Alien: Isolation Review

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Mar 24, 2017
Really good game. It's a few years old now but the graphics are still very nice and you can get it for cheap especially on a Steam sale.

Gameplay is linear with some extra exploring and item collecting if you'd like. It gives you a general area on the map where you need to go, so you don't get totally lost. But it also still makes you figure stuff out and doesn't completely hold your hand. It's pretty tense and you'll be listening for the Alien closely. The music really gives the game the scary/thriller movie feel. You'll be checking your motion sensor and your back often and it will make you jump sometimes. The story is decent but not groundbreaking.

Controls are easy to figure out, and it has a good variety of weapons/gadgets. There's also a nice variety of tasks to open doors/computers, using little simple mini puzzles or reaction timing.
I played on the normal difficulty and died a lot, so if you want a huge challenge there are 2 higher levels. Make sure to find the maps and always save at the save stations. After getting used to constantly running speed in most games, you'll now be crouching and moving slowly or you'll be a goner instantly.

Performance was also good, with max graphics I averaged about 100 FPS at 1440 resolution with a MSI Z270 SLI Plus mobo, GTX 970, and Intel 7700k. It did vary tho between 60-120fps but I have a gsync monitor and didn't really notice.
It has Steam achievements, but doesn't have Steam trading cards.
The gameplay and female protagonist reminded me of the Tomb Raider games, so if you liked those or are a fan of the Alien movies you'll like this game. I played it for around 20 hours and I collected all the ID cards that I could find, still didn't get them all tho. Once you get all the upgrades you can go back and open more doors and I must have missed some of these. There's no multi-player which is fine since usually

9/10, would get rekt by those chrome colored teeth again.


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Jun 3, 2016
Thanka for the review. I did hear the same thing about thr game. Missed it on the last sale but winter sale for sure.
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