cannot do both. I can't use another RGB software suite to control my lighting because the controller's firmware is proprietary.

Even with the GPU fan control installed in Dragon Center, turning off Zero Frozr has absolutely no effect.

I don't understand why MSI hasn't foreseen people running both of their software suites together. MSI get your [***CENSORED***] together.