Alpha 17 C7VG - How to Disable USB Powering When Laptop is Shut Down and plugged in?


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Feb 11, 2024
Suggestions from other threads and YouTube include enabling ERP from BIOS, disabling USB in sleep and hibernation, and enabling resume by USB device from BIOS. None of these options are available in this laptop's BIOS, see image.
I have also tried enabling usb selective suspend from advanced power plan settings and it did not work.

Any solutions to this problem?

Thank you
have you had a good look in the Advanced Hidden Menu on the laptop of options not just there? if not use this Key Combo to get all options Visible Right CTRL + Right Shift + Left Alt + F2 while in the BIOS

MSI hides all the main options in Sub Menus there.
Thank you for your reply!
Indeed the advanced menu appeared but i found none of the options people suggest would solve this problem (enabling ERP from BIOS, disabling USB in sleep and hibernation, enabling resume by USB).


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Have you tried this option in MSI Center? It is also available in the BIOS, but I don't remember the exact path...
Thank you for your suggestion!
This option is missing from MSI center.
The only options i have found in BIOS related to USB functions are the ones in the first image i posted.
Screenshot 2024-02-12 150725-h.png
Actually, I think USB Power Share is only for USB Type-A ports... [Image is taken from the manual for my model - GE 76 12UHS - since the manual for your model makes no mention of it]
I don't know how to disable it for a Type-C port... Maybe try the 'USB battery saver' setting in Windows, if you can't find anything buried within all the BIOS sub-menus?
Thank you for taking the time.
It seems "usb battery saver" option is relevant only when the laptop is not plugged in, in any case it does not do the trick.
Funny thing, USB-C stops powering when laptop is shutdown and plugged in , whereas the other three USB 3-gen1 ports continue to power.
Searched in every corner in BIOS and did not find anything relevant to my knowledge, however i am by far not an expert and it is possible that its there.
It is suggested to remove the power adapter to stop providing the power from USB ports.