AI Noise Cancellation can't be disabled


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Mar 28, 2024
Under AI Engine, only Performance is ticked, but everytime a game is launched the pop up shows performance mode updated and also AI Noise Cancellation being enabled, this prevents all audio except voices in some games, BF2042 being one I have noticed, but others have mentioned other games its happened to as well, so unless you disable Speaker Noise cancellation after running a game in AI mode, you may not have any game sound.
Hello everyone,

I just wanted to post something about that because I had the same issue while using Geforce Now.

I've found another solution by changing an option in the sound settings of windows. As I am using Windows in German I will translate it word-word but may you can find the option at the same place as on the screenshot below:

1. Open via Windows Settings: System -> Sound --> Click on the Realtek Audio output (Which will open its properties)
2. Set "Audio enhancements" to "disable/off" --> Below you can see, if it is set to "Device standard features" the sound is not working at all or just voices are available via Geforce Now.
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It is suggested to switch to performance mode to prevent the behavior.
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